Video Editing

Don’t want to spend all night long cutting single pictures or even having no idea how to start? Waiting for the prodigious flash of genius can take much longer than you think. The viewers will not wait; they demand your new film persistently. And that’s why the smartest thing to do is to order the video editing services from Wow-How. From now on, the super Wow-How helper will lead you to the world of our brave video editing company.


Super Video Editing Staff on the Duty


Do you need a hero whose superpower is video editing creation? You have got in bull’s eye. The deliberate selection criteria of our ‘soldiers of footage’ provide us with an army of well-trained, qualified, crafted experts who save your project every day and night. The cutting-edge technologies and efficient software programs are not only the spy hokey-pokey but actionable tools for piecing the Oscar-winning movie, excellent music videos, or advertisement showreels.

Contact us immediately and behold the flesh-responding ability of our manager. Supergraphic designers, wonder sound producers, ‘edit-men,’ and ‘captain animators’ have no rest while cutting and rendering your combined shots to render a flawless video editor service. We hand you in the ready-to-play trailer, commercial, or shorts, and you get; besides all this, the additional advantages such as credits design, voice-over narration tracks, title sequence, and many other small but significant details are all part and parcel of our professional video editing service package.


Order Video Editing Sevice by Wow-How Studio


The digital evidence of competent and handicraft actions of our stunning team is available on our website. Watch the works of several Wow-How experts to see the different approaches and creative styles of video editing and make sure that we are the best video editing services provider online. Pay attention to the color grading work, the way the shots change, and the sound surrounding, as well as the memorable atmosphere of the b-roll. Does it blow your socks off and make your imaginative thinking produce more ideas for your occupation area? If yes, write or call our cream-dream deluxe administrators to make an order. Before you know where you are, you will get the awesome ready-of-the-rendering video, and there will still be some time for your far-planned ideas’ realization.


Client’s Orders Under Video Editing Services Protection


Our customers are used to working for the publicity sake, and this feature connects us strongly. Marvelous capacities of our video editing tools and programs change your perception of the world by visual rapture achieved by watching our work samples. The prodigious team of designers, editors, and sound/video producers offers you the might of their powers and gives a particular range of them. Individual abilities serve certain reasons:

  1. Subtitles – to make your story clearer for the viewers;
  2. Stereoscopic 3D video editing – to let your vision be real;
  3. The complicated process of video encoding – to give digital freedom to your material;
  4. Voice-over narration function – to tell the main idea of your video by words to avoid misunderstanding;
  5. Audio mastering – to joy your hearing sense;
  6. Motion graphics – to let your footage stay in focus;
  7. Color correction – to show people the beauty of the world color spectrum;
  8. 3D animation – to make your vision real;
  9. Green screen keying – to combine the seen live object with the imaginary one;
  10. Sound design – to give the right mood to the film or B-roll.

We will talk later about some of them and why your video needs them so much. If you still aren’t sure that your occupation fits our offers, we can assure you that we are providing the most common services, which include but are not limited to:

  • TV commercials;
  • Concert Visuals;
  • Music videos;
  • Independent films;
  • Movie trailers;
  • Stereoscopic 3D.

We are the helping hand for many other spheres of the filming process. Large and small companies, private studios, and one-person productions alike are welcome at any time. We see no difference between all of you; our clients’ desires are our super-missions which should be completed as soon as possible.


Four Pillars of Wow-How’s Video Editing


Our well-trained, heroic experts have divided the workload into four logically structured parts:


Step #1 Installations and preparatory job

Wow-How wonder professionals will come and save your video material from bad editing. Still, for total victory, you need to light the ‘Edit’ signal to discuss your wishes and desires with our competent crew to indicate the aims, purposes, stylistic tools, and additional aspects of your order.

We can provide you with up-to-date technologies, first-rate programs, and tools in terms of video edit services. Creating upscale commercials, b-rolls, or even long-lasting films for you, we strive to be a part of a great piece of visual art and to insert our mind and soul in it.


Step #2 Programs and keying help

If there are no questions, hand us your visual material, and the magic starts! Our video editors add more light and intensity to the colors, cut your footage deliberately, and skillful content managers will add more necessary touches to the script. Insertion of the graphical means and 3D modeling of the picture will bring up the footage’s fantastic atmosphere.


Step #3 Music underneath

Our sound producers’ team makes the stereo surrounding mixing of recorded tracks with mastery skill. It produces touching and melodious soundtracks and sound backing to the video material specially customized to your vision and requirements. Music is another factor that rules our emotion, so let it flow in your blood!


Step #4 Special effects

And, finally, Wow-How’s experts are ready to impose special effects and make video rendering. Now you have got a thoroughly accomplished piece of video art production, and your material is safe and sound due to the Wow-How super crew! Welcome to the visualization world!

Now, let’s talk about your project!