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No one reads manuals and instructions nowadays. A few people read long texts on the internet about how to use some product, but it is really rare. People especially value their personal time. So, that is why when they need to know about some device or how to succeed in a certain skill, they look it up on Youtube or Instagram. That is why it became a genre of How-to video production in the digital industry. This type of video helps viewers to find answers to their questions.

How-to videos are a genre of short videos where clearly and visibly provide guides on how to use something. This training video production company has a very rational application – to train the user how to handle it. Such kinds of video are also often called tutorial video production. 

It is essential in this video to speak in simple words about complex processes. The speaker explains clearly and step-by-step how to work with the device or an app. After watching this How-to video production, a viewer should have a clear understanding of how it works. It is a good idea for complex devices or apps to split the tutorial into a series of How-to videos, each dedicated to a particular feature.

Tutorial video production should be structured and use a step-by-step visual method of explanation.


In this genre, we often deal with two types of digital video production:

  1. Telling about how to learn a new skill. For example, how to do evening makeup.
  2. Telling how to use a particular technology and innovation. An instruction to apply.

The application of How-to videos is really wide – from app tutorials to an actor’s tricks for crying. 

Most How-to videos are live shot, simplest and cheapest are often filmed with home cameras or even phones and use a speaker or a narrator that talks about the stuff. More sophisticated “How-to” uses in-studio filming to make the object shine at its best.


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Social media networks have trained users to short instructional video production. Nowadays, they last up to four minutes. It would help if you showed all the benefits and mechanics of your invention in a short time: what is inside, how does it work, what users don’t have to do with it. It is a difficult and interesting task for developers. That is why you should be a little bit creative.

Many companies and startups turn to animated How-to videos for their apps and devices, as tutorial animated video has several advantages.


For devices and gadgets as: 

  • 3D visualization often looks solid and allows different visual effects to be used to make the product look in all seriousness expensive, while self-made shooting often simplifies and makes the product look cheaper;
  • Once the 3D model of the device is made, it can be used for numerous videos, making them cheaper to produce;
  • It allows showing what’s inside, under the shell, without breaking real devices. Showing what happens besides the curtain adds credibility and helps to understand the product better.     


For apps tutorial animated videos How-to:

  • are really cost-effective as they work with screencasts or UI items animation that is relatively easy to produce;
  • allow to focus and highlight crucially important parts with additional pausing, speeding up, effective underlining, or slowing important parts – that is hard to achieve with live shooting;
  • are perfect for adding infographics, important notes, and other additional data and look consistent and holistic.


How-to video production goals show how the product works and inspire people to buy it or help the users who purchased to use the product appropriately.

Wow-How Studio is a studio that creates cool and bright animation and post-production. We have created a variety of How-to videos, from purely 3D animation based to mixed live video and motion graphics How-to’s for:

  • Applications and SaaSes;
  • Blockchain-based services and products;
  • Gadgets and devices;
  • Industrial machinery and  professional equipment;
  • Bloggers video tutorials. 


Instructional video production costs can be different, and it depends on the idea, technique that will be used in the roll, and time content. Our agency uses an individual approach to each task. It doesn’t matter how complicated your product or service, we will help create an easy to get and good-looking video on how to use it.

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