Harness the Power of Animation to Boost Trade Show Engagement and Increase ROI

Author: Bob Aug 25, 2021 7 min read

Trade show technologies are evolving but using videos for event marketing is an evergreen strategy. Using an animated promotional video during a trade show or conference is an even more winning approach. 


Know more about animated promotional video during a trade show


Let’s find out why animation makes the most sense when promoting your company at an event and what opportunities it opens up for your business. 

Empower Your Trade Show Marketing with a High-End


Why Trade Show Videos Matter


There are a lot of creative tactics you can develop when it comes to event marketing. Video production for trade shows and conventions can fit them all. Here is what you can do with a video during a technology trade show. 


  • Start a conversation. The visitors of a trade show are looking for a specific solution to their problem but you can’t reach out to everyone.
  • Videos, in contrast, offer a better opportunity to start a natural conversation with those potentially interested in your product. Particularly, trade show videos act as an attention-grabbing tool, as they make visitors stop, watch, dwell, and reflect. After your prospective but cold leads become a little warmer, you can come up with your sales pitch or printed materials.
  • Use technology to show technology. Tech trade shows are the right places to look for investors and attract more users for your new product.
  • Consider supporting your tech startup marketing with promotional video production technologies to enhance the feeling of innovation and credibility. To disrupt an event with your product, you can create augmented reality or interactive videos.
  • Be creative. Although trade shows are all about business, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your marketing strategies, especially when it comes to promotional video production. In the noisy trade show environment, standing out is the only way to grab your audience’s attention, and creating an animated video is a great idea to do it.


Benefits of Animation as a Part of a Trade Show Technology


Which path should you follow when making a promotional video for a tradeshow product? There are a lot of winning tactics to capture your leads with the help of promotional video services, and using animation is one of the most powerful ones. 

Why are the participants of the top technology trade shows frequently using animation as a part of their event marketing? The reason is that animated videos have nearly unlimited potential. 

Below are just some of the benefits of animation, narrowed down to the usage of animation as a part of trade show technologies


1. Enhances Emotional Engagement 

An animated video can drive emotional engagement and subconscious response which are the same for both B2C and B2C customers. Both of the user groups are still people who make the most of their decisions under the influence of emotions. 

While the decision-making process is longer for B2B, your animated promo video can trigger just the right set of emotions necessary to convert cold contacts into leads and leads into customers – from interest and curiosity to excitement and loyalty. 

But when it comes to trade show video production, keep in mind that you can rely on visual means only since such videos often come with no voiceover but with truly awesome graphics and a compelling storyline. 


2. It is Great for Product Demonstration

The capabilities of video animation when it comes to demonstrating your product are almost endless. To showcase a simple but smart and tech-savvy product, using 2D will be enough. 3D animation, in turn, opens up even more opportunities. For example, with the help of 3D visualization, you can showcase a complex mechanism in the smallest details and show how it works in real life. 

A lot of tech companies also offer visitors an immersive experience when showcasing their developments with the help of augmented reality videos in 3D. 


3. Boost Conversion Rates

When created right and used at the right stage of the sales funnel, videos are the highest-converting marketing tools ever. Boosting your conversion rate at a trade show throughout videos is also possible but here you should be smart with your goals and the corresponding metrics. 

Companies participating in a trade show rarely aim at selling the product right here and now. They use the next metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the trade show video and the overall success of an event:

  • The number of leads;
  • Lead follow-up rate;
  • The overall return of investment. 


4. Tech Compatible for Trade Shows 

Technology trade shows are the right place for companies to use an ultimate set of innovative tools for more effective promotion. For instance, these include large and interactive screens, QR codes, augmented reality devices, robotic solutions, and much more. 

Animation, in turn, is a technology that is perfectly compatible with all these innovations, and using innovative marketing tools paired with animated videos can only enhance the impression of your product and help visitors associate your company with technical progress. 


5. Animated Videos Are Reusable

This is an obvious benefit  – you can take your video for any event your company participates in. However, a promo or product demo video created for a trade show can be reused.

For example, you may show it to your investors right from your mobile to make your sales pitch more convincing.

You can also promote your trade show video teasers before an event, for instance, on social media, and in your newsletter to warm up the interest of the audience and encourage them to meet you during an event. Using your animated video as a post-show stage also makes a lot of sense since you can show it to those who were unable to attend. 


6. Highlight Your Brand Identity

Animated videos are also good for conveying your brand identity, using the right colors, and building the right associations among your visitors. They also come with an opportunity to add the brand’s logo and company’s name, plus create compelling calls to action. 

The latter element is essential since animated trade show videos, as a rule, don’t have a voiceover. Instead, they use all the power of animated elements and/or text captions. 


Best Practices for Animated Trade Show Videos


How to make a promotional video for a trade show? I’ve already covered some of the trade show best practices for video production, so let me recap them briefly. 


Know more about Best Practices for Animated Trade Show Videos


  • Make it visible. Since the first goal of a trade show promo video is to attract attention, make sure to create it in such a way that all the details are perfectly visible at distance. 
  • Make it detailed. A trade show video has a lot in common with an explainer video and a product demo. It should demonstrate a product in an as detailed a way as possible since there will be no voice-over to explain all the features. However, the visualization should be as smart and compelling so that there will be no actual need for further explanations. 
  • Make it capacious. Also, you will not have a lot of time to dwell on your product during a tradeshow. Otherwise, the viewers may get bored. That is, the task of a trade show video production is to highlight essentials only and briefly showcase the corresponding benefits. 


Let’s Create a Winning




Taking part in trade shows, events and conferences is a must-follow practice for tech companies willing to firmly occupy their niche, build a business network, reach out to prospective leads and attract investments. You can achieve all these goals by attracting more attention to your startup with the help of an animated video that should be awesome, outstanding, and meaningful in one bottle. 

Wow-How Studio would be happy to create such a trade show video for you. Contact us now for instant help! 


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