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Are you searching for AI animation art tools to effortlessly create captivating animations for promoting your products and services? Look no further! We have handpicked the finest art tools just for you, complete with their key features and benefits. We understand that quality matters, and you deserve animations that truly shine and effectively showcase your offerings.

You don’t need any video content editing skills or prior experience to use these tools. We genuinely care about our readers and invest ample time in researching valuable insights to boost your marketing efforts.

This article we will present the top 6 AI animation software and AI art tools, along with expert tricks from our Wow team on leveraging AI effectively. With these remarkable tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to create flawless animation video content that effectively promotes your products and services. Let’s swoop in and unlock the potential of AI in animation!



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How does artificial intelligence contribute to the world of animation?



AI is already revolutionizing the animation industry by bringing exciting capabilities to the table. From creating realistic facial expressions and body language for characters to planning scene layouts and camera movements, AI is transforming the way animations come to life. It doesn’t stop there—AI can also generate backgrounds and environments, and even entire animated scenes, although the quality is still being perfected.

Using machine learning animation brings three main benefits. First and foremost, it allows animating faster and smoother. Secondly, it unleashes your creativity, giving you the freedom to let your imagination run wild. Last, but not least, it enables you to create stunning 3D models and, moreover, lifelike facial expressions, taking our animations to a new level.


The top 6 AI web and animation tools for 2023


Experience the magic of AI animation software tools! These incredible computer programs harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way animations are created. With advanced features for AI character animation, visual effects, and motion graphics, these artificial intelligence tools empower animators to bring their visions to life effortlessly. Unlock your creative potential and produce stunning, professional-looking animations in no time with the following 6 AI tools.


1 Rawshorts

Discover the unbelievable world of Rawshorts, where artificial intelligence takes your business videos to a whole new level. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual animation tasks, because with Rawshorts’ artificial intelligence tools, creating explainer videos, animations, and promo videos has never been easier. Don’t miss out on the game-changing “AI video maker” feature, which effortlessly transforms your text or blog posts into captivating videos. Simply input your script, and within seconds, Rawshorts generates a rough cut that will leave you amazed. 

Unleash your creativity and explore a wide range of possibilities, including whiteboard animations, AI explainer videos, eye-catching social posts, promos, access to stock footage, and even the ability to convert text to video content. Plus, with Rawshorts, you can dive into motion graphics and so much more. Experience the future of video creation today with Rawshorts and let AI be your creative partner!


2 Vyond

It’s a fantastic tool that allows you to effortlessly create professional and branded animation video content in no time. With Vyond, you’ll find a wide range of templates to choose from, catering to various styles like whiteboard, business-friendly, and contemporary animations.

What sets Vyond apart are its incredible features, including the ability to create and translate animations in over 70 languages. You’ll enjoy high-quality 1080 videos and even have the option to create animated GIFs. Need to heighten your AI video’s speech? Vyond has got you covered with its speech enhancer.

Importing and exporting files is a breeze with Vyond, giving you the flexibility you need. Plus, you can even convert your own photos into AI-animated characters! With access to a diverse range of imaginary beings, including those suitable for whiteboard, business, and contemporary styles, Vyond ensures you have all the artificial intelligence tools you need to bring your vision to life.


3 Animaker

Introducing Animaker, your go-to DIY animation video content software that makes it a breeze to promote your product or service. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of pre-built templates and characters, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life effortlessly. Since its launch in 2014, Animaker has quickly risen to the top, earning its reputation as one of the leading AI tools for animation. In fact, it boasts the second-highest customer rating among popular rating platforms, right after Renderforest.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Animaker genuinely exceptional. With access to its comprehensive video content creation suite, you have everything you need to craft stunning animations. The AI character builder allows you to customize your heroes with over 20 facial expressions, making them genuinely expressive and captivating. Want to add a personal touch? Animaker lets you incorporate voice-overs seamlessly, giving your AI characters a voice that resonates with your audience. And with a vast library of over 100 million stock assets at your disposal, you’ll always have creative possibilities.


4 Videoscribe

This versatile video animation software empowers you to create captivating videos in any style you desire. With Videoscribe, the possibilities are endless. You can effortlessly create explainer video content, compelling whiteboard animations, engaging marketing videos, delightful cartoons, charming doodle animations, eye-catching animated GIFs, educational masterpieces, and so much more. Packed with a plethora of amazing features, Videoscribe stands out as one of the top choices in the market for creating stunning animation video content. Let your creativity run wild and bring your ideas to life with this remarkable AI-powered tool.


5 RenderForest

This is your ultimate all-in-one AI video animation software! Whether you’re looking to create professional videos, captivating cartoons, or something in between, Renderforest has got you covered. With its extensive library of 500+ pre-made animation templates and scenes, you’ll never run out of creative options. What sets Renderforest apart is its exceptional ratings on trusted platforms like Trustpilot and G2. It boasts the highest ratings among all animation generators, proving its excellence in delivering top-notch results.


6 Blender 

Take your cinematic storytelling, visual effects, and motion graphics to new heights with the incredible capabilities of Blender’s versatile 2D and 3D pipeline. Whether you’re an experienced animator or a beginner, online tutorials can guide you in harnessing this powerful tool to create stunning AI-animated videos.

Experience the magic of ultra-realistic rendering with Blender’s advanced production path tracers. From sculpting and rigging to simulation, retopology, modeling, and scene design, this comprehensive software offers a wide range of artificial intelligence tools to bring your imagination to life.

