Crowdfunding Video

Nowadays, startups are more popular than ever. A lot of new useful products and services appear every day.

Crowdfunding is one of the most efficient methods to fund your projects in their beginning stages. To attract investors, you will surely need a cool and informative presentation to introduce your innovation in the best way. That’s what a crowdfunding video production is about. 

Crowdfunding video (also often called kickstarter video) is a kind of video presentation of an innovative project aimed at attracting investments from a wide audience. Unlike seeding or venture investments, crowdfunding does not provide investors with shares and acts as a donation or purchase of future service provisions with some discounts or unique extras for early buyers. 

Crowdfunding has proven to be very effective in IT, gadgets, game industry, starting a small production business.  

Kickstarter is the most famous crowdfunding platform, so such videos are often called kickstarter videos.  

It is not a secret that in the commercial sphere, visual content has a great sense. Namely, 92% of crowd donators and investors have to view a video presentation to choose a candidate which they are ready to give their money. That’s the core aim of having an excellent presentation. Moreover, eye-catching crowdfunding presentations increase brand awareness and demonstrate the  main benefits and features of your innovative product or service and attract new customers.


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A crowdfunding video specifics


At its core, crowdfunding or kickstarter videos are close to explainers. They present and explain the benefits of the project and tend to be 2-5 minutes long. However, as crowdfunding videos wish to have almost immediate donate action after viewing it, it uses advertising reels practices such as call-to-action usage, limited time offers promotion, and alike. 

As crowdfunding relies on relatively small transactions from many people, the visual should be suitable for a wide audience and visually appealing and informative at the same time. As crowdfunding encounters lots of fraud, the video should convey project benefits, describe how it works, and explain how exactly the gathered money would be spent, present the managing team, and do a lot of work raising trust.

Crowdfunding should maintain a balance between a commercial approach and a creative approach. Usually, kickstarter video production companies craft videos using a founder’s storytelling style with simple graphics. However, a necessity to entertain a wide audience and stand out from similar crowdfunding projects often require a more powerful visual impact.

Kickstarter video production plays a key role in the future of your innovation. It’s very important to make a smart, qualitative video that solves the following issues:

  • Provides a basic understanding of the project to stakeholders; 
  • Introduces main benefits of using product or service;
  • Increases attractiveness of projects for investors;
  • Includes information about commercial benefits;
  • Refers to more customers.

Wow-How Studio can help!


Wow-How Studio can become your kickstarter video production company. We believe in animation, combined with good storytelling. Videos we create often stand out from the others and are interesting to watch due to nice illustrations, animation, and effects. 

The kickstarter video production cost depends on your needs and the technologies you want to use.

We understand that startups usually don’t have much budget to spend, so we have solutions for a range of budgets. We always admire people who follow their dream!

Now, let’s talk about your project!