10 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Corporate Explainer Video From Industry Experts

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Do you want to get some insights into animated corporate video creation? I have interviewed our top animation artist  to dig deeper into the topic, plus did some of my own research on corporate video samples. 

You are welcome to get inspired by them and grab some ideas for your next corporate video. 


Corporate Videos 101


A corporate video is a company promotional video that highly focuses on the company itself – its values, mission, unique selling propositions, and the benefits it can deliver to other businesses and customers. 

On average, corporate videos are 30 seconds – 2 minutes long. The length of a corporate video depends on the core message the company wants to convey and the sales funnel stage the video will be used at. A corporate video has a lot in common with an explanatory video since one of the main tasks of corporate video production is to explain the company’s business processes to the audience. 

That’s why a lot of companies combine the best features of a business explainer video with a corporate one and get quite a powerful marketing tool that can deliver the following benefits. 


Benefits of Corporate Explainer Videos


  • Brand recognition and awareness. Since corporate explainer videos are often created with the task of promoting mission and values, they are great tools for increasing brand awareness, building emotional connections with the customers, enhancing brand loyalty and recognition on the market. 
  • Better discoverability in Google and YouTube. Video content is trendy, and the search engine takes the user’s preferences and behavior patterns into account. Creating top-notch business videos gives you a better chance of being found and discovered in Google search results. Additionally, positive user behavior patterns  (dwelling on the page and watching your video) can significantly improve your SEO performance. 
  • Reusability. An explanatory video with a corporate statement in mind can easily be reused across the different platforms. For example, you can place it on the official website, upload it to your YouTube channel. You can also use it in social media right for your business and popular among your customers. 
  • Accurate sales funnel state fit. Any company videos should be created with a marketing message, target audience, and sales funnel stage in mind. As for the sales funnel stage, corporate explainer videos make sense. All three stages can be tailored to the corporate video specifics. For example, 

– you can share your mission and values at the stage of awareness when the prospective leads are just coming up with the first brand impression;

– you can add explanations about your value proposition at the stage of consideration;

– you can promote loyalty and build trust by creating corporate videos about your events, upcoming products, and so on, on the loyalty stage of the sales funnel.


Engage Your Clients with Captivating


Types of Corporate Video


There are two main types of corporate animated videos for business


Learn more about types of corporate animated videos for business


  1. Branded video. A branded company video, as the name suggests, is more focused on the brand and the company itself. It often shares mission, statements, values, uniqueness, and benefits and aims at building an emotional connection with the prospective leads.
  2. Explainer video. An animated explainer video of a corporate nature also dwells on the company itself. It also takes a deeper look at the ways the company can be helpful to other businesses and customers with their products or services.


Corporate Explainer Video Animation Styles


Corporate explainer videos can be created using different animation styles. Below are the most prominent ones. 

  • 2D. This is one of the most popular animation styles. It allows for realizing most of the creative ideas in quite a cost-effective way. 
  • 3D. As for 3D, this style is often used when there is a need to represent and explain something complex in the framework of a business profile video
  • Motion graphics. This is the simplest animation technique but nevertheless, some of the best corporate videos are created using motion graphics. 
  • Screencast. The technique of screencasting is often used in a company presentation video when there is a need to visually show how the company’s software products work.
  • Live-action. The live-action approach is often used to create a corporate culture video and make the employees feel they belong to the company. Sometimes, live-action cuts are also mixed up with animation, and we will share such explainer video examples below. 
  • Whiteboard. A whiteboard explainer video is a classic of explainer video styles. The simple concept of a hand with a pencil explaining something makes a perfect match with the essence of an explainer video. Such an approach allows for making it quite simple but still well understandable. 


Corporate Explainer Video Narrative Styles


The storyline of your future corporate explainer video may follow a different logic. Below are the main approaches to video narrative. 

  • Linear narrative. In this case, the storyline is quite logical, and the described events take place from the logical beginning to the logical end. 
  • Non-linear narrative. In this case, the storyline uses flashbacks to create intrigue and make the viewer interested. 
  • Quest narrative. This approach can also be suitable for corporate video creation; for example, the company can showcase the challenges it has coped with. 
  • Viewpoint narrative. This narrative style implies sharing a subjective opinion. In the context of corporate videos, it can be used in the cases when the video contains cuts with users’ testimonials sharing their feedback. 


10 Ideas for Your Next Explainer Video


Below are some examples of outstanding corporate explainer videos. They use different animation styles, marketing approaches, and storytelling tools, but all of them are worth considering to grab some winning ideas for your next explainer. Which of the following is the best example of corporate advertising? Review them all and make your own decision. 

1. Mint



Surely, you know this application for financial planning. In their explainer video, they combined a clear problem statement with presenting a solution, using a mix of animation and screencasting.


2. Audientes



This is a corporate explainer video created by Wow-How Studio. It showcases the features and benefits of a smart device for hearing enhancement, using a mix of live shooting and 2D. 


3. Merry Christmas by Wow-How Studio 



In this corporate video, we decided to wish everyone Merry Christmas and inspire our viewers with traditional Christmas music and decorations. The video is created using live shooting and has no voiceover which is replaced by subtitles with our message. 


4. Spotify



This is another well-known company with quite a creative approach to corporate explainer video creation. In their video, they use nice music but no voice-over, animated elements, and live-action video cuts. 





LISTLINK development company hired us to create a corporate explainer video that will tell about their development process and the challenges they have faced. This video is a winning mix of corporate values, backstage explanations, and 2D. 


6. Microsoft



Microsoft uses a combination of visual styles in this Hybrid Cloud video to appeal to viewers’ emotions. The subject is explained by addressing the global scale of cloud computing via clear and understandable examples. This explainer video is aimed at a general audience to increase public awareness of the cloud services provided by the company.





While creating this video for UKAD, we at Wow-How Studio managed to combine the backstage shooting with inspiring music and value statements. Such a corporate video can be a great idea for showcasing how the company works and what their potential customers can expect. 


8. General Electric



This video uses no voiceover, but it uses subtitles and inspiring music. Despite simple graphics, their corporate video is quite powerful and emotion-driving, it perfectly shares mission, values, and plans for the future. This is also the example of a corporate video with a linear narrative. 


9. Airbnb



Airbnb always stands for simplicity and emotional connection in its video marketing strategies. In the video I would like to show you, the company uses simple 2D animation, but the storyline and the script are very powerful, enhanced by music and emotion-provoking. Using simple animation techniques but connecting to the users’ hearts without words, mission sharing, and music is one of the truly winning techniques for corporate video creation.


10. Tansley Associates



This corporate explainer video created by Wow-How Studio can be a perfect example of explaining complex things in simple terms. We have used vivid and relatively simple 2D animation to showcase how the solution for fuel supply may work for business benefits and ecology protection.




There are a lot of interesting approaches to corporate explainer video creation. In this guide, we have covered the essential things about this video as a marketing tool, plus shared some of the most inspiring corporate video examples. 

You are welcome to get in touch with us for any questions and clarifications. We also invite you to discuss your corporate video project strategy and brainstorm the most creative and effective ideas for its creation! 


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