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A bit of post-production magic can remove all the imperfections, so they don't distract the viewers’ attention from what matters most: your story!

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    Post-production for 2D and 3D projects

    2D Animation

    During the post-production stage, the 2D animation is enhanced with additional sound effects or a voice-over that highlights the emotional impact of your video. Our Wow-team adds final touches to videos of any style, as we have a lot of experience in many industries.

    3D Videos

    Virtual post-production is a complicated technology, as it is challenging to correct the image without references, so the creation of backgrounds, characters, and other elements requires many resources and preparation. Incorporating AR as much as possible, we make 3D projects shine. 

    What post-production services do we offer?

    • Video editingThe editing at the post-production stage will definitely help you cut redundant elements and add the missing ones. Thanks to professional editing, you can get a video that fully reflects your company’s philosophy.
    • Motion graphic designMotion graphics in a post-production studio can be used to visualize concrete data and abstract ideas. To turn a static picture into a dynamic one, we apply visual effects, audio, graphic design and various animation techniques.
    • 3D animationOur experienced, creative and versatile team is ready to improve your characters and objects in the 3D flat at any time. We use professional programs for advanced design and follow the latest trends in 3D animation.
    • Visual effects addingAt the post-production stage, visual effects help to improve the background or scenery significantly. For example, if the shooting is on a cloudy day, and it is necessary to convey the joyful mood of sunny weather, the missing elements are added thanks to computer graphics.

    How to Improve Your Video by Hiring our Post-production company

    Add breathtaking visual effects

    At the post-production stage, you can compliment your incredible project with video effects that convey the vibe of your company with stunning clarity.

    Ensure perfect audio mastering

    If something is wrong with the sound, the video loses its beauty and value. Our Wow-team will improve the sound quality of your video, as well as add missing materials at the post-production stage.

    Add matching sound effects

    Sound effects should always be added during the post-production period. The actual voice you recorded on location will never be as realistic as a good sound effect recorded with professional equipment.

    Remove or add video parts

    While providing the post-production services, we will dismantle your video for parts improving each of them, as there may be some missing details or, on the contrary, extra characters or objects.

    Brighten up images with color correction

    Color correction is one of the main types of editing, which unfortunately is often underestimated, even though it helps maintain a consistent color scheme, as well as set the tone of your video.

    Taste of Our Work

    Deliberate approach

    A sparring attitude, as well as an in-depth study of the client’s problem, helps our Wow-team to approach the project as clearly and creatively as possible.

    The best experts

    Wow-How is all about collaboration with crafty experts with in-depth knowledge and a multi-faceted approach. This lets us accomplish your task with precision and competence.

    Satisfied customers

    Over 65% of our customers stay with us and take their own business to the next level. Our videos assist companies in attracting clients and creating content that people love to share.

    A trusted vendor

    Being recognized by such platforms as GoodFirms and Clutch, our video advertising agency has earned a sterling reputation as a provider of customized visual content for businesses.

    Finish your video of any style with our post-production services

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    What Our Clients Say

    Kimberly Dermit Marketing Manager

    Wow-How Studio delivered professional-looking, high-quality animations that accurately represented the client's product. Flexible and accommodating, the team was quick to implement changes and kept in constant communication with the client throughout. They were efficient and transparent.

    Emil Broegger Consultant

    Wow-How Studio led a collaborative process, communicating with all stakeholders to stay on the same page. They were patient, well-organized, and knowledgeable. Ultimately, they delivered an animated video that met the client's requirements.

    Finish your video of any style with our post-production services

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    What specialists will help with post-production?

    Your video material will be handled by a motion designer, director, sound designer, graphic designer, screenwriter, and many others. We will select a team specifically for your project and quickly scale it if you have additional wishes.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What materials do I have to provide?

    You only need to provide the video file you want to improve or edit. We'd also like to hear your expectations regarding the process and the result. To prepare for our brief, try answering these questions: What should your video be like? What would you like to change? What would you like to add / delete? Our Wow-team will improve your project and make it truly unique and compelling.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How can I calculate the final cost of the post-production services?

    The final price will depend on the video length, the project’s complexity and your wishes — what exactly requires changes. On average, post-production for a 30-second video can range from $500 to $1000. Contact us by filling out the form so that our managers can calculate and estimate an approximate cost for you.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    Which tools does your team use?

    The Wow-How team applies the latest and most effective post-production tools and services to process and edit your videos. To make the final touch to your project, we use Adobe Creative suite, cut Pro, and many more.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How much involvement in the process is required from me?

    Our team of the best experts in the video industry takes responsibility for all the work. You will be able to track all the edits and updates to your video as the project manager will notify you about the status of each task. You are also welcome to offer changes and suggestions during the work process.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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