Have you already shot the film or made an animation movie, and there are the last touches left? We are a creative and efficient post-production company ready to create the outstanding editing of your material. Wow-How Studio collaborates with a highly qualified team of directors of photography, editors, motion graphic designers, 3D animators, and sound producers, creating virtuosos and impressive products to attract large numbers of clients over the world.

Our company is aimed to make your project eye-catching and stellar. So, what is post-production for us? The answer is, ‘this is what we can do and do it well!’ The deliberate approach to every project and deep consideration of the client’s terms and conditions reinforce the given task’s creative execution. Being part of the film creation process, which consists of three main sections such as preparatory work (writing the script, casting the actors, and so on) and the shooting, the post-production stage serves to edit and arrange the filming data.


Post-production Services of Wow-How Crew


Wow-How is companionship with the multifaceted approach and cunning masters who have profound knowledge, each in his or her sphere, to accomplish your task with accuracy and expertise. For these purposes, we have a great number of services in which every client is interested:

  • Video editing (video encoding, audio mastering, title sequences, etc.). This is the job for our skillful and agile-minded sound and video producers, animators, VR and AR experts. If you need an incredible vision, they complete your task quickly but with remarkable fidelity.
  • Motion graphic design. As the progress goes on, you do not need to be grateful for small favors of existing sceneries and creatures if it is already possible to create new images and even new worlds with the help of visual effects, color correction, compositing, and 3D animation. A digital designer’s profession is highly sought, but Wow-How company already has a trustful, skilled visual artist’s crew.
  • 3D animation executed by the greatest animators is ready to immerse you in the graphical universe at any time, using only up-to-date technology and new programs.
  • Video post-production should be boring without visual effects. Give people bright, unexpected colors, and they will watch your material over and over.
Order Post Production Services by Wow-How Studio


Wow-How’s big film post-production team will add elaborated visualization and accompanying sound to your project. Due to our company’s technical possibilities, which is developing for more the ten years, we can offer you the best of the editing tools and programs. Our staff is constantly learning new ways of post-production editing. You do not need to understand Pro Tools, Adobe Creative suite, and final cut Pro anymore, as this is left for our adepts. These great experts make a lot of different projects every day. No matter what the task is, they complete it on time, and no term is be omitted.


Wow-How’s Post-Production Studio Exclusiveness


‘What is special about you?’, you may wonder. Well, that’s a reasonable question, but to avoid your hesitations and uncertainty, here is the list of qualities that our employees and we have:

  1. Large multi-functional team, which makes it easier and quicker to find the best suitable executor for your project.
  2. Experience. We have been operating in the post-production sphere for more than ten profitable years.
  3. Quick response and execution. Our managers’ team is waiting for your calls and messages to answer immediately to hand the final version into you.
  4. Get specialist advice for free. First, discuss – then get to work; that is our motto.
  5. We do all the paperwork and delivery for you. Assembling the executors and supporting you with any ongoing questions, we relieve you from all the inconveniences and technical documentation issues.
  6. High-qualified designers and producers are constantly searching for the latest updates and novelties to keep up with the times.


Let’s talk and check for yourself how Wow-How Studio treats every order with creativity and utmost regard to your needs. Wow-How post-production corporation welcomes you and is striving to make your visual material more attractive and colorful. Life is a vision, and it should be as bright and clear as our graphical editing is!

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