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We provide turnkey solutions or partial support in all digital design areas such as game design, 2D and 3D graphics, sophisticated animation, video editing and post-production, VR and AR.

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“WOW-HOW Studio exceeded our expectations for this project in every facet. We are extremely happy with the quality of Wow-How’s output, and would definitely use their services in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for top tier creative agency”.

Josefin Lewetzky

“I have nothing but good things to say about WOW-HOW Studio. We have worked with them on several projects and they are always great from start to finish”.

Chris Hawkins

“WOW-HOW Studio works with the utmost professionalism. You do not have to wait long for your questions to be answered and ideas to be discussed when contacting them. Their pricing is very reasonable as is the time it takes for execution. Expressing your ideas that need to be rendered or animated to them is very easy and they deliver results on time to your satisfaction. Using them for your 3D or animation work cannot be recommended enough”.

Larry Roberts
CEO & Founder

“We love partnering with WOW-HOW Studio for design and animation projects! Their team delivers high-quality, creative work in a super timely manner. They design and animate in a wide range of styles, so they can turn any creative vision into a reality. Plus, they’re an absolute joy to work with. Can recommend WOW-HOW Studio highly enough!”.

Maria Giordano
Digital Producer

“Wow-How Studio’s punctuality and patience made the overall collaboration a constructive and fruitful one. The result was very interesting. I was impressed by their team’s timeliness!”

Sabrina Princigalli

“A+D has had the pleasure of working with WOW-HOW Studio on several illustration projects for digital mini-games. WOW-HOW Studio is able to handle a big workload while maintaining a tight schedule. They understand direction and make revisions quickly. WOW-HOW Studio is also great when it comes to navigating two completely different time zones as we are based in Toronto, Canada. When all is said and done, the whole experience from start to finish is as smooth as can be and the illustrations are incredible. Thank you, Wow-How team!”.

Claire McRae
Director of production

“The completed videos fulfilled expectations and were utilized at a significant industry event. The Wow-How Studio team provided continuous communication and dedication, promoting a seamless, productive engagement. They were available around the clock and could answer our questions through videos, calls, and messages. They provided excellent and open communication, which helped us meet our tight deadlines.”

Alan English
Director, Brand Development

“Their team came up with viable solutions, so it was an easy collaboration. They’re proactive, creative, and easy to work with. They’re a team of professionals that can perform a variety of valuable services. A proactive manager exceeds project expectations, ensures a transparent collaboration, and facilitates creative solution. We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

Dariusz Cydejko
Global Partner & Project Manager

“I can only say good things about the Wow-How team. I always have the impression that we are working towards a common goal. They always meet deadlines, even if it requires overtime work. Plus, we do not have to explain things over and over.”

Frank Lenhard
Production Director

“Wow-How had much more responsibility working with the 2D video, and that video’s quality was far greater than what we came up with ourselves for the 3D video. Their communication was top-notch. If I had a question, I could always Skype them and receive a response very quickly. We have been very impressed with their work.”

Patrique Burgersdijk
Project Manager

“Strong work, great communication. Will use them again.”

Jonathan Ogden

“Wow-How Studio’s swift delivery and fluid communication were impressive.”

Aaron Owen

“My partners and I are very happy with the final product
I will be coming to you with a small additional job on this in order to make a slightly shorter version of the same video.”

Steve Connor
Vice President International Operations at SteLar Consulting Services

“Iterative feedback during production resulted in a successful roll out. The video has already received positive feedback from the intended audience. The team was communicative and worked extra hours to ensure best results.”

Ricardo Steinbuch
Founder & Learning Experience Designer

“They met all deadlines, and we were impressed by their timeliness.Their collaborative, successful work has shown potential for future engagements. We’re delighted with their work and will work with them on future projects.”

Jane Pogorelsky
Project Manager

“Creating video games is a sophisticated process, but with Wow-How at your side, every graphics task gets done with ease. From concept art to elaborate character animations, Wow-How always delivers outstanding quality. We’re working with them on our current game production from day one, and we don’t regret a single day. I can’t find a reason, why we shouldn’t hire Wow-How again for our next project, once the current one is finished!”

Christoph Skorupa

“The Wow-How Studio team has been productive in each stage, and receptive to multiple rounds of feedback within the process. Wow-How Studio’s responsiveness is a significant strength. Their team is both proactive and reactive, which is terrific for the project.”

Mario Sgarrella
Head of Marketing

“They created visually stimulating pedagogical content that has received positive feedback thus far. Their expertise in animation and video production is impressive, as well as their work on the scripts. They’re accommodating, and patiently made revisions to the videos as we’ve wished. Everything has been delivered within the deadline of the project.”

Mei-Li Hoh
Project Manager

”My project was to create a beautiful, modern, clear professional explanatory video about a mobile app we are launching soon. As a small startup, we didn’t have a large budget and were looking for a professional result within a reasonable budget. I am more than happy with the collaboration between our team and WOW-HOW Studio. They have proven to be a talented team that cares about the result without asking for a crazy amount of money. I am definitely recommending their services and WOW-HOW Studio will be my go-to agency for similar projects. Thank you very much”

“This was our first time working with WOW-HOW Studio and it won’t be the last. They were easy to work with, fast, and the quality of work was good. I would definitely recommend working with them and hope to collaborate again in 2018”.

Dan Dodson

“WOW-HOW Studio has designed a 2D animation video for us. After a long time of waiting until we finally had our script ready, the team handled very quick on our provided script and made a perfect video within a week! I was fully amazed of the fast work they have done! We are very glad with knowing WOW-HOW Studio and they offer the most wide diversity in videos as possible. Quality is definitely a standard as showed in their video results and they have a high level of communication skills which makes it nice and easy for us to work with”.

