Frequently asked questions

Okay guys, production terms depend on lots of factors such as video`s length, number of characters, overall style,  technology chosen and, of course, your responsiveness.
But if you are interested in general info here are some numbers for you:

  • for a 90-second 2D animated video it is usually about between 6 – 8 weeks after our kick-off.
  • 3D projects usually take 1-2 weeks longer.


You should also keep in mind that the timeline highly depends on your feedback, as we offer two, free rounds of revisions per each step of the process. So when your feedback is in time the work moves faster.

Honestly, you can be as involved as you’d like. Our WOW project managers are here to help you on any stage.

At the beginning we’ll  need you to fill the creative  brief, then our communication moves to email or video creation dashboard as you prefer. You’ll just need to review drafts as they come in and offer revisions or approvals 

Don`t worry, if you want to bring your ideas and to be involved,  our team can go with your script, and keep in touch with you on all the stages or vice versa – not to bother you until it’s all done!

If you need WOW ideas from professionals, we are ready to go deep and create a new concept and script from scratch, specifically for your project.

If you have your own ideas you can send us your script, we’ll check it shortly, discuss details and will work with it.

Revision levels are required stages for you to confirm if everything is done as you expected. Each client has two levels of revisions. Everything is super easy:

  1. The first level of revision takes place when we finish a certain scope of work, for example a storyboard, we send the result for you to check if everything is ok and if you want to make some changes, we’ll do them right off the bat.
  2. And send the project back to you for a second level of revision.

After final confirmation, we move on to the next stage of the project. Confirmation after each stage – that’s the only way we work. 

Guys, if you want to make any extra changes after two revisions, our team evaluates the work and gives an estimation. 

The most popular question for everyone who is truly interested in creating outstanding videos. 

Lots of factors influence the final price for your video: technique, animation style, video duration, complexity of the plot and the script, any deadlines you might have.

Our Wow team always adjusts animation services according to different budgets but the typical budget we start with is about 4000$ for 60 seconds of 2D animation. For the 3D animation price estimate, please contact our team at [email protected]

After your company establishes budgets for all your needs together we will surely work it out someway.

To be honest, every detail important while creating a video and everything depends on the type of your video: the technology you choose (2D \ 3D \ frame by frame animation); the required duration of the video; the number of characters; the complexity of the references; the number of the details in the scenes; the dynamics of the animation.

Small advice: if you still don’t know what actually you want just ask our manager to help you think through the project. You can always ask any questions at [email protected]

Our big team is worldwide, we are happy to work with artists all over the world, hence we have a wide base of professionals we turn to for recording.
We use all efforts to find a voiceover artist who will fit the best (accent, origin, gender, age) according to your request . Don`t worry, we prepare several options to choose from (usually 4-5).
And if you don’t like any of the proposed options, then our wow team don`t stop until the moment we find a perfect alternative.

Guys, music is not a problem at all. We use professional licensed music libraries to find the right jingle for your project. And as usual, we prepare some alternatives to choose from according to the video requirements (dynamics, style, speed). Once approved, we buy the license for the chosen track and you can use it freely.

We have wow specialists in-house who can provide a wide range of services. The software used depends on the chosen technology and type of the project.

You can be sure of this!