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Product Demo Video

What do you feel while watching an eye-catching overview of a new device just appeared in the market? Do you have a desire to buy it at that moment without any hesitation?

Statistics says that users who watched a demo video were 64% more likely to buy than those who watched a photo and a text description.

Product demo video is a sort of visual that introduces a product in the best way, demonstrates how it works and which top advantages it has. It can be used for any product/service from a straw to a car to help prospective customers clear up its value.

It is one of the most popular types of promos. A typical situation happens with anyone who faces a choice of different alternatives before buying a new something. What do they do to make a decision? Google for product videos.

Usually, demonstration videos last for 30 seconds to 1 minute. It’s enough to overview a product in action and point out all features the audience should know to make their decision about the purchase. A good product video should answer questions “How does it look?” “What is it for?” 

The idea and the essence of visual is “show instead of telling” and people love animated product demo videos for they are not complex, and give understanding of usage occasions, design, ergonomics and more! 

Animated product demo video service will help to describe different complex goods in simplistic terms. Moreover they used to demonstrate how your customers  can solve their pains with the best solution.

Product demo video production is in action when you need to give some detailed information:

  • how a product looks, its external characteristics
  • how a product works, its technical characteristics
  • main benefits of a product, special functions that can be surprising 
  • fields of product`s usage


Animated product videos are a powerful tool for your sales team too. Demonstration visuals can help to understand better what exactly managers should sell to potential customers. And as a result, this can increase your sales.  

With the help of 3D modeling, qualitative animation, nice music, dynamic transitions, and other video effects demos attract more attention to the product and allow your audience to look closer and get inside it, because it is a really important point to “feel” a product you can`t touch while you are shopping online.

Product demo videos are must have for:

  • latest offers appeared in the market, 
  • innovative devices, 
  • multifunctional products,
  • complex gadgets,
  • special-purpose products,
  • simple and useful things.

A common point of view tells that simple goods do not benefit much from product videos. Well, that’s not true! Using dynamic animation, bright colors and  music product video production company can make even the simplest things shine and attract customers. Can a cable demo video be entertaining? Is there a way to show straw in a fancy way? “Yes” and “Yes”! Check out our portfolio to find out how.

Companies from different industries use demo videos in various forms and for various purposes. Implementing a video demonstration to your marketing strategy can become your most cost-effective decision.

Many top worldwide retailers such Amazon use product videos in their stores. You can also add them to description pages on your site. If you have a wide assortment range it’s a really cool idea to place overviews on Youtube channel. Nowadays people always use Youtube to find such types of overviews. And of course, do not forget to share them on social media. Why not? People love product demos!

But it doesn’t mean that each video demonstration manages to succeed! Product demo video production requires an individual, creative approach to make content that stands out from competitors.If your visual content can’t stand out from others, then it won’t work effectively either for your brand recognition nor for your sales. 

Wow-How Studio are professionals in creating eye-catching, engaging product demo videos for any product using different technologies depending on your needs and ideas. We make product videos with love and creativity. 

And we have huge experience in showcase video production. Our client’s list includes hundreds of companies and startups Trustmaster, KabelDirect, LastSwab, Silarius, FinalStraw and others. 

With more and more shopping being done online, product demo videos are like this generation’s ‘try-before-you-buy’ – so it’s very important to have one. If you are interested in having it then drop us a line.