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Video animation production will help you create a fascinating and, most importantly, comprehensive story about your brand or service that will keep your customers' eyes on you.

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    2D Vs 3D Animated Promotional Video

    2D Animated Videos

    Create a dynamic image that has only two dimensions: height and width. The frame rate of two-dimensional animation videos can exceed 16 pictures per second. Short animation video is popular in various fields — marketing, education, science, and entertainment.

    3D Animated Series

    Place and manipulate characters and objects in three-dimensional space, creating the illusion of movement. All objects are crafted from 3D models and assimilated into a digital environment using 3D modeling tools.

    How Do Animated Series Help Reach Business Goals?

    • The audience reacts better to animated series than to regular advertisingAnimated video advertising is more engaging and detailed, and has only one storyline. Viewers have more empathy for the drawn characters, as they are more charismatic. They can take us back to our childhood for a few minutes.
    • Charming characters evoke emotionsEmpathy for the characters makes the video viral. People want to watch it again and share with friends. Subsequently, customers will relate to your brand or product more positively, associating it with the character.
    • Cartoons convey the message accuratelyYou can use sketchy drawings to show the viewers only the elements you need, without distracting their attention. This way, your animated video conveys the message better and provides customers with a holistic image of the product.
    • It’s a great way to tell the brand’s storyIf you want to create a story for your brand, you can animate the key processes. Make the characters that would match your company’s image and craft a short cartoon that conveys your brand’s philosophy

    When our Animation Video Agency Can be of Service

    You wish to craft a masterpiece cartoon

    Get a WOW cartoon that perfectly conveys your company philosophy and helps customers understand you better. Whether you like a whiteboard or cut-out animation, our experts can craft videos of any style.

    Your product or service requires a captivating ad

    Get an unforgettable custom video that causes a WOW effect on your audience. With engaging ad videos, you can educate the customers about your brand, product and services, convincing them to purchase.

    Your brand’s storytelling video lacks a touch of creativity

    Thanks to the non-standard storytelling, you can use the video Wow-How Studio will make for you in multiple ways. For example, it can be either an advertisement or the intro to your next explainer video.

    You aim to release engaging animated series

    If your brand has several products, you can split the general video into several episodes and get animated training series. You can tell the story more clearly and informatively, so your customers will better understand your products.

    Your current animated video production team needs help

    You can immerse our Wow-How team into the process seamlessly, as we have a rich mix of qualified experts. We're certain to find the perfect style for your brand and product.

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    Why Wow-How Studio

    Transparent Cooperation

    Our flexible approach means that you can be involved at every stage of the project and the collaboration will be seamless. By applying our animation production services, you choose the best experience and 100% clear processes.

    Star Clients

    Global brands such as Google, Hallmark and Sony trust Wow-How. We produce high-quality video content for these market-leading companies and offer a wide range of animation video production services to help you achieve your business goals.

    Strict deadlines

    Working with creative specialists often entails the risk of waiting for a long time until you get considerable results. Our experts always meet strict deadlines, so you'll get your video on time

    High customer satisfaction

    The ever-growing customer base drives us to new goals. This is why we always provide customers with the best results, creating something new and unique for each client.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Category Manager

    Although the client's social campaign is still ongoing, Wow-How Studio has boasted fast turnarounds and delivered the video ahead of schedule. The team was collaborative throughout the engagement, ensuring there were no gaps. Their professionalism, meticulousness, and responsiveness stood out.

    Clare Manalansan Communications

    The client was satisfied with how Wow-How Studio handled the process. They have prompt communication with a quick turnover. The team also applied the client's preferences to the video during their development stages.

    Tell us about your project goals and objectives!

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    How can Wow-How experts boost my in-house video production team?

    The Wow-How team are experts in video production. By hiring our Wow-team, you don't waste time training new personnel and speed up the process of creating your unique video. Our specialists can easily adapt to your style, as they know different techniques and will definitely find the right approach.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How long will it take to craft an animated video if I have no references, but only an idea?

    As a standard rule, the estimated average time to create an animation video of about 60-90 seconds is 8-10 weeks. However, if there are many animated scenes, with a lot of motion (such as fight scenes) the process can take up to several months.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    In which styles and techniques do you work?

    We can craft both 2D and 3D cartoons in various techniques, such as whiteboard video, kinetic typography, infographic video, frame-by-frame animation, shape animation, cut-out animation


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What is the process of cartoon series creation?

    The standard time limit for finishing the whole custom animated video creation process is about 8 weeks. Still, it will be broken down into acute stages: briefing, brainstorming, script writing and critical illustrations/concept art. Each step is integral to the success of your animation.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    Why is it important to involve various specialists in the project?

    The quality of the final animated video is the reason various specialists are involved. After all, the more experts from different fields like designers, directors, editors, screenwriters, sound designers, etc. work on a project — the higher the quality of the final result is.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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