3D Visualisation

Are you at the point of searching for high-quality 3D visualization services and still not sure why to use them in your business sphere? The thing is that this technology is not only used in the games and the cartoon industry. The entertainment industry is extensive and popular, and beyond all means, is the ‘native’ environment for object visualizing. But don’t forget about other spheres of our ordinary life, such as marketing which covers every business kind and education involving the use of up-to-date resources to produce better-quality education results.

Our company is engaged in the 3D rendering of the objects, personages, and locations for the game industry, for marketing purposes, and explainer videos as well. What is so special about it? We give the answer to this question below.


Wow-How 3D Visualization Studio


Our Studio is dealing with 3D graphic issues for more than ten years. We have designed hundreds of digital projects for the gaming and video production industry to fill our customers’ hearts and their audience with a new range of emotions and experiences. We have compiled the creative, well-earned, and highly-qualified team of 3D artists, digital designers, 3D modelers, and project managers whom you can entrust your project for flawless completion of all business tasks wait for only outstanding results.


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Wow-How’s professionals use only trustful, certified programs to bring your craziest ideas to life and design your game elements in an extraordinary, unique way to draw plenty of customers. The more clients you have, the higher your commercial success is, and the more optimistic your project’s future is – a wonderful outcome, right?


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We offer you the following 3D visualization services:

Order any kind of projects mentioned above, and you will get the stunning result in return for your trust and commitment to us as a provider. We give advisory services for free, so you can get the necessary information about the terms, executors, process, and other relevant data. You may also choose experts for your project execution by yourself. Wow-How Studio has more than 30 in-house specialists with different work process approaches; hence, you will find the expert you need and appropriate qualities for this precise project.

Wow-How’s working process includes the following steps:

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Wow-How creative 3D visualization studio is looking for exciting, diverse projects, and we are ready to accomplish any task at tight deadlines at reasonable prices. The world is demanding a three-dimensional vision; make your project 3D!

It’s time to create WOW 3D animation! And the first step – fill out the creative brief to tell us all the details and wishes.

3D Modeling

Quality, highly-detailed 3D models are the fundament for all the further manipulations for 3D graphics products. Wow-How Studio professionals craft only the highest-quality 3D models of all types, both manually and automatically designed...

3D Texturing

3D modeling, texturing, and 3D printing are all extremely popular nowadays because such technologies are becoming ever more available now. The creation of 3D models is quite a painstaking and challenging process, based on using professional programs for 3D graphics creation...

3D Animation

3D animation refers to the process of creating moving pictures in a three-dimensional digital environment. With the careful adjustment of 3D models within the 3D software, we can then export picture sequences, giving the illusion of movement (animation)...

Now, let’s talk about your project!