Charlotte de Graaf
Marketing Manager

“An amazing experience in both creative abilities and professionalism. THANK YOU!!!”.

Oscar Ibars
Product Owner & Data Analytics Consultant

“We have recently had an animation created by WOW-HOW Studio. The process was simple and smooth and the team really understood our brief. They stuck to the agreed time-line and communicated promptly and efficiently at every stage. We requested a number of changes all of which were seamlessly taken care of. We are absolutely delighted with the final result and we are certainly ahead of all our competitors. We would have no hesitation in using WOW-HOW Studio again and really would recommend it”.

Michael Sultan
Clinical Director

“WOW-HOW Studio is easy to use, efficient and professional team. Working with them is a pleasure”.

Mona El Isa
CEO & Co-Founde

“Amazing service and professionalism! WOW-HOW Studio delivered outstanding work well before the deadline and within the budget! We look forward to working with them again on our next project”.

Mario Semaan

“Pleased to work with as always. Has completed numerous projects and I will be sure to keep more coming your way. Very Professional”.

Todd Summerville

“Of the numerous professionals I’ve worked with to make my book a success, WOW-HOW Studio has been the easier to work with. By far. I’m super impressed with the team, the process, the end products. I’m very happy with everything. A truly high-quality company”.

Danny Rusteen

“We were very happy with the quality of WOW- HOW’s work. WOW-HOW staff was super responsive. They ended up delivering an extremely high quality product with a super short turnaround and we would absolutely work with them again in the future”.

Zach Gelman

“It’s our second time working with WOW-HOW Studio and they were great as usual. They answered every question and doubt we had. We highly recommend them, as they are really professional and the results are awesome”.

Jimena Rodríguez
Chief Marketing Officer

“Wow-How Studio’s work generated positive feedback from internal staff and managers. The team was highly communicative and responsive, showing a strong commitment to the project’s goals. Our main point of contact was on top of the project, taking care of any changes and listening to all of our feedback.”

Gregory Weiss
Graphic & Interaction Designer

“Working with WOW-HOW Studio was a real pleasure. We will definitely be reaching out to them again for future projects, and we are very pleased with how the project came out. They were always prompt in their communication, very flexible when asked to make changes and updates, and the end product was exactly what we needed!”.

Abby Sweet
Art Director

Many analysts say that video advertising is much more effective than other formats. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to make a high-quality video, because WOW-HOW Studio specializes in video production. Our video production process includes conception, scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting, directing, editing, post-production and coloring.

We specialize in marketing video production, promotional video production, product video production, web video production, training & instructional video production, and other types of professional videos.

And, yes, we know what you need and we’ll make it perfectly with our know-how gained from years of experience.


  • Unforgettable quality video
  • Visualization of your idea
  • Professional post-production services

What makes our innovation stand out is our artistic approach to bringing your ideas to life. We adopt a back-to-basics approach to developing your ideas: whether they are for websites, books, tableware, etc. our process begins by putting pencil to paper. Once the solution is conceived, our “Development Triangle” comes into play, connecting art, design and technology.

We believe that innovation is nothing without art, but in order to innovate we first need plant the seeds of creativity, and this can only be done with your ideas.


  • Fascinating Art
  • Creative Ideas
  • Individual Approach

Have you already shot the film or made an animation movie and there are last touches left? We are a creative and efficient post production company ready to create the outstanding editing of your material.


  • Award winning post production services
  • Cutting-edge in house facilities
  • Tv Sound
  • Film Sound

An area of true wizardry in our studio is thanks to the phenomenal work by our 3D-artists. They are achieving the impossible with all the basic phases in 3D graphics such as modeling, shading, rendering, compositing and animation.

Wow-How Studio offers a wide range of 3D Visualization services: a development of a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object, the creation of a 3D-model in motion. We can combine visual elements from separate sources into single images and edit already complete 3D files.

Wow-How Studio – it`s not just about design, it`s about magic.


  • Groundbreaking 3D
  • High-Quality Result

Video Animation Production conquered many spheres of entertainment and advertisement. The latest tendencies show that educational video and film production companies prefer working with multiplication and 2D/ 3D visualization. There is nothing surprising about that; as you can understand, the bright, vivid, unusual and magnificent sceneries of the graphic attract many eyes and inspire for good.


  • Feature Films
  • TV Series
  • Video Game Cinematics
  • Trailers and More!

The virtual and augmented reality is a new word in computer technology and whole digital sphere. Simulated environment can bring you to any place: real or imagined. Virtual reality gives you a chance to interact with information and data by creating a new dimension with incredible opportunities. The usage of VR and AR takes leading positions in different spheres: from medicine to game world. We believe that one day immersive reality will be just an ordinary part of daily people`s life.

Wow-How Studio follows the latest digital trends and delivers innovative solutions to the customers. We design, implement and test a complete virtual reality system for such devices as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.


  • Immersive Reality
  • Comprehensive Approach
  • State-of-the-art Solutions

Virtual reality has taking gaming to a new dimension. The idea of creating our very own games is for many people just a dream, but we’re proud to announce that Wow-How Studio makes this dream a reality. Dangerous adventures, complicated quests, arcades, and strategies – the entire gaming world is in the palm of your hand – all we need is your idea and our team will bring it to life.

Creative managers, designers, illustrators, special-effect artists and animators with more than 10 years’ experience, are ready to design all the elements of your game, from hand-drawn pictures to life-like 3D models, starting with characters and icons, through to locations, levels, and game interface design.

Make your dreams come true today – contact us!


  • Mind-Blowing Game Art
  • Modern Vision in Game Art
  • Nice Result