Explainer Video

Once you turn to the market with your product or service, you need outstanding visuals that explain to everyone about it in less than 2 minutes. 

Explainer video – is a type of visual content designed to tell, instruct or teach about your product or service, business, an idea in a simple but powerful method to the audience – short and engaging explainers are created to convey the right sort of information.

The popularity of animated explainer videos began when Common Craft published the first explainer on YouTube in 2007. And since then, over ten years, companies from the whole world can’t imagine their business and marketing activity without such a cool and engaging tool as explainer videos.

The application of explainer videos for the world increases all the chances to make your product or service understandable and attractive. It allows viewers to clearly understand the product’s values or service. Explainer videos are most commonly used to educate potential customers about a product or service but also used for educational purposes to break down and reveal complex topics.


 What are the main features of explainers?

  •  short, less than 3 minutes;
  •  focus on benefits;
  •  relevant and descriptive;
  •  memorable;
  •  have powerful call-to-action.

Finally, watching explainer animation saves time without looking for tons of information to get core points about the topic.  

You can easily place this kind of visual everywhere the audience can reach the homepage, product or service page, newsletters, trade shows, sales meetings, and social media. Moreover, explainers can become really cool content for all kinds of screens – TV screens, mobile devices, and even different large displays usually used for expo events. 


Due to cool features, there is a wide range of spheres and purposes explainer video production can be used for:

  • educational content;
  • HR/corporate videos;
  • business storytelling;
  • product or service presentation;
  • tutorial/how-to videos. 


The process of explainer video animation is always an interesting challenge. You need not only create a good-looking and clear video, no matter what you’re explaining, but it should take your customer to the next step. To get such a result, it’s important to focus on the pains firstly, represent a problem and your product as the solution: “Our product will fix your problem!”


Order Explainer Video by Wow-How Studio


Explainer video production


If you want to order an explainer video, Wow-How Studio can become your explainer video company and create incredible visuals for your business with the help of magic and animation. We have a tight connection with clients starting from your ideas, indicating main messages, and up to confirmation all medium and final results. 

Our highly skilled specialists are a guru in explainer animation crafting. To make the best-animated explainer videos, we have a wide range of explainer video services in our arsenal:

By now, we have more than 2000 service and product explainer videos in our portfolio for worldwide clients from different business spheres. You can look through to watch some latest examples.

We love this kind of animation, and sure for all 100% that with the help of an engaging explainer video your business can increase its sales, gain new customers and help viewers to understand ideas in the right way. 

Ready to create a WOW explainer? First step is to fill out the creative brief. See you soon!

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