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Animated infographics are a way of visualizing content, using symbols, diagrams, graphics, simple images, and other graphic elements that are animated.

An infographic animations video is a type of content that uses numbers and data in symbols infographic language. The main characters here are not human, the main characters are symbolic and simple universal images.

The animated infographics often combine graphic, video, and audio information. In a business context, it is used in video reports, educational, and explainer videos that rely on statistical data or description of systems.

Brief history of infographics

If you think that information described by pictures is a new trend, you are wrong.

Coding concepts, messages, and stories through symbols is almost as old as humanity. While cave paintings were more about art and illustration, early written systems were based on pictograms (signs that illustrated particular objects) and, later, on ideograms(symbols that represent ideas or concepts). The hieroglyphic writing system of Egypt and China, cuneiform writings of the Near East contained a lot of ideograms and pictograms. We even don’t speak about the importance of symbols in math.

Today, using senseful signs and images unify road signs, drive UI development of apps, creation of business reports, one-pagers, and videos. A commonly used term for this is infographics.
According to the data presented in the book “Handbook of Data Visualization” the evolution of infographics is as follows:

  • period up to the 17th century – earlier maps and scheme
  • the 17th century – visualization of theory
  • the 18 century – the appearance of new graphic forms. That means creative visualization. It is a popular term by popular psychology and self-help. 

“Creative Visualization is the technique of creating what you want in your life” – says Shakti Gawain in his book “Creative Visualization in 1978”. 

A story of the English nurse Florence Nightingale tells that she used infographics to persuade Queen Victoria to improve conditions in military hospitals. She created a chart depicting the number and causes of deaths during each month of the Crimean War.

1950 – the birth of modern infographic

1850 – 1950 – the golden age of Statistical graphics

1950 – 1975 – a new age of visualization information

1975 – now – growth interactive part of a content

Being a compound of “information” and “graphics” Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. 

Infographics have evolved in recent years to be for mass communication and thus are designed with fewer assumptions about the readers’ knowledge base than other types of visualizations. Picture languages or Isotypes are an early example of infographics conveying information quickly and comfortably to the mass audience.

A lot of artists did not accept the period until the end 19 century, that visualization information was, but it is. The modern infographic is an endless source of knowledge and it is an excellent tool for teaching.

Let’s remember about motivation posters that included motivational phrases and infographic symbols. We can see it in the offices, in the bars, etc. They have become a super popular tool to influence people. It is becoming popular to make difficult intel palatable. And it is a good tool for it.

An Infographic likes a type transformed from static posters to animated infographics. This evolution of visual content makes the world of marketing and the world of science more charmed and easier to grab.

The benefits of infographic animations

  • The main benefit is its relative independence from language and cultural context and the ability to convey messages to a wider audience. However, one should be careful with cultural aspects, as semiotic theory teaches us that signs might have different meanings in different cultures.
  • Another important benefit is that you can put a lot of cognitive info in one-minute infographic videos.
  • In some cases infographics (especially 2D) are cheaper and faster to produce than a story with chars. 

An infographic video is a dynamic transfer of information. The social networks became more capricious. If you want to be at the top on Facebook, youtube etc, necessary dynamic by tendencies.
And infographic animated video production a little bit cheaper than a classic production in the studio because it doesn’t need actors, props, special lights etc.. 

An animated infographic is often used in many industries:

  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Sociology
  • Educational
  • Marketing
  • Statistics 
  • Environmental science
  • Tourism
  • Space
  • Psychology

Infographics shine because used for visualizing:

  • Time-series data
  • Statistics
  • Hierarchies
  • Networks

An infographic is a tool for communication. That means its use should be goals to communicate: palatially, clearly, and speed of understanding. The graphic forms data to grab easier and faster.

80% of people better memorize the information structed by the visual images better than any abstract. Thankful to the animation movement of data that looks alive.

The second important point – information, facts should have a logical connection to each other. 

The secret of the best-animated infographic video: if we turn off sound on the computer but you still understand this story, that means that the animated infographic is successful. It happens because all symbols and visualized images make a journey, they pass a story. It is all about the journey of data. It is about making the animation more creative. 

By the charmed symbolic and seemingly simple visualization lies a lot of developer works. A skill to create and realize icons and symbols so simple and clear is a considerable skill.

Wow-How studio believes in the power of animation video. It gives more opportunities to make alive any serious information. We`ve been making infographic video production for ten years. We make animation on any level. In Wow-How studio work a lot of specialists: from the creative department to the high-level producer department. Your company could choose an infographic video in any format. Keep in mind what goal you want to solve. You should just write it in the brief. And the creation of unique video content that helps solve your business task is our mission.