With support for both 3D and 2D pipelines, Blender is a game-changer. Its free and open-source nature makes it accessible to all, empowering you to delve into the world of AI animation and AI video creation. Import and track raw footage, mask specific areas, and witness camera movement in mesmerizing 3D scenes.


Fascinating instances where AI has made its mark in the world of design



Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the fascinating instances where artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we create and innovate. From web design to animation, AI tools have opened doors to new possibilities, making our artistic endeavors more efficient, imaginative, and awe-inspiring. Join us on this delightful journey as we explore the incredible ways AI has made its mark, leaving us in awe of its endless potential. Let’s embark on this adventure together and discover the wonders of AI in design!


“The Next Rembrandt” created by J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

Imagine a mind-blowing project that harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to breathe life into a brand-new portrait of the legendary Dutch painter, Rembrandt. This unbelievable feat was achieved by meticulously studying over 160,000 Rembrandt paintings and employing cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms to generate an entirely new image that embodies the artist’s distinctive style and technique. How amazing is that?

The mastermind behind this remarkable endeavor, J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, dove deep into Rembrandt’s vast collection of paintings, using advanced deep-learning algorithms to uncover hidden patterns and trends in his artistic approach. Armed with this wealth of data, they meticulously crafted a highly detailed 3D-printed model of a human face, which served as the foundation for the creation of the new portrait painting. The result? A breathtaking masterpiece that exudes a lifelike quality, faithfully capturing the very essence of Rembrandt’s unparalleled style and technique.


Linkin Park “Lost” Music Video created by Shibuya

Immerse yourself in mesmerizing music video content unlike any other! Witness the awe-inspiring collaboration of AI algorithms and machine learning techniques that brought this visual masterpiece to life. Prepare to be amazed as you step into a world of boundless creativity, where every frame is a captivating blend of imagination and technology. 

Experience a surreal landscape that unfolds before your eyes in real time, taking you on a truly one-of-a-kind journey. Shibuya’s innovative design approach shines through in this AI video, effortlessly merging art, science, and technology to deliver an enchanting and unforgettable audiovisual experience. Let the abstract and surreal visuals, inspired by the song’s lyrics and mood, transport you to a realm where creativity knows no bounds. Get ready to lose yourself in the mesmerizing world of the “Lost” music video content.


The Visual Dome

Step into the mesmerizing world of The Visual Dome, a visionary artist who crafts breathtaking digital masterpieces using the power of AI content. Fueled by a blend of graphic design expertise and unwavering love for technology, The Visual Dome has forged a truly distinctive artistic path. Prepare to be captivated by their awe-inspiring creations, where traditional techniques seamlessly intertwine with state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

Each artwork produced by The Visual Dome is a testament to their boundless creativity, inviting viewers to question and reimagine the limits of digital art. Brace yourself for a visual journey like no other, where stunning visuals and profound concepts converge to challenge our very notions of possibility.


Sharing the main tricks on how to enhance your design with AI



Let’s start by examining the advantages of using AI in animation. These innovative artificial intelligence tools are gaining popularity among artists and animators for good reason.

With AI animation tools, you can effortlessly bring your imagination to life in stunning digital animations. Say goodbye to the tedious and expensive traditional methods, as these tools enable you to create detailed characters, realistic environments, captivating effects, and interactive elements with ease.

What’s more, AI animation tools empower you to incorporate AI-driven visual effects into your animations, adding a touch of uniqueness and brilliance in a fraction of the time required by other methods. Not only are these artificial intelligence tools user-friendly, but they also offer cost savings, making them an appealing choice for animators looking to enhance their workflow.

You have learned about the main advantages of using AI, now let’s move directly to the tricks from our Wow experts. 


  • Seamless Animation with Automated Inbetweening. Say goodbye to manual frame-by-frame work! AI can generate smooth transitions between keyframes, making your animations flawless and saving you time and effort.


  • Experience Realistic Physics Simulations. Add depth and authenticity to your designs by integrating AI-powered physics engines. Watch objects interact dynamically with realistic simulations of gravity, collisions, and more.


  • Unleash Your Creativity with Style Transfer. Blend different art styles effortlessly using AI algorithms. Experiment with aesthetics and create visually stunning AI animations that captivate your audience.


  • Effortless Background Generation. Let AI handle the intricate details of your animation backgrounds. Generate landscapes, environments, or abstract visuals, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on the core elements of your animation.


  • Bring Characters to Life with Voice and Speech Synthesis. Take your storytelling to new heights using AI-driven voice and speech synthesis. Generate realistic voice-overs or create entirely new voices for your animated characters.


  • Convincing Lip-Sync with Auto Lip-Sync. Make your characters’ dialogues more convincing using AI-powered lip-syncing AI art tools. Automatically synchronize mouth movements with speech patterns for a truly immersive animation experience.


Wrapping Up 


Thanks to AI animation software, it has become a game-changer for animators, marketers, business owners, and social media experts. Now, you can effortlessly bring characters, animations, textures, visual effects, and various styles to life with just a few clicks. Whether you’re working on slideshows, presentations, explainer AI videos, or even movies, these AI-powered tools have got you covered.

By leveraging your inputs, skills, and imagination, these AI animation generators can make your wildest ideas a reality. So, set your creativity free and let the sky be your only limit!


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