Animated Series/Films

Animated film (also called cartoon) is a film crafted with the help of animation video services, where actors are replaced with illustration, dolls or 3d objects. Animated series and films are created to be presented in cinemas, broadcasted on television, viewed on a computer screen and on other electronic devices. 

The art of animation has been engaging us with fascinating characters and stories, for nearly a century. The first cartoons were drawn and hand-painted pantomimes lasting up to only fifteen minutes.Then rapid development of animation took place at the middle of the 20th century and it was a golden time when famous American animation studios as Walt Disney,(Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Silly Symphonies), Warner Brothers, MGM, and Fleischer (Betty Boop, Popeye) were implementing new technologies and  theatrical cartoons became an integral part of popular culture then.

Computer technologies appeared in animation video production in 1995 when Pixar studio released the ”Toy Story”. And it was the start of a new era in the world of animation. 

Historically, animated films gave directors more opportunities to visualize effects that were unavailable to recreate with filming and animated films were often used for fairy-tales, science fiction and stories about animals. Nowadays, development of computer graphics, visual effects and 3D allows to integrate realistic looking effects with actors filming as well as fully recreate actors and their characters through the means of 3D animation, so the animated films and regular movies became extremely close. 

There are some types of animated series and all of them you surely know:

  • animated film(animated movie) – is full-length cartoon which first run is happened in the cinemas, and after this, it can be demonstrated on other platforms – TV, disks, in the Internet;
  • animated film series – are series of the full-length cartoon with same characters and storyline. Their running is logical and continues the previous series. Usually it is broadcasted on TV or on the Internet; 
  • short animation series – is usually short-length cartoons with the same characters that intended for TV broadcast and can be also demonstrated on the Internet lately.

Evolution of animation from entertainment to business happened when smart market  specialists realized the benefits of people’s love and engaging in animation and tried to use animations services for business needs. Nowadays this tendency has become popular as modern audiences react better and more efficiently on bright animated advertisements rather than on traditional video advertisements. 

Animated video production is one of the best ways to both demonstrate your business’s products/services to an audience in just a couple of seconds and engage  them in an interesting, good-looking story. Cartoon animation videos stand out as one of the most popular genres for the business world, and are widely chosen by marketers.

The rapid development of newest technologies in the field of animation allows to create more qualitative and more realistic animated films, and even incredible visuals that fall deeply into people`a brains.

Many people think that the target audience for cartoons is children, but it is not true. Multiple surveys and cinema’s trackers indicate that the percentage of adults watching animated films in cinemas is close to most blockbusters.    

The charming characters and fascinating storyline make cartoons/animated films attractive and watchable for people of all ages.

In the modern world of cinema animation plays an incredible part – we cannot imagine film/cartoon crafting without using different animation video services. The process requires massive outsourced teams of cartoon studios worldwide working together for future bestsellers. All favourite popular cartoons such as Madagaskar, Winnie the Pooh, Spider Man and others are the results of complex cooperative work. 

Wow-How can become your cartoon studio 

Here at Wow-How Studio we have a dream team of creative animators, illustrators, motion designers that are ready to take part in creating big projects of animated films or series on outsourcing. As also we can become your creative studio that will help to bring your ideas, characters, and stories to a pitch-level or even a pilot.