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about us

Wow-How Studio is an agile-minded seasoned team of digital designers, visual artists, video producers, animators, script and content writers, 3D modelers, project managers, VR and AR experts, gathered together for establishing a one-stop-shop for visualising your ideas.

Our production team includes over 30 talented experts with more than 10 years of experience. Our history has begun from 2 engaged people, which wanted to make something incredible and awesome in digital designing.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements: account managers respond to new requests within 24 hours. There are no commitments, the analysis process is free. We discuss your requirements, define a scope, estimate a delivery, approve payment terms, assemble a team, deliver a result, provide an ongoing support.

Wow-How Studio is your one-stop-shop for all your design needs!

Elen takhtaulova

Head of Producing Department

Elen Takhtaulova
Dmytro hrytsyna

Chief Operating Officer

Dmytro Hrytsyna
Daria kachan

Creative Producer

Daria Kachan
Bogdan haidai

Account Executive

Bogdan Haidai
Anna poluektova

Account Executive

Anna Poluektova
Anna dolzhenko

Line Producer

Anna Dolzhenko
Oleksandr bohdan

Lead Motion Designer

Oleksandr Bohdan
Viktor zhuravlov

2D Artist

Viktor Zhuravlov
Tetiana korolova

Motion Designer

Tetiana Korolova
Tamara nazirova

2D Lead Artist

Tamara Nazirova
Oleh lytvynenko

3D Animator

Oleh Lytvynenko
Natalya zhukova

Motion Designer

Natalya Zhukova
Alekhina natalie

Graphic Designer

Natalie Alekhina
Mikhail timchenko

3D Artist

Mikhail Timchenko
Mariia gavryliuk

3D Artist

Mariia Gavryliuk
Ivan borodai

VFX Artist

Ivan Borodai
Eugene mosienko

2D Lead Artist

Eugene Mosienko
Dmytro fomychov

3D Lead Artist

Dmytro Fomychov
Daria morgen

Graphic Designer

Daria Morgen
Zhanna azbel

Line Producer

Zhanna Azbel
Yana boiko

Account Executive

Yana Boyko
Tanya sidorenko

Account Executive

Tanya Sidorenko
Natalia osnova


Natalia Osnova
Marianna murashko

Art Director

Marianna Murashko
Alex isaev

Co-founder & General Manager

Alex Isaev
Julia dolgaya 2

Account Executive

Juliia Dolgaya

Want to join us?

Are you passionate about what you do? We’re always looking for talented, detail oriented people who love what they do. So, if you are interesting in joing us, please send your CV a sample of your best work.



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