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    3D Animation Video Services

    Explainer Animated Videos

    Tell your customers everything about your product or service with an engaging explainer video that always brings the point across. With the power of animation, your marketing efforts will benefit tremendously.

    Product Demo Videos

    Showcase every aspect of your products stunningly and interactively. Make every detail of your product stand out and every aspect clear to grasp. Using our 3D product animation services, you will stay on top of your competition.

    Promotional Videos

    Gain a competitive edge and capture audience attention with promo videos tailored to your business by our talented 3D animation production team.

    Crowdfunding Videos

    Get the attention of investors with attention-grabbing videos designed to show your business undertaking in the best way possible. With our services, your ideas will gain momentum in no time.

    Advertising Reels

    Get thousands of impressions with our memorable and standing-out reels. Our 3d animation video company services are result-oriented and efficient.

    Сartoon and Film Editing

    Create fascinating animation series or edit films to achieve perfection. With a reliable 3D animation agency as your partner, you can present your story in an entirely new fashion.

    Why Your Business Needs 3D Animation Video?

    • Promotes BrandingIncrease the popularity of your brand with engaging and memorable 3D videos.
    • Create Sharable and Reusable ContentShare and reuse 3D animations with ease to boost your marketing efforts.
    • Reach a Broader AudienceAnimations are more effective than static images to promote your business.
    • Stand Out From the CrowdPartner up with Wow-How to create unique 3D animated videos and rise above the clutter.
    • Generate More Online TrafficAnimated videos increase conversion rates on your website and promote interactions with customers.

    How Long Does a 3D Animation Video Production Take?

    The process of 3D animation revolves around creative input and meticulous work done by animators and designers.

    • On average, it takes 4-8 weeks to create a dynamic 3D animation with plain background and music overlay.
    • Approximately 6-10 weeks is required for product videos with high details and environmental modeling.
    • About 10-12 weeks is a timeframe needed to create animations involving complex modeling and expansive narrative.

    Whatever idea you have in mind, our talented 3D animation team is ready to turn it into life, ensuring that the final result meets and even exceeds your expectations.

    How Much Does a 3D Animation Cost?

    The average price for a 3D animation video depends on a range of factors:

    • Video lengths;
    • Complexity;
    • Style of 3D animation;
    • Number of characters and objects;
    • Level of detalization.

    If you want to get individual pricing, reach out to Wow-How, and our team will consult you on the best approach to visualizing your ideas.

    Create Amazing 3D Animation For Your Business

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    Why Wow-How Studio

    Professional Team

    Entrust your ideas to a team of outstanding and dedicated professionals. Thanks to our talent pool, we can create amazing visualizations to make your business unique and memorable.

    Trusted by World Know Companies

    Wow-How Studio worked with companies such as Google, Sony, and Hallmark to provide first-class animations and 3D reels. Join the ranks of our star customers and benefit from the best-in-class animation services.

    Flexible Cooperation

    We believe in a personalized approach to each of our clients. Thus, you can count on us to find the best way forward for your project budget- and time-wise.

    Award-Winning Company

    Thanks to our commitment and dedication, Wow-How is recognized by such renowned platforms as GoodFirms and Clutch. Our 3D production studio always strives for perfection and innovations.

    What Our Clients Say

    Tom Brown Head Of Design, iConvert

    Wow-How Studio proved to be a truly reliable partner. Our video project went smoothly at all stages, and our feedback was always appreciated and addressed. The team did a great job creating a promotional video for our marketing campaign!

    CEO & Founder Video Marketing & Advertising Agency

    The 3D animation created by Wow-How for our brand proved to be a hit. We enjoyed working with their talented team, who created the best visual embodiment of our idea. The project was finished on time, communications never faltered, and the overall impression was positively satisfying.


    How to choose an Animation Video Production Company?

    With so many 3D animation companies out there, finding a reliable partner may be a daunting task. However, there are several aspects you should consider to make the right decision. A competent 3D animation studio must have a strong and experienced team of artists, designers, scriptwriters, and other professionals who can deliver top-notch illustrations and videos. Also, every successful animation studio will showcase its videos, advertisement reels, and illustrations. Finally, honesty and transparency are essential for all business interactions. Thus, you should pay attention to how clearly and openly a 3D animation company communicates with you. Here, at Wow-How Studio, we adhere to the best practices when offering our services to clients.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What is the process of creating a 3D animated video?

    At Wow-How, we have a defined process in place that allows us to achieve results in the shortest time possible. Firstly, we will inquire about all the initial information from our client. Our creative team will go through the brief to understand what the client wants to achieve and which 3D animation services can be applied. Then, we will create several concepts and present them for evaluation. Once the concept is confirmed, we proceed with a detailed script and storyboard. If everything is to client satisfaction, we begin creating the 3D video. Of course, our 3D production company stays in touch with a client at all times, always letting them know how the process progresses.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What is the difference between 2D and 3D videos?

    The difference between 2D and 3D videos, as the name suggests, is in the number of dimensions used during animation. 2D videos are conventionally well-known thanks to cartoons, for example. 3D videos offer greater immersion and visual appeal that cannot be achieved in 2D. If you want to invoke a strong emotional response from your audience and leave a lasting impression, consider creating an impressive 3D animation. Our 3D animation design studio will help you visualize your idea, notwithstanding its scope and complexity.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What are the Advantages of 3D Animation Videos?

    3D animation videos offer a set of advantages for all organizations from all industries that want to connect with their customers and clients in a meaningful way. 3D animations enhance marketing efforts significantly and allow companies to expand their reach and attract more customers. Thus, if you are looking for means to advance your business, you should reach out to Wow-How - a top 3D animation studio in the USA, and reap the benefits of top-notch animations.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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