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Demonstrate to customers how to use your solutions and spark growth with gripping how-to videos. Give us any complex subject, and we will turn it into an engaging tutorial!

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    How-to Video Styles

    2D Instructional Video

    With 2D short video tutorials, learning can be inspiring and exciting! Our dedicated team of 2D experts conveys complex messages in a fun and accessible way.

    3D Tutorial Video

    Show your customers the core benefits of your solutions and how to use them with appealing animated video tutorials. Don’t miss out on a chance to gain a competitive edge

    Why Your Company Needs a How-to Video

    • Boost Your Retention RateSimplify complex concepts and wrap them in a gripping narrative. Videos will help you increase audience retention up to 80%!
    • Make Learning ConvenientOffer customers a text of 500 words, and they will only read 20% of it. Make learning fun and engaging with short video tutorials.
    • Enhance Conversion RatesVisual content will help you make a lasting impression and generate revenue. A top-quality video on a landing page will boost conversions by 80%!
    • Grab Customers’ AttentionThe users’ attention span is just 8 seconds, so you don’t have much time to showcase your solution. Hook your audience with a WOW how-to video.

    How-to Video Use Cases

    Corporate Training Videos

    Train new employees, provide instructions on technical procedures, and explain to your team how to use a new tool with short video tutorials.

    How-to Videos for Outreach

    Use interactive how-to videos to reach a wider audience. Present a problem relevant to your prospects and a way to resolve it with your products or services.

    Educational Videos for Students

    Make it easier to digest the information presented. Story-driven educational videos will help visualize the material and commit it to memory.

    Instructional Videos to Show Your Solutions

    Product tutorials are a fantastic tool to introduce new solutions and teach customers how to use them properly. It’s also a great way to show your products’ real-life benefits.

    Taste of Our Work

    Why Wow-How Studio

    Seasoned Experts

    With expertise in tutorial video production, our team handles projects of any complexity. Whether you have an ambitious startup idea or run a large corporation, we will help you thrive.

    Award-Winning Agency

    Wow-How Studio has been recognized by GoodFirms and Clutch as the leading company on the market. Join our happy clients to create outstanding how-to videos and make your business shine.

    Rich Portfolio

    In our portfolio, you can find cases that meet various business goals. From healthcare to e-commerce, our tutorial videos convey the right messages for everyone.

    Flexible Cooperation

    With our hassle-free cooperation, we will keep you up to date with every project stage. You will be able to request for any changes and improvements to make your product tutorial stand out.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Kelly Finnerty Director of Brand and Content

    The internal stakeholders loved and were impressed with the final outputs. Thanks to Wow-How Studio's effort, the videos managed to hit 60k views on the client's YouTube channel. The team provided effective and easy communication throughout the project. They adapted to feedback easily.

    Creative Director

    Wow-How Studio delivered a product that was well-received by the client's team. Their workflow was highly effective — the team was professional and efficient up until the product was handed over to the end customer. The client commends them for their skillful leveraging of communication tools.

    Talk to Us Today to Get Your Wow How-to Video!

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    How much does it cost to make a short video tutorial?

    The final price varies according to your video’s length, style, sound effects, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and the number of characters you require. The average price for a 1-minute 2D how-to video is about $4000. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you get an accurate estimation of your project’s time frames and rates.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    What’s the ideal length of a how-to video?

    Depending on your industry, subject, and target viewers, the length of an instructional video can range from 60 seconds to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that longer videos have to be engaging and informative to make users keep watching. We will help you choose the perfect length for your video according to your requirements and business goals.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How to make a video tutorial for YouTube?

    We start with researching your target viewers and defining the sales funnel stage they are at. Then, it’s important to decide on a product video type that aligns with your business goals. According to the video type you require, we choose the right animation style, length, and sound effects for your content. Now, it’s time to upload your how-to video on YouTube. Viewers are more likely to watch longer videos on this platform, so you can make your tutorials more informative and detailed.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

    How do you make animated instructional videos engaging?

    We apply the most effective tutorial video production practices to engage your viewers and persuade them to interact with your company. Our team will help you set smart business goals to make the most of your content (boost brand awareness, showcase the product, or explain its main features). Depending on your goals and target viewers, we will create a compelling script and a storyboard for your video. Our experts will equip your tutorial with a straightforward CTA, understandable data, voiceover, and music to capture your audience’s attention.


    Animation Expert at Wow-How Studio

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