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As the scramble for the customer intensifies, your business cannot survive the choking competition that marks the modern online marketing world. This scrambling is even complicated further by the changing trends of users where they are inclining more towards visually-rich adverts than mere audios and text. For that reason, a savvy motion design agency like WOW-HOW are taking the lead in ensuring that your message is packaged in a visually appealing and palatable fashion.

One of the ways of achieving the above ideal is the optimization of motion graphics and their unmatched impact on the senses and imagination of viewers. The introduction of video motion graphics is a step in the right direction since it liberates your marketing campaigns from the limitations of other technologies such as infographics. The ability to create illusionary motion makes viewers feel they are a “part of the happening.” The remaining sections of this post will show you why you can only ignore motion graphics to the detriment of your business.

So, what value do these graphics add to your marketing?

For a business owner who wants to get an edge and retain online visibility, getting answers to the above question is mandatory before starting off. Every responsible motion graphics agency worth its salt and your money needs to show you clearly how these graphics will elevate your business to the next level of competitiveness. That is why WOW-HOW as a motion graphic company shows you all these facts before we discuss anything concerning motion graphics pricing.

– Enhanced site conversion rates

As a player in a crowded online space, your chances of survival and thriving depend on your ability to outsmart your competitors. But for you to stay ahead of the game, you need to get your best ally onboard—the customer. But how do you turn your website’s visitors into customers? Through higher conversion rates!

When you get an astute motion graphics designer to do you animated graphics, they boost the chances of visitors purchasing your products or signing up for your services. Experience and research have proved that a visitor is more likely to buy a product after watching a video or animated graphics as opposed to just reading text.

As an online retailer, what is the purpose of your website and advertising your services and goods there if you can’t sell? The goal of your website is to facilitate conversion, and that is what our motion graphics artists are dedicated to. If your website is not facilitating conversions, you need to talk to our motion graphics artists for better results.

– Higher ranking in search engines

As you take on to the Internet, what is more important than ranking higher in search engines? You don’t need to give the answer here. But the truth is that Google has a soft spot for websites that are enriched with animated videos than those with static text and images only. As the motion graphic world is advancing with leaps and bounds, Google is also placing greater emphasis on animated graphics to rank websites.

As you take the big move and consult our motion graphics studios, you should bear in mind that our intention is to help you get animated graphics that will keep you in good books with search engines. This way, it will be easier for your visitors and potential buyers to locate your website.

– What about your brand image?

At WOW-HOW, our motion graphic artists mind your brand image because it has no substitute. By incorporating the graphics, we design for your business, you increase the visibility and quality of your brand. Once your brand is established and conspicuous, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of increased traffic that boosts your chances for conversion. Additionally, a robust brand image gives you an opportunity to communicate your company’s ideology, plans, and policies. This way, you also create a higher pedestal for people to know the various services and goods you are offering.

– Enhanced access

The last time you contacted your motion graphic animator, did they design your graphics that helped to simplify your message or they complicated it? The world is already too complex and that is why at our motion graphics company, we blend simplicity and efficiency. We design your graphics in such a manner that they are brief enough not to wear your visitors but yet complete enough to let them understand and digest your message.

Here we rest our case

At WOW-HOW motion design company, we ensure that our agreed-upon motion graphics rates give you value for your money. The biggest question should be: How do I benefit from all this? If you aren’t sure that your current suppliers are not offering you the outstanding benefits we have listed above, please, rethink your position. At WOW-HOW, we can only argue and rest our case based on pure benefits.