Top 10 Awesome Animation Blogs Worth Checking Out

Author: Bob Apr 29, 2022 6 min read

Reading popular animation blogs, you can follow the latest industry trends and get inspiration for your upcoming projects. You can also find informative animators’ tips, interviews with renowned experts, and tech reviews. 


Whether you are an animation specialist longing to hone your skills or a business owner looking for some inspiration to delight your audience, such blogs are an awesome source of information and entertainment.


With hundreds of websites out there, it’s challenging to identify blogs that share meaningful and relevant content with their followers. In this piece, we have come up with a list of the most popular animation blogs you should read this year.


1. Animation Magazine 


What to read: news, events, job boards, tech reviews


We recommend you follow this blog to understand all aspects of the animation field. From tech reviews and news to movie guides and events, this blog will provide you with various themes. The blog is updated regularly with informative news and tips to keep you educated and inspired. 

There is also a shop where you can get paper copies of Animation Magazine, the first issues of which were published in 1987. 


2. Animation Mentor 


What to read: educational content, useful tips


This blog was created by a group of three animators to connect beginners with seasoned experts. Whether you have barely begun to scratch the surface of the animation world or have solid experience in this field, you will find an extensive range of resources exploring this website.

This animation blog offers users lots of courses, webinars, guides, and podcasts. Besides such an informative blog, there is also a digital animation school. Body mechanics, game animation, and principles of design — you can learn from working industry specialists in a community of 5000+ students worldwide.

Animation Mentor is an amazing option for you if you look for top-notch educational content and want to skyrocket your skills. 


3. Cartoon Brew 


What to read: industry news, cases


If you are a fan of animation giants like Pixar and Disney and want to monitor the most significant industry trends, Cartoon Brew’s blog is a perfect match for your needs. From independent filmmaking and CGI 2D animation to hand-drawn and stop motion techniques, this blog covers various topics and trends. 

There are also useful charts and data like major animated features and the most popular indie animated shorts. This blog can also help you keep an eye on innovative animation software to dominate your niche. 


4. Motiongrapher 


What to read: news, events, tips


Besides animation industry news, this blog is a source of inspiration for visual storytellers. Whether you are interested in virtual production or animating optical illusions, here you will find relevant tips and guides to bring the most daring ideas to life.

What’s more, you can submit your innovative projects and get your work in front of an active and supportive community. You can publish animation projects that push existing technology to the utmost limits, inspiring press releases or breaking news and ideas for articles. 


5. Animation World Network 


What to read: news, events, technologies, forum


If you don’t need to hone your animation skills but still want to follow the hottest trends and events of the industry, AWN is a fantastic blog for your requirements. Here you will find everything about popular workshops and festivals, 2D and 3D animation, virtual production, and trends like hyper-realistic CGI and kinetic typography

There is an active forum where you can discuss any aspects of animation and share your thoughts with a community. The website also offers a variety of job openings for art directors, production managers, motion designers, and video editors.


6. The Disney Blog 


What to read: Disney news and information


The Disney Blog was created by fans of this world-renowned animation empire. It contains info on Disney releases and other company’s franchises like Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. 

Teasers and trailers of new movies to watch on Disney Plus, new merchandise arrivals, financial reports, and casting details — this animation blog is full of informative and engaging content. Scrolling through the blog, you can also dive deep into Disney’s history and learn about the company’s rivals to better understand the industry and its major players.


7. Toon Boom Blog 


What to read: press releases, how-to articles, tips and tricks, news


Visit this popular blog for informative how-to articles, career advice, game animation, and top industry news. You can also have a look at the “Artist Profile” section to read interviews with award-winning animators and storytellers to get some inspiration and tips from experts. 

The blog has an active forum where you can ask for advice, get relevant information about animation software, and share your thoughts. There are also many free educational resources like video tutorials, webinars, and courses. 


8. CG Channel 


What to read: animation software tips, news, events


This animation blog covers a wide range of topics, including computer-generated imagery and game development. CG Channel is an excellent option for those who want to know how to use the most innovative animation software in their work.

From modeling software for concept design to AI mockup tools, the blog offers users a variety of free resources. You can also watch compilations of eye-catching shorts and reels to stay aware of the latest trends and tools.


9. Reallusion Magazine 


What to read: news, events, tips


Reallusion provides motion designers, game developers, and filmmakers with top-notch animation software. The company has deep expertise in facial and body motion capture solutions, character animation, and real-time filmmaking. 

Following their informative blog, you can learn how to create your own characters from scratch, use innovative 3D animation and rendering software, and create true-to-life facial animations. You can also monitor the latest news, festivals, contests, and workshops of the animation industry. 


10. BlenderNation 


What to read: tutorials, training videos, job offers, how-to articles


This 3D content creation suite provides users with relevant industry news, training videos, and how-to articles. Whether you are interested in spaceship animation or want to create eye-catching logos, this blog is a great resource for you. 

Reading this animation blog, you can find lots of job offers and promising projects to work on. Here you will find jobs for 2D and 3D animators, motion designers, and storyboard artists.


Wrapping Up

With these animation and motion graphic blogs, you can keep up with the most recent animation industry news and draw inspiration for your successful projects to provide the audience with relevant visual content. You can also explore other blog articles on our website to dive deep into the world of animation and video production.



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