How to Create a Perfect Animated Ad

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The art of advertisement has no limits, especially when it comes to advertising with video. There are a lot of creative animation ideas you can realize, perfectly showcasing the benefits of the products, tailoring your ad to the sales funnel stage and business goal, plus reusing your video across different marketing channels again and again. 

Let’s find out how to create a product advertisement using the power of animation and get inspired by some outstanding animated ads examples.


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The Benefits of Animation for Advertisement

Below are just some of the benefits of animated video advertising, reinforced by facts and statistics. 


Know more about The Benefits of Animation for Advertisement


  • Animated ads are popular and expected by modern users. According to the research, 54% of customers would like brands to create more video content. So, the advertisement of a product with the help of video is one of the few content types the users are ready to respond to. 
  • Short videos are engaging. On average, videos of up to two minutes in length drive the most engagement. This is both the benefit and the hint you don’t have to create a too-long advertisement, paying extra for it, and keeping your commercials short and capacious is one of the ways to make it work. 
  • Video product advertisements are good for increasing brand awareness. Nearly 50% of customers look for branded product videos before deciding to buy them. 
  • When done right, animated advertising illustrations are conversion driving. 64% of customers admitted they had made a purchase after watching a video about products or services.
  • There are a lot of advertisement video types and creative ideas for an animated illustration ad you can realize. Product promo and demo videos are the most popular advertisement examples in 2021 and beyond. 


What Makes Conversion-Driving Animated Commercials

There are a lot of video examples of advertisements but not all of them can reach their goal and appeal to the audience. Here is what makes animated commercials outstanding and conversion-driving. 



  • Compelling visuals. The first impression the users get is always visual so making the highest bet on their quality and brand identity alignment makes the most sense. 
  • The right sales funnel stage. There are several types of videos you can create, but each of them should always be tailored to the sales funnel stage to move the viewers from its top to the bottom. 
  • The right marketing channel. The marketing channel you use is important for your future video performance. It is also decisive for choosing the perfect video length. For example, longer videos, like tutorials, are better suitable for YouTube while short promos perform well on social media
  • Storytelling.  Storytelling elements are especially important for cartoon commercials. Regardless of the age, the users expect to hear an engaging story behind the ad, and some of the advertising cartoon examples are actually touching and heart-breaking. 
  • Strong CTA. A clear, compelling, and encouraging call to action is the must-have element of an effective animated ad. Its goal is simple – driving the viewers towards the target action, so think about it in advance to better match your video with your business goal and the sales funnel stage. 


How to Make Perfect Animated Advertising Reels 

Let’s create a compelling video advertisement together – here is how to do it step by step. 


1. Consider your target audience and the sales funnel stage

The first step, to begin with, is taking one more look at your target audience, the specific of their perception, and the sales funnel stage they are at. For example, a younger target audience engages well with TikTop and Snapchat videos (keep it in mind when deciding on the ad’s length), while an older generation of users is more likely to watch longer videos, digging deeply into their meaning. 

As for the sales funnel stage, it is decisive for suggesting the right type of product or service video ad. 


2. Decide on a product video type

Below are the product ad types to choose from already matched with the sales funnel stage. 

  • Promotional Ad. A short promotional video is a good choice for the stage of awareness since the viewers aren’t ready to watch a video for a long time. At first, they need to get the first impression of the brand and its products and services – this is the core goal promotional videos are created for. 
  • Product demo. A product demo is suitable for the awareness to consideration of sales funnel stages. Once, the users are more interested and are ready to find out more about the product. 
  • Explainer Ad. An explainer video can be used at the consideration stage of the sales funnel since it allows the users to fully discover the ultimate idea behind the subject matter and make sure it can solve their problem in the most effective way. 
  • Product tutorial. This type of educational product ad matches the post-purchase sales funnel stage to help the customers discover the best use cases of the product. 
  • Kickstarter video. A Kickstarter video is a specific type since it has the features of all the types above. What’s more, its goal is to attract investments so the task of this video is to guide potential investors from the awareness to the purchase stages in a few minutes. 


3. Choose the right animation type

Depending on the specifics of the subject and the ad type you have chosen in the previous step, now you are welcome to choose the right animation style. For example, most product video ads are created with 2D or 3D. Both of the technologies are powerful enough to make your ad reach its goal. 

2D is better suitable for cartoon advertisements. This technology is used for creating promo, explainers, and Kickstarter videos. 3D, in turn, is more suitable for making a product demo in case you have to showcase the product from all angles. 

But despite the slightly different use cases, the creative ideas you can suggest and realize with both 2D and 3D is unlimited, so you are welcome to harness the power of animation to create an outstanding advertisement as possible 


4. Tailor your video to a specific platform

Each of the marketing channels you can use to promote your video has its specifics, especially when it comes to the user behavior patterns and the length of the video they are ready to consume. For instance, the viewers are ready to engage with YouTube videos for longer – and YouTube allows for publishing long videos as well.

But when it comes to other social platforms, it is better to keep your advertising reel video shorter and create separate versions of the ad for each of the social channels you plan to use. 

Also, don’t forget to track your video ad engagement and performance by analyzing the social factors (comments, likes, shares), average watching time, and conversion rate for each of the platforms. 


Animated Ads Examples Created by Wow-How

Below are some of the animated advertisement examples created by our studio. You are welcome to watch them, grab some creative ideas, and get inspired to make your commercial video as well. 



Hily is an application on the verge of online dating and social media that comes with all the features the modern users need to meet each other, communicate and enjoy the time with the app. 

The YouTube ad example we have created for this company uses the best practices of 2D and motion graphics to better showcase the features of the application and live shooting elements to evoke emotional response among the potential users.


Kabel Direkt

We have advertised this innovative product using 3D to demonstrate it as close to real-life as possible, following a futuristic style to enhance the impression of innovation, plus live shooting to make this animated ad emotion-driving. 

The video is supported with a clear voice-over to better explain the features of the product along with the benefits it delivers. 


Kalorik Robot Vacuum

The goal of this advertising cartoon is to show a new vacuum cleaner in action. We decided to use the best practices of 3D to create a close-to-real-life environment and show how the product does its job in different conditions. The advertising example has no voiceover but comes with dynamic music and compelling visuals.


Sync Monkey

This is a product explainer video that shows the way SyncMoney helps remote workers with their everyday tasks. The video uses a mix of 2D and live shooting to combine animated visuals with real people and use cases. 

Being supported with a voiceover, the video creates a complete impression of the product and explains all the essential features of the application. 


Final Words – Leverage the Power of Animated Ads

The power of animated advertising is actually great – and the businesses that are using video ads as a part of their marketing strategy get impressive results in the long run. What’s more, 52% of them prefer collaborating with a professional animation studio to leverage their experience, skills, and creativity when making video animations. You are also welcome to follow this tactic and advertise your product with our strong tech and creative support. 

Reach out to us right now to discuss the animation ideas and make a market-disruptive product video ad! 




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