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It is hard for a business to survive in the modern world without visual content – the most popular and efficient type of advertising nowadays – promotional video for business activity. This rapid popularity is the convenience and effortless nature of the medium that appeals to the modern generation who are not too keen on going through heaps of texts. No matter if you produce something or offer any service, company promotional video plays a key part in your successful activity.

Promotional video (promo video) – is a business, usually animated visual content, that aims to promote your product or service or brand in a fancy and entertaining way. A promo video usually lasts up to 1 minute. 

Promotional videos are one of the most creative and emotional pieces of visual content nowadays. Promotional videos are used to introduce a brand, present new products, highlight service or product’s benefits, or announce different events concerning your company.

Promotional video offers digestible, light content that can be used for different platforms such as the site’s home page, social networks, or landing page. Everywhere you go across social fields and virtual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, videos are usually the predominant theme.

Main reasons to use promotional video services for business:

  • It gives a company a huge competitive edge over competitors;
  • It grabs audience attention in such a way text or pictures can’t do it;
  • It helps to convey company information and core values to an audience;
  • It helps to increase awareness of the business in a creative way;
  • It real insight into what you do, how you do it, and how your product or service can benefit them;
  • It makes business more transparent for customers;
  • A well-crafted promo allows you to build a personal connection with your customers.

There are lots of spheres where promos can be implemented. For example, they can be used in art as promotional audio or video recording distributed to publicize a recording, in filming as promo trailer (a commercial advertisement for a feature film), or for corporate use as content of corporate video production. Finally, promo videos are commonly used in the business sphere, where lots of products and services demand outstanding promotion. Such visuals help you to improve sales numbers.


Order Promo Video by Wow-How Studio


Video content that goes viral can bring global popularity for a brand, product, or even individual. And it’s not easy to make outstanding viral content that attracts, not frightens away, your target audience. To ensure your success, leave the task up to a professional promotional video production company as they guarantee the following:

  • fast results with set deadlines;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • high-quality content.


Choose Wow-How promotional video services


The specialists from Wow-How Studio’ve been creating hundreds of prominent promos and are glad to help you visualize your ideas with the help of the right music, sound, visual effects, and a wide range of technologies from our arsenal. No matter where you are performing, we strive to deliver high-quality results for some of the best prices. We used to work coordinated with our clients to reach the best output.

Our team of producers, animators, and scriptwriters, and other animated promotional video production members aim to provide your project with the highest-level attention to detail at all stages of its crafting. And as a result, you get a fascinating and engaging promo video for your company.

Don`t waste your time reading long texts! Let’s move to the creative brief – the first step of your future WOW promo.

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