10 Inspiring Examples of Promotional Campaign Videos

Author: Bob Aug 31, 2021 8 min read

Currently, 60% of modern businesses are using promo videos as a part of their marketing strategy, and 89% of marketers agree that video is the most engaging and ROI driving type of content you can create to date. Modern users are also on the same wavelength with this trend. They expect brands to create more videos and increase their video consumption year after year. 

Let’s find out what makes promo videos so popular and effective. I also would like to show you several promo examples that will inspire you to get started with video marketing right now. 


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Understanding the Importance of Promotional Videos


Why should promotional videos be an integral part of your marketing campaign in 2021 and beyond? 

  1. Promo videos let you stay competitive. The major part of modern companies from different industries have already got started with promo video marketing. While there is no sense in copying their approaches, there is a great sense in joining the hot trend and creating a branded video for your company as well.
  2. Promo videos engage customers. Modern users are ads-resistant. They perceive only those pieces of information they actually want to perceive, and from this perspective, videos are both trendy and effective. To put it simply, users just love watching them. And if you dig deeper, videos and other visuals are perfectly processed by the brain which makes them the most memorable ad type. 
  3. Promo videos are reusable. What’s more, promo videos are perfectly reusable across different marketing channels and they have no expiration date. You can use them for promotion as long as your offer is relevant, and the product or service exists. 


What Makes a Good Promotional Video?


Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the web.

Rick Levine, Author of The Cluetrain Manifesto.


And here is what makes promo videos successful in more detail. 

  • The right style. There are more than 30 styles and approaches to choose from when creating a promo video. On the one hand, such wide choice opportunities can promise unlimited creative freedom. On the other hand, you should be smart with choosing your style since each of them can be tailored to the specific industry, business, product, and marketing goal. 

For example, 2D is good for creating promo cartoons that often come with the features of an explainer video. While 3D is best for showcasing innovations, new devices, and concepts.

  • Appealing animations. Regardless of the style you choose, your animations should be appealing and eye-catching. The best promo examples can boast stunning and memorable visuals that the creators often match with brand style.
  • Brand representation. Good promotional videos are always brand-specific. They showcase the brand’s personality by using visual means, telling a story, sharing the brand’s values, and promoting its mission. 
  • A touching story. A story inside the video is one of the most powerful elements to make it appealing to the viewers and let them associate the brand with the emotions they feel. A good story behind the video shouldn’t be long or complex. On the contrary, the most effective ones are about the simplest but the most important values. 
  • Music and voiceover. These are two elements that make a promo video more engaging and better understandable. Some promo videos can go without a voiceover but mood-appropriate music is a must-have for enhancing the overall impression. 
  • The right length. As a rule, promotional videos for businesses are short – up to 30 seconds. They are used at the top of the sales funnel and serve as the opportunity to meet the brand for the first time. That’s why most users aren’t ready to watch a promo for too long. However, the concept of a perfect video length is relative. Depending on promotional video ideas, you can make it longer but in this case, you should be quite creative to engage the users and retain their attention. 
  • Call to action. As a rule, the goal of a promotional campaign is to encourage the viewers to find out more about the company and its products or services. That’s why an effective promo video should also guide them to the next stage of the sales funnel with the help of a clear and motivating call to action. 


10 Outstanding Examples of Promotional Campaign Videos


The promotional video examples I’m going to show and discuss below are created according to the best promo video production practices. They are funny, beautiful, creative, touching, appealing and ROI-driving at once so let’s get inspired!


1. Lyft



Lyft created a surprisingly long promo video. It lasts seven minutes but the story behind is so compelling and touching that there is no other choice than to watch the video to the end. The company used simple 2D animation enhanced by mood-appropriate music. Combined with a powerful story, the video reaches its goal – it makes both car owners and taxi users give Lyft a try.


2. Nike Air Reinvented



In this 2D promo video, Nike showcases their reinvented sneakers. They use simple but dynamic animations, trendy and eye-catching colors, and a little 3D in the end, to show their Air Reinvented in their real-life look.


3. Sunroof Project (Google)



A Sunroof project promo video created by Google combines the features of a promotional and explainer video in one bottle. Google also decided to go with simple 2D, with a clear voiceover which is essential for explainers and background music


4. Cadbury Dairy Milk



Set aside just 40 seconds of your time and watch a promo video created to advertise Cadbury Dairy Milk. This funny and mood-enhancing cartoon will not leave you indifferent. The creators developed kind aliens characters in 3D and made them dance and have fun, enjoying a simple thing – a chocolate bar.


5. Volkswagen



Do you have any ideas on how to advertise an official car repair service with the help of a video? Volkswagen has a great one! Their short and funny 3D promo video tells a story of a car enjoying its servicing experience. The idea is very simple but its video realization turned out to be very engaging and fun  – just watch it. 

We have reviewed inspiring, creative, and funny marketing videos created for well-known brands. Now, let’s take a look at video promotion examples born here, at Wow-How Studio.


6. Italian Gelato by Wow-How Studio



When it comes to promoting an innovative device, 3D is almost always a one-stop choice. We decided to choose it as well to show all the features of food tech innovation — a Portobello ice-cream machine. Using 3D graphics, we highlighted its functions and enhanced the impression with dynamic animation, bright colors, and inspiring music.


7. Bos Innovation by Wow-How Studio



When creating the concept for this company promotional video, we decided to combine the marketing potential of 3D promotional video production, with explainer and tutorial video features. The core goal of this company’s 3D promotional video was to showcase the device, explain the way it works, dwell on its main functions and visually show how to operate the system safely and effectively. We complemented it with short text tips to better explain the device’s specifics to its prospective users.


8. Well Kept by Wow-How Studio



Well Kept is a portable brush case with a stylish design and ultimate user-friendliness. Since the idea behind the product is quite simple, its promo video also shouldn’t belong. Instead, it should be stylish, and fashionable, plus empowered by beautiful music and 3D graphics to showcase the product from the best sides.


9. LITSLINK by Wow-How Studio



This promo video was created for a software development company. We used 2D animation in an “innovation-like” style, and briefly showcased the main services the company offers. The task of a video is to make a short introduction at the top of the sales funnel, and let the users consider LITSLINK as their startup development partner.


10. Plum Wine by Wow-How Studio



Plum Wine is an innovative device for wine storage and a better consumption experience. Showcasing, promoting, and explaining its features with the help of 3D was the right choice we made when creating this promo video. We used short animated texts instead of a voiceover and highlighted the ways the device can fit different interiors.


Create Outstanding Promotional Videos with Wow-How Studio




Getting inspired by creative promotional videos is a good tactic to brainstorm ideas for creating yours. The next step you have to make is to partner with a tech and marketing-savvy animation studio to unlock all the opportunities promo video production has.
Wow-How Studio has a lot of hands-on experience in creating promo videos for different projects and industries, so we would be happy to assist you too. Reach out to us and let’s find a creative approach that will fit your company’s personality and help you achieve your marketing goal with an outstanding promo video!


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