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Reinvent your marketing campaigns, build customer loyalty, and reinforce your brand with top-quality animated product demo videos created by Wow-How Studio.

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    Promotional Video Styles

    2D Promotional Video

    Create captivating 2D promotional video animations to increase your marketing campaign performance and drive engagement. We offer cutting-edge services to achieve outstanding results:

    3D Promotional Video

    Rise above the competition with detailed 3D business promotional videos. Wow-How provides a range of 3D animation services, including: 


    5 Reasons Why Promotional Videos Should Be Animated

    • Cost EffectivenessAn experienced animation studio will save your time and optimize budget while preserving the highest quality of services.
    • Unlimited PotentialCreate a video of any scope and complexity to hit the bullseye of your vision. With animation, there are literally no limits to what can be done.
    • Boost Conversion RateBusiness promo videos entice your audience to explore your offerings and lead to an
    • Raise Brand AwarenessUse all the unlimited potential of animation to entertain your audience and build positive associations with your brand.
    • Explain Your Product and ServicesExplain your next big thing with outstanding animated promotional product videos.

    Promotional Video Use Cases

    Launch New Marketing Campaigns

    Kickstart your marketing campaign with attention-grabbing company promo videos for your business.

    Increase Brand Exposure

    Increase your brand awareness and reach new customers with our top-notch promotional video services.

    Product Hype Videos

    Make sure your products have the spotlight with amazing promotional product videos.

    Social Ads

    Use tailor-made promotional animations across your social channels to appeal to a wide range of customers.

    Email Marketing

    Reinforce your message by adding top-notch animated promotional videos in your emails and reap the benefits.

    10 Best Animated Promotional Videos by Wow How

    Why Wow-How Studio

    Impressive Experience

    With 3000+ completed projects and many satisfied customers, we have expertise in animated promotional video production. Whatever project you have— our team will deliver outstanding results.

    Star Clients

    Wow-How is trusted by such global brands as Google, Hallmark, and Sony. We have created top-quality content for these market leaders and offer our range of services to help your business reach its goals.

    Talented Team

    Entrust your ideas to a skilled team of animators, scriptwriters, and storyboard artists to turn them into first-class promotional video services. Allow our promotional video company to boost your business to a new level.

    Recognized by Experts

    Our first-class animations have been recognized by GoofFirms and Clutch, and other leading studios and expert platforms. Join our strive for excellence and create amazing promotional videos for business.

    Rise Above the Clatter with First-Class Promotional Videos

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    What Our Clients Say

    Felix Idel Marketing Manager

    “Working with Wow-How turned out to be a transformational experience for our business. The talented team exceeded our expectations in making videos that bring the point across and help to connect with our customers in a meaningful way.”

    Co Founder

    Wow-How Studio delivered on every promise and demonstrated outstanding professionalism. We are happy to find such an amazing partnership when there is no place for doubts on the fate of our project. They have executed our vision to the point and contributed valuable market insights to make our video marketing strategy a real powerhouse.”

    Rise Above the Clatter with First-Class Promotional Videos

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    What is a Promotional Video?

    Generally, promotional videos are short introductions to your brand and business vision. These short videos are typically designed to cultivate interest among your existing and potential customers. Promo videos trace their origin to TV ads. Nowadays, large and small companies leverage their marketing campaigns relying on promotional videos that are easy to distribute across multiple channels.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How Much Does a Promotional Video Cost?

    The average cost of promotional video production varies depending on the type of animation used, the number of details, overall complexity, etc. Any top-notch business promo video will require significant time and effort input to achieve its objectives. You can reach out to Wow-How – a leading animated promotional video production company, and get a free quote considering your project ideas.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How long should a Promotional Video be?

    The conventional approach to promotional video length says that a length of between 30-60 seconds is a gold standard. However, as with other marketing videos, the length may vary depending on the goal of your promotional campaign, its subject matter, and media platforms. For example, a company promo video of 60 seconds in length will highlight all the main aspects of your business.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What Are the Benefits of Promotional Videos For Business Operations?

    Animated promotional videos for business provide numerous benefits thanks to comparative affordability and unparalleled creative freedom. Promotional animations grab audience attention and appeal to a wider range of emotions boosting customer retention. Additionally, promotional videos can be used and reused across media platforms and marketing channels with little no additional cost. Thus, businesses can leverage their marketing efforts with higher efficiency.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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