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Educational video production is a genre of content that has a goal to teach, to give some knowledge of a specific topic. This type of video is longer than explainers, with a duration that can vary from five minutes to an hour, but most often tend to have 5-10 minutes long.

Learning video production is used in schools and universities by governmental and public organizations. Businesses tend to use educational videos in staff training, HR activities such as onboarding and building a knowledge base. The professional training video is bread and butter for companies that provide training services, especially online.

Let’s recall school classes, college, or university lectures where educational material was given in a monotonous way with few illustrations or slides. So, sometimes it was too complicated to follow and sometimes just boring.

Even with a PowerPoint presentation, there is no guarantee that you will get the full attention of your audience. Preparation of presentation always takes time. Still, sometimes it’s doomed to fail because it is boring. If you want your audience to become involved listeners, you should be creative and progressive. Educational video empowered by animation means is the best way to achieve that.

What can be more interesting than animated characters? And what about animated learning production that teaches something new.



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Why is educational video important?


We can describe complex topics with easy to understand language. It is very important to do the video in the storytelling genre to catch the viewer’s attention and entertain them while studying. We see our goal in creating inspiring lessons in the visual art form, no matter its ancient Greek legends or a lesson on currency trading essentials.

Organizing a library of training video production in digital format is very useful for companies because it can be used for years, substituting many personal training sessions. This approach is savvy in an economic sense. Training video production is a useful tool for training staff or educating students who live in different cities. The quality of the learning process is maintained.


Educational video is perfect for


Educational institutions and different businesses can use this kind of video perfectly for teaching:

  • for colleges/universities/schools;
  • for governmental organizations;
  • for public organizations;
  • for courses/training;
  • for corporate universities and HR activities.


Educational video specifics


Due to educational content duration, they are almost never used for communication purposes and never brought to the website. It requires proper, library-style organization and navigation to be effectively used online.

Being a mix of entertainment and learning videos should maintain balance not to become boring, especially when done for kids, and not to become the one that drags attention out of the important things studying.

The result of a good educational video is when the viewer is inspired and dives deeper into a given topic.


Creating an educational video with Wow-How Studio


Days when video production was available only to big brands are long gone! Today Educational video production services are available for small schools and colleges and even personal trainers. Depending on the topic complexity and budget availability, we propose a variety of techniques suitable for educational video production like:

Screencasts accompanied by the narrator’s voice-over and sound effects suit well for corporate portals, cybersports training videos, digital drawing lessons, and alike.

The animated infographic technique is perfect for using statistical data, describing various processes flow, or highlighting dependencies.

Material suitable for storytelling can be presented in the form of a short cartoon film with characters. The animation style and complexity can vary from whiteboard to a fancy classic frame-by-frame animation or even all 3D. Social sciences and arts are just made for this kind of art.

A virtual reality walkthrough is a great way to involve and entertain students’ experiences.

Finally, a mix of different techniques of animation can enhance students’ experience.


We love educational videos. This format gives us more opportunities to express our animation and storytelling skills; also, we often feel like to be a part of something bigger while creating training video production.

Our creative studio has professional scriptwriters who can turn a boring topic into an animated blockbuster and designers and animators capable of creating cute characters for both cryptocurrencies and cotton fibers. We use different techniques because we choose an individual approach to each company. We provide educational video production services on a high level. Our main goal is to create content that completely immerses the viewer in the proposed theme. 

Wow-How created many educational and training videos for different organizations like TED-ed, Sony, Oetinger Davidoff, ILT, Amnesty International, and others. 

We are creating a training video production company with extensive experience.

It means that we have a great experience as a learning video production company and have developed an abroad outlook in the visual sense. We are always glad to interact with the client who opens something new for us, challenges us. Our training video production company will create characters special for each brand.

We recommend using content with animation. Studying that uses entertainment elements will be more memorable.

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