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Modern market offers many different services and products, which need to be advertised. Nowadays, there are many ways to make nice advertisements to attract people to your brand. The most popular of them are the TV commercials and photography, but advertising illustration is considered the simplest means of advertisement, and the good news is that it is slowly coming back. Seeing is believing, that’s why advertising illustration was very essential for commerce before the invention of photography and television because it was a single type of visuals.
After the invention of photography, illustrations went on the back burner, but the popularity of illustration advertising some products is growing again, because of several important reasons, such as, for example:

  • Imagination. One of the most important reasons why illustrations can be better than photographs and video is the scope for our imagination. Illustration may easily depict something that doesn’t exist in physical reality.
  • Memories. Being children, all of us had illustrated books, so the use of illustrations makes adult people feel nostalgic like ‘big kids.’
  • Time journey. Pictures help to depict different ancient times when there is no photography.
  • A form of international communication. Illustrations are considered the form of international communication because of their universalism. Not bound by language, pictures may be understood by every person in every country.
  • Timeless. Pictures have no age, that’s why all of them can not only be used again and again but also easily adapted to new conditions.
  • Price. Drawing costs less than photography, and this may be an essential reason for commercial advertisements’ drawing selection. By the way, to make a photo, you need to have many technical devices, while a simple sketch may be done even on a piece of paper.

Due to all these points, illustration advertising of some products will always be a necessary means of marketing.

Advertising Illustration Services by WOW-HOW Studio

WOW-HOW Studio is the collection of experts in such fields as graphic and video design, visual art, content and script writing, video production, animation, and other visual services. Our working experience is more than ten years; we have already had a large number of the finished projects in different spheres from video production up to VR creation.

We also work with various types of advertisement production ranging from TV commercials to illustration advertisement. Our graphic designers and illustrators can easily create the advertising illustration for your brand. It is important to mention that nowadays pictures are becoming ever more popular for advertisements, and many brands, well-known all over the world, for instance, “Volkswagen”, “Nike” and others prefer to use such type of promotional marketing.

We can work with the ready advertisement concept made by your marketing specialists and formed into a precise brief. Otherwise, if you don’t have any conception, we can think it over and create our own concept, especially for your future products or services. It should be mentioned that we don’t take any commitment from our customers: the investigation process for concept creation is free. Working with us, you will receive maximum outcomes from our talented advertising illustrators: a fresh look at our graphic artists will help to make beautiful pictures which become the basis for your advertisement, and will attract people’s attention, allowing to acquire many new customers because ‘seeing is believing’ indeed.

Our team is working under the slogan “WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE BY VISUALIZING THEM” because we know how much visualization means especially for people who are professional, burn with enthusiasm and work to make this world brighter and better like we do. Choose us to depict your brand perfectly!