How Animated Videos Can Boost Your Advertising Efforts

Author: Bob Jul 08, 2021 7 min read

Using an animated promotional video as a part of your marketing strategy is a winning tactic. With its help, you can attract the attention of the prospective leads, engage and entertain them, make your brand more recognizable and deliver your marketing message using the tools and channels your audience is ready to interact with. 

This is not the complete list of opportunities marketing animation can promise, so in this article, I will tell you how to boost email and other directions of digital marketing with the help of animated videos. 


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The Benefits of Animated Videos for Marketing Strategy


When developed right and with a clear goal in mind, your animated video marketing strategy can deliver the following benefits to your business. 

  • Videos are trendy. In 2021, videos are still at the top of online content consumption. Experts predict that this year an average person will spend an average of 100 minutes per day watching videos. Your animated marketing videos have great chances to be viewed by users as well. 
  • Animated videos are reusable. Created once, your animated videos can be reused across different channels. For instance, you can create an animation email and reuse a video in your social media profiles and website. It will drive more engagement and contribute to better brand recognition and awareness. 
  • Using videos for marketing promises engagement. When done right, an animated marketing video is beautiful, emotion-provoking, clear, and engaging. Some promotional animations come with great viral potential, which benefits engagement and ROI boost. 


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  • Video marketing strategies have unlimited room for creativity. Marketing animation opens up a lot of creative and winning opportunities for video advertising development. For example, you can come up with a corporate video to dwell on your brand and its values, create an explainer video to show how your product or service works, make a short promo to improve brand recognition, and much more. 
  • Well-done videos generate and convert prospective leads. According to statistics, animated advertising videos published on the landing page increase the conversion rate by 80%. Depending on the distribution channel, a top-notch animated video for business can promise quite a high ROI as well. 
  • Animated videos are good for improving brand recognition. Modern users expect brands to create engaging video content, and they are getting used to this way of communication. In this context, making marketing videos is an opportunity to build the correct associations among your users, help them develop an emotional connection with your brand, and make you better recognizable across different communication channels. 


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How to Include Animated Videos In Your Advertising Campaign


How to create animated videos and how to use them, right? Animated videos for business are quite effective marketing tools; still, they aren’t a magic pill. To make the most use out of your marketing animations, you should follow a clear strategy.

Let’s develop it together step by step.


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  • Get started by defining a goal

There are a lot of different types of animation you can create, and each of them serves a specific goal. For instance,  short promos are good for increasing brand awareness, while tutorial videos are the tools for brand loyalty development. Corporate, product, and explainer videos are often used to showcase and explain how your product, service, or company works. There are many goals to choose from – get started by defining the one that matters most to you right now. 


  • Match your goal with a sales funnel stage

Depending on your goal, you should determine the stage of the sales funnel your marketing animated video will be used at. This step is essential for capturing the right users at the right moment and seamlessly driving them from the top of the sales funnel to its button. 

For example, promo videos are often used at the top stage or at the stage of awareness since, in this case, the task and goal of a video are to make users aware of your company’s existence and the brief benefits it can deliver. Tutorial videos are often created for already loyal customers to improve their user experience with your product, and that’s why their logical place is at the sales funnel button. Determining the sales funnel stage is also essential for making the next step.


  • Find your perfect video length

The users’ attention span and readiness to perceive becomes longer when they move from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. That’s why short videos (up to 30 seconds) are often used at the stage of awareness, medium-length ones (30 seconds-2 minutes) are used at the stage of consideration, and long videos are best suitable for the stage of loyalty. At this step, depending on your video goal, type, and the corresponding sales funnel stage, you have to determine the perfect length. Wow-How is here to help you with this task.


  • Decide on a distribution channel

The length of your video also depends on the distribution channel you plan to use. For instance, email animation should be very short, while videos for social media, YouTube, and your website can be longer. Some social media also have perfect video length recommendations and limitations, so make sure to check them as well.


  • Create your video

Let the creativity begin! At this stage, Wow-How Studio can create an animation video for you, taking into account all the essentials we’ve discussed above, using top-notch video production technologies and unlimited creativity of our artists. 


  • Promote it and track the results

As a rule, animated videos are created for a specific marketing channel, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t promote them across different media. For example, social media marketing videos are perfectly reusable and can be promoted on different platforms. You can use your email animation in your instant messengers. 

In a nutshell, there are many opportunities to make some noise with one video, but make sure to keep track of your promotional effectiveness. Monitor the number of views, likes, and shares, keep track of the lead generation and conversion rate, review the comments and respond to them. 


Animation Videos in Successful Email Marketing Campaigns


Email video marketing is only one of the options to use videos for promotion. When done right, this strategy becomes quite effective. Did you know that the open rate of emails with the word “video” in the headline is 19% higher? Emails with videos also have a 300% better click-through rate, so video email marketing is a worth-try strategy. 

Here is why you have to use animation in emails.


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  • It makes your email outstanding. Email marketing is quite a popular approach used by most brands, and most of the emails the users receive daily aren’t even opened. Using email animation is a way to level up your open rate and click-through by making your newsletter stand out from the crowd. 
  • It makes your users dwell on your letter. Animated elements are good for grabbing and retaining users’ attention. The only thing you have to do is to embed the right marketing message. 
  • It builds anticipation. Engaging email marketing campaigns with top-notch videos and animations make users anticipate the following newsletter, open the email and perform the target action.




Using animated videos in your marketing strategies is a winning tactic suitable for different promotional channels. When implemented right, your video can enhance your marketing efforts by grabbing users’ attention, boosting their engagement, and developing an emotional connection with your brand. Wow-How Studio can help you with animated videos creation that will be perfectly tailored to your marketing vision and your users’ expectations. 



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