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Watch magic happens! It’s no surprise that creating an outstanding video for your business involves the work of a creative team who puts much effort and expertise into making it perfect. At Wow-How Studio, we do wonders at every stage of the video creation process to make you exclaim “WOW!” Let’s get straight to the point and discover how we create WOW content:

Our creative video production process includes 8 stages


1 Briefing

Our collaboration begins with a Creative brief or the client’s questionnaire. Here you can list your requirements, the preferred animation style, your mission, the length of the video, and references that let us create a truly fantastic video!


2 Creative Concept & Script

This is the starting point in the video creation process. Our team develops a detailed script with the core idea and the main message of the video outlined.


3 Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation of how your video will unfold. Our illustrators transform the script into scenes with the description of the character’s actions complemented by black-and-white sketches.


Style Frame

At this stage, illustrators visualize main scenes in full-color vector format. Style frames let the customers envision how their video might look and choose the preferred style. 



Illustrators create still character and background images for a future video.



Any awesome narrative needs a voice-over, especially if you are dealing with an explainer or how-to video. We work with voice actors from all over the world. Any gender, nationality, and tone ― we will select the best match for your video and make it stand out! 



Our talented animators breathe life into still images. Equipped with modern tools, they make all the objects and characters moving, bringing your story to life!


Post Production

At this stage, we make adjustments that our professionals think will make your video perfect. We fix color grading, sound correction, tune overlay effects, add subtitles or titles if needed.

Final Delivery

Now your Wow 2D video is ready to meet its audience!

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In-house team

With a decade of experience under our belt, we know how to create WOW content. Our in-house team is always here to create a fantastic idea for your video and make it come alive!

Rich Portfolio of Cases

Get your awesome video from the creators of high-quality content for Hallmark, Google, and Sony. We are proud to have a solid portfolio of cases that can back up our expertise in art & animation.

Award-Winning Studio

As the studio recognized by Clutch and GoodFirms, we take a quality-first approach to every project. We carefully analyze your needs to create content your audience will rave about.


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