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The early cartoons and animated pictures took more time and effort for their creation. For instance, if you lived in the 1950s, making a cinematic video would be much more expensive and harder to accomplish. Just imagine how many illustrators you would need; how many draws would be sufficient for one-minute footage?

Hundreds of pictures and dozens of painters – that is the answer. But nowadays, technologies are capable of producing bigger animated movies within shorter periods. Wow-How 2D animation studio offers you the interactive, innovative approach to motion pictures creation in the 2D format in tight deadline terms and affordable prices.

Allow us to introduce you Wow-How creative team of animators, producers, illustrators, digital designers, and VR & AR experts. Due to their innovative approach and expert knowledge, you can enjoy the magnificent game sceneries and realistic characters’ movements.


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How do 2D Animation Services Work?


Proceeding from the above, we can state that 2D animation is a kind of cinematic digital picture put into the 2-Dimensional context. In short, this is the transition of classical painting art to the digital format. You may see motion pictures everywhere on TV, in cinemas, at websites, and even on billboards in the streets. Usual cartoons, 2D games, advertising cinematic b-rolls are examples of such artworks. To be precise, 2D companies use this kind of graphic arts for:


Our animators and illustrators’ team works with the latest graphic tools and cutting-edge technologies to create the original, eye-catching visual world. Wow-How 2D animation company is accustomed to traditional graphical techniques and innovative, deliberative approaches. We give our professionals the opportunities for further training courses, and they are always in progress.

Want to choose the executor of the task by yourself? There is no problem with it; we will provide you with different artists’ samples to think and choose the preferable one.



Wow-How’s Operative Principles of 2D Animation Creation


Any 2D animation company with a well-earned reputation and collaborative approach, like Wow-How interactive studio, is sticking to the warranted list of some operating rules of how to make your 2D visualization popular:

  1. Anticipating the action (if the hand of the personage will produce the grabbing action, first illustrate the finger movement in detail)
  2. Combining the two style techniques of animation, the straight-ahead method (the instance usage of the cinematic tools for making the static pictures move) and one-by-one (the deliberate drawing of the movements, characters, and details to further animating)
  3. Captivating the audience with the appealing, constructive graphic design of the personage. Your viewers will anticipate the character, and the unconscious or conscious wish to continue watching this video or playing the game will grow. Either it is protagonist or antagonist – it does not matter, as both character types can be interesting. Hence, our skillful animation artists do their best to create a charismatic, attractive hero.


Ordering and Execution Process


Do you want some original, exclusive, and outstanding 2D animation? Wow-How Studio can offer you professional and quality execution of the task.

Before placing an order, you can discuss the project’s aspects with our specialist for free and get the budget and scope definitions, choosing the performer afterward. During the execution process, we distribute the task among several specialists, and you may curate every step of their work due to the feedback option.

After the project is over, we give you all the samples and pre-edited materials and the ready task and provide you support up to the moment when the video or game gets to the market stage.

Wow-How’s working process includes the following steps:



Wow-How Studio welcomes you and looks for complicated 2D animation tasks and projects!

It’s the right place to create WOW 2D animation! All you need for the great start – to fill in our creative brief.

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