3D Modeling

Can you remember the old days when you needed to make numerous manual or 2D models just to get a vague picture of what you wanted to construct? Do you recall the “blueprint” days where architects and engineers spend hours drafting single-dimension plans? Irrespective of the answers you gave, one thing remains clear that those old days should not come back again. The reason is that the emergence and advancement of 3D modeling have reshaped the world of modeling.

The transformative power of 3D modeling is not just limited to the process of how things are done, no. It also affects the overall quality of the product you are working on—what is being done. But is this 3D modeling that Wow-How is championing a matter of life and death to businesses? Why can’t I just stick to the “old gold” and still compete through better marketing techniques? Well, to learn the gravity of the issue and find out how Wow-How’s 3D modeling services can help you embrace the 3D modeling revolution, keep reading below.



That is a valid and sensible question. When you make the switch from 2D and embrace 3D modeling services, you make a switch to a new realm altogether. Below are compelling reasons why you need to migrate your business to this platform.


  • An enhanced view

When you migrate to the 3D platform and embrace custom 3D modeling, you sign up for a better view of what you are designing. In modeling, seeing is not just believing but also confirming. You can only be sure of what you will have on the ground after seeing how it will appear in the virtual world. For instance, if you are a civil engineer, the 3D reality allows you to see all the aspects of the plan ranging from the elevations, sections, and plans at the same time.


  • Reduced margin error

In modeling, there is nothing as disastrous as coming up with error-ridden models and plans. They will not just cost you precious time repeating the same models, but they will also cost you money if you don’t spot and fix those errors on time. But when you embrace the partnership of a 3D modeling company like Wow-How, you significantly eliminate the possibility of moving on with such errors. The 3D prototyping platform lets you slash off costly errors because it enables you to coordinate your drawings better. Additionally, the ability to create a seamless harmonization between different fields such as architectural design and structural engineering ensures that projects are implemented accurately.


  • Faster design processes

As a professional in your field, nothing is as priceless as time. The 3D dimension allows you to undertake your modeling processes faster. For example, if you are designing a prototype, you will need lesser time. The reduction of designing time allows you to get your product to the market faster; hence you will get higher profits in the long-term.


  • Higher returns

Another compelling reason this switch is not optional is that it allows you to make significant product design savings. Unlike the old days when you had to spend money to physically design product prototypes, 3D allows you to see the exact dimensions and appearance of the product without having to create it physically.


  • You can view different scenarios early on

In modeling, you need to analyze your designs to come up with all the possible scenarios that may happen or not happen. You need to know and prepare for all the possibilities that may take place or fail to so you can also prepare for necessary solutions or alternatives.


  • Ease of incorporating last-minute adjustments

The process of modeling includes an artistic dimension that calls for inspiration. As a designer, it is normal to get a flush of inspiration towards the last moments of the modeling process. In such cases, you will need to include them in the plan to enhance it. The best side of the 3D services that Wow-How Studio offers makes it easier for you to incorporate changes into your plan at no extra cost and faster compared to its predecessors.


  • Greater participation

Few people are “wired” for professional modeling. But with 3D, you can get the input and suggestions of all stakeholders before implementation because they can see the virtual form of the design without needing to have technical expertise.


So, how does Wow-How Studio rest its case?


At Wow-How, our experts are committed to making all these realities and possibilities a part of your normal business experience. We apply the perfect blend of experienced designers, exceptional market intelligence, and the latest design techniques to give us the competitive advantage necessary to take your business to the next level.

Let’s dive into the world of 3D animation! First step is to fill out the creative brief. See you soon!

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