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Our video production services enhance your marketing efforts by providing high-quality videos that address the needs of your audience. Educate your customers about products, tell your brand story, and wow them with breathtaking animated logos!

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    How does video production differ for 2D and 3D projects?

    2D Animated video production services

    Although 2D animation requires a high level of visual storytelling and character development, it can be used to communicate with your customers in a way that helps them remember your brand or product. 2D video production services are a great way to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and drive sales, through engaging and custom-tailored video content.

    3D Video production services

    3D animated video production services reduce the cost and time of your manufacturing process, helping to convey a message with special effect, and giving an impression of real images and physically impossible objects. This type of animation makes your product easily understood by people who had no idea about it before.

    Our professional video production services that will boost your company’s recognition

    • Demo videosA professional production of a demo video is a powerful tool for promoting your business. It engages new audiences, conveys your company’s values and personality, and demonstrates your products or services from the best perspective.
    • Video infographicsThis is one way to communicate information that can be used to increase the engagement of your target audience. Of course, it's not the only format, but it's one of the most effective ones for conveying messages, ideas, achievements, and valuable thoughts.
    • Logo animationThis is one of the best video production services to express your brand’s identity. Add a personal touch to your business with custom logo animation. By making your logo come alive, you’ll capture the attention of viewers and boost brand awareness.
    • Explainer videoThis is a brief description of your company’s solutions or product. Explainer video production services are required to provide visual help for your customers to understand and recognize the important features of your product. It explains only what matters to people and creates a first impression about who you are and what you do.
    • Teasers and trailersDynamic and effective teasers and trailers are increasingly becoming an important tool for successful business promotion. Teasers usually feature short clips of a film with a few words on the screen, which are captivating enough to encourage viewers to go further and check out what is being advertised or presented.
    • CartoonsBusiness cartoons are recognized as a powerful tool that can help you succeed in the market. Video production studios create cartoons to convey complex information, brighten up a basic story and engage your audience. If you are looking for an effective way to promote your business and engage with customers – cartoon videos are a great choice.

    Follow our WOW-tips to get a compelling video

    Show the world what you do and for what purposes

    with professional video production services as this is the most powerful way to tell your story and boost your company’s recognition.

    Keep it short and strictly on topic

    as long, wandering videos bore people and drive them away. Try to create video content that is relevant to your audience’s needs.

    The audio that you shoot is a crucial part of your video

    Take care of high-quality sound so that the viewers can hear you well. Add text captions for deaf people or those who have hearing disabilities.

    Make the audience feel and understand more about your company

    with professional animated video production techniques it’s critical to apply the right style that matches your brand.

    Make sure the video is as viewable as possible from multiple devices

    so that all consumers can view it without problems. This way, you will expand the audience significantly.

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    Why Wow-How Studio

    Professional Team

    We're a team of experts who are passionate about what we do and love helping others succeed. Our goal is to ensure you reach the set goals by providing professional video production services that will make all the difference in your business.

    Flexible cooperation

    We are flexible enough to adapt to your needs and work with you at every stage of your project. Our project managers ensure you are aware of all the updates, get your feedback, and share it with the team to perform all the required changes ASAP. We are always there when you need us!

    Flawless quality

    Wow-How Studio's video production specialists are passionate about turning your entrepreneurial ideas into top-notch content. We execute projects from scratch so that clients can achieve their business goals in the most convenient way and with no effort from their side.

    Wide-ranging portfolio

    We are proud of a wide range of our satisfied clients, from large corporations to small businesses. Our experts've worked on projects across a variety of industries. We enjoy the challenge of each new project and the opportunity it gives us to learn something new in video marketing.

    We’re here to produce engaging content that impacts your audience!

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    What Our Clients Say

    Josh Bauer Events Manager

    After presenting the video at trade shows, the client received very positive feedback from viewers about its professionalism. Wow-How Studio was very helpful, communicative, and timely, leveraging useful tools to collaborate. Additionally, their creativity and work were top-notch.

    Celso Ribeiro Chief Innovation Officer

    Thanks to Wow-How Studio's work, some people who saw the video were astounded, including the client. The team communicated via email and used Google Docs for the repository, for video collaboration, and other tools. Their resilience and steadfastness impressed the client.

    We’re here to produce engaging content that impacts your audience!

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    How can business benefit from enriching its promotional strategy with breathtaking videos?

    Companies that need video production have the chance to showcase their products, services and brand in a way that can increase customer engagement and make potential clients feel more comfortable about making a purchase. Moreover, video format is trendy, and people perceive such information better.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How long does it take to produce a video from scratch?

    It depends on the video you’re trying to make! Suppose your goal is to enhance your strategy with an explainer video, or an animated video with no voiceover, or a more complex commercial media. The production cycle usually lasts up to 12 weeks, depending on the requirements and difficulty of the animation. The more detailed your video is, the longer it will take to create it. A basic 2D project can take 3–4 weeks to create, while a more complex 3D one — about 8–12 weeks.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How can I calculate the price of my future video product?

    The price of a 60-second 2D video production can start at $4K and increase depending on your requirements. The average price for a 3D animated movie depends on a number of factors: duration of the video, complexity, style, number of characters and objects, level of detail. If you need an accurate estimation, contact Wow-How and our team will advise you on the best approach to visualizing your ideas.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What tools do you apply?

    As a professional team of video production services, we use only high-quality tools, such as Adobe After Effects, but we also like PhotoShop and Illustrator. The Wow-How team often uses a combination of tools to create something that stands out from the crowd.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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