Crowdfunding Video Production Services

Our kickstarter video production services will help you grab your investors’ attention, build brand awareness, and raise funds more effectively.

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    Crowdfunding Video Styles

    2D Kickstarter Video

    Introduce your project to investors with a top-quality 2D video. Our dedicated team of 2D experts will present complex concepts concisely.

    3D Kickstarter Video

    Bring your story to life with 3D crowdfunding videos. With high-resolution scenes, realistic characters, and detailed graphics, you will communicate your ideas to investors more efficiently.

    What Makes a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch Video

    • Ideal Video LengthYou don’t have to bog down investors with too much technical stuff before persuading them to spend more time on your case. Limit your introductory video to three minutes.
    • Graphics and AnimationsTo attract more investors and raise funds, it’s crucial to compile numbers, statistics, and graphs into an engaging and eye-catching crowdfunding video. Our WOW team can help you visualize even the most complex ideas.
    • Concept DemonstrationWhatever you are trying to sell, show it! Your viewers have to see what your project is all about, what problems it can solve, and why they should invest their cash.
    • Powerful CTADon’t forget to use a clear CTA to drive users to action. Whether you want them to follow a certain link or share contact info, always make it clear what you are asking for.

    Crowdfunding Video Production Tips

    Show, Don’t Tell

    Show investors how your product works. Watching your crowdfunding video, everyone should understand your product’s idea within seconds.

    Storytelling Is Important

    Brighten your video with a story behind your product. Remember why you believe in this product and what motivates you, and our WOW team will handle the rest!

    Include Social Proof

    Nobody knows how to present your product better than its users and you. Let your customers tell investors how this product improves their lives!

    Make Your Video Look Unique

    From visual style development to sound design, our kickstarter video production services will enable you to showcase your idea and make your product stand out.

    Tell About Financial Projections

    To make financial projections understandable, our experts use motion graphics. Instead of just numbers, motion graphics will make your pitch more descriptive.

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    Why Wow-How Studio

    High Retention Rates

    Over 65% of customers stay with our Kickstarter video production company. With such a client base, we are always longing to reach new heights.

    Award-Winning Agency

    Wow-How Studio is recognized by such renowned platforms as Clutch and GoodFirms. We are proud of our reputation and strive for excellence.

    Exceptional Expertise

    Our team of seasoned experts follows the latest video production trends and can create projects of any complexity to help you lead your industry.

    Trusted by Experts

    Having Google, Sony, Grammarly, and Hallmark among our clients, we always deliver top-quality visual content to skyrocket your business.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Leah Grubb Director of Marketing

    Wow-How Studio created a promotional video for a reusable straw company. Their team used CAD files to render 3D animation for the project. They also provided storyboards and music.

    Xavier Cazes Chairman

    Wow-How Studio was able to successfully deliver the project. The client noted that the collaboration turned out to be fruitful. The team was responsive and professional throughout the engagement. Their communication and workflow were excellent.

    Talk to Us Today to Get Your Wow Сrowdfunding Video!

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    How much does a crowdfunding video cost?

    The final kickstarter video production cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of animation, sound effects, techniques and styles required, and the number of characters. The cost of each project is individual, but we can always help you create a video according to your budget and business goals.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How do you make a crowdfunding campaign video?

    To boost your chances of attracting more relevant investors, our experts start with analyzing your idea and defining the problem your project can solve. Then, it’s time to work on a script to highlight the most essential points of your pitch and tell potential investors about your project. Once the script is ready, our team creates a video to show your product’s advantages and how it works for users. We also equip your video with a powerful CTA to encourage investors to support your idea.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How long should a video for a crowdfunding campaign be?

    The ideal length of such a video is about 1-3 minutes. You don’t have too much time to impress investors, so it’s crucial to fill your pitch with your product’s core idea, the problems it solves, and its growth potential.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    Can I upload my kickstarter video on YouTube?

    You can upload your video on YouTube to drive more traffic, target potential customers and attract more investors. YouTube allows fundraisers to link their videos to their projects on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. We will help you create a WOW video that will keep people watching.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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