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Establish a powerful brand identity, drive high-quality leads, and keep your customers loyal with corporate videography by Wow-How Studio!

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    Corporate Video Styles

    2D Corporate Video

    If you want to present your company at niche-specific events or reach a wider audience in your industry, our experts will convey your message with 2D brand video production services.

    3D Corporate Video

    Our captivating 3D corporate videography will enable you to empower your company, evoke customers’ interest in your services, and build brand awareness. 

    Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Video

    • Enhance Your Brand AwarenessShow viewers the key benefits of your business in an engaging corporate video. Combining eye-catching visuals with audio, you can imitate a real-life experience for your customers.
    • Train New EmployeesSave time and money on training new staff by making videos that provide compelling guides about corporate politics, specific job tasks, and the company’s communication tools.
    • New Product DemonstrationsWith business video production services, you can introduce new products or services to customers or investors. Our team will create engaging corporate videos to meet your goals.
    • Boost Your Conversion RateA top-notch corporate video on a landing page can skyrocket your conversions by 80%! Compelling video content about your products motivates customers to buy from you.

    Corporate Video Use Cases


    Reach a wider audience and drive high-quality leads that are already interested in your services. Our corporate video production studio is ready to strengthen your brand.

    Human Resources

    Tell your potential employees about your company’s culture and values using appealing corporate video content.

    Business Training

    Train new staff to use certain types of software to manage the workflow or communication tools to collaborate efficiently.

    Internal Communication

    If you need to deliver your message or provide instructions to many employees, corporate videography is a perfect match for your needs.


    Present your ideas to investors or showcase your company at corporate events with informative and captivating business videos.

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    Why Wow-How Studio

    Impeccable Quality

    Wow-How Studio’s corporate video production experts strive to turn your ambitious ideas into top-notch content. We carry out projects from scratch to enable our clients to reach their business goals.

    Extensive Portfolio

    With hundreds of successful cases under our belt, we create profitable videos for various industries. You can request our set of cases to check the company’s expertise in brand video production.

    Seasoned Team

    Our creative team of animators, motion designers, scriptwriters, and producers can handle projects of any complexity, duration, and scope. Share your idea, and we will transform it into a robust corporate video.

    Renowned Clients

    Trusted by leading companies like Grammarly, Sony, Google, and Bayer, we are proud of our reputation and deliver top-quality video content to help every business reach its objectives. Join our happy clients today!

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    What Our Clients Say

    Christin Baumgarten Marketing Manager

    Wow-How Studio completed the project on time. Structured and professional, their team provided solid corporate video production services. Their communication and preparation were top-notch. The video looks good.

    Ahmad Ashrafzadeh President

    The finished product completely satisfied all project requirements and exceeded stakeholders’ expectations with its professional quality. The Wow-How Studio team worked quickly and effectively to deliver results for their client.

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    What should a corporate video include?

    Using corporate video production services, you can make an emotional impact, skyrocket customer engagement, and establish credibility in your niche. An effective brand video should include a clear and simple message to your target audience, a powerful mix of audio and visuals, an emotional appeal to hook viewers, and a straightforward CTA to guide them towards the next step.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What are the types of corporate videos?

    You can benefit from two main types of corporate videography services — branded videos and explainer content. Branded videos are concentrated on your company itself and tell the audience about its values, missions, and culture. Such content is perfect for establishing a solid emotional connection with your prospects. Explainer videos show viewers how the organization can help customers with its products or services.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What are corporate videos used for?

    Business videos can be used for various purposes, including promotion, corporate training, internal communication, and presentations. Whether you want to showcase your brand at a niche-specific event or teach new employees to use particular tools properly, you can benefit from engaging corporate videos. Such content enables you to enhance recognition in the market and improve your SEO performance.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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