Whiteboard Video

All of you must have seen some whiteboard animation at certain points in your lives; such videos are widely used for educational and promotional purposes nowadays. A whiteboard explainer video has high educational potential:

  • Demonstration of software use peculiarities and process;
  • Illustration of new product features;
  • Language teaching;
  • Employee education on new organizational policies and procedures;
  • Educational presentations of textbook summaries and other materials.


Recently, animated whiteboard videos have also been introduced as effective tools for sales letter presentation and have become strong marketing tools for online and offline businesses. The success of whiteboard video among businesses and customers alike is explained by the fact that the process of watching how an illustration gradually materializes is hypnotic, involving user experience. Moreover, drawn images’ language is universal and as old as times, causing a response in all people regardless of their expertise, range of interests, and the language they speak.


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Our Approach to Making Whiteboard Animation


Our whiteboard animation company treats every project and assignment for your budgets, deadlines, and expectations. Upon receiving a whiteboard animation order, we initiate the project and conduct a detailed analysis of requirements to define the scope of work. Afterward, your creative project unwinds with:

  • A series of creative sessions for concept development and initial design solutions;
  • Task distribution and launch;
  • Execution of all project stages with the help of the agile approach and based on your feedback.


As a result of such a project completion approach, we keep the whiteboard animation services on top of competitors and exceed customers’ expectations with timely, professional execution and delivery. Work is continued until your acceptance and satisfaction with the product, which ushers project completion. However, this is not the end of our partnership; you can enjoy top-notch customer support at the project follow-up stage for all whiteboard animation video services.


Empower Your Sales Through Whiteboard Video Production


Research is unequivocal: in many business sectors, whiteboard videos are outperforming long-form sales letters and VSLs in sales promotion and conversion. Interesting, right? Why not use this new tool for your business growth and development? That may be exactly what your audience needs – an easily comprehensible, involving, educational approach that brings your products and services closer and uses universal means of expression understandable for all categories of users and visitors.

In the conditions of rising video popularity in all sectors of education, business, promotion, and marketing, whiteboard videos may be instrumental in your organic message delivery and visualizing your products, services, and message to the customers. Moreover, your video materials placed online become easily uploaded, broadcast, or shared, thus bringing your product closer to the users. At present, you can use numerous variants of boosting your company’s image, recognition, and reputation with the skilled crafting of whiteboard manuals:

  • As your company’s presentation on your front page;
  • As a user-friendly product or service description;
  • As a source of insider information about industry trends and your company’s news;
  • As a medium involving infographics;
  • As an online education or training resource.


Experiment with styles and approaches to make your whiteboard videos interesting, modern, and appealing to the audience. With Wow-How whiteboard animation video production services, you can bring your visual appeal to a fundamentally new level and tap the potential of currently popular business promotion trends without extra costs and trouble.

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