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Two simple quality criteria to check the effectiveness of your promo video

The crisis has forced many companies to rethink their marketing strategy. According to the latest Harvard Business Review, audience behavior has changed dramatically. Consumers returned to broadcast and cable television and other premium media sources for credible information. It is very important to understand that now consumers are seeking more in the way of escapism and entertainment — downloading gaming apps, spending even more time on social media, and streaming more movies and scripted programming. 

Having such popularity among the audience entertainment platforms dictate new advertising rules when users can easily skip your video if they don’t like it. That is why Wow-How Studio team has formulated two simple criteria that many companies miss in creating a promotional video or an ad. These criteria are important as they affect the performance of the video, attract the attention of the viewer, which increases the likelihood of watching the video to the end. So let’s figure them out right now!

Promo video should be understandable without any voice over

The logic of this is simple, a survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile. Research agencies testing TV ads for decades also point that voice explanation can rarely help reels that have problems with the plot.

So don’t think that abstract shapes and shapeless objects in the video can potentially sell your product or service better than understandable things. Sometimes marketing managers make up the terms of reference to make an over-creative video. Such videos can attract attention, but after viewing the consumer may not fully understand WHAT you are doing, WHY they need to choose you, and HOW  a product or service will improve their life. Such reels work well for well-known consumer brands such as Apple or Coca-Сola or used in cases when communication goals are set to brand awareness solely (though cost-effectiveness of such strategy is at least doubtful).

If your video’s main message can be expressed visually (as can be done for products promo video), voiceovers may not be needed at all. Social media Ads videos also don’t need to be with voice over, because the majority of the videos are played on mute. But the general rule should be the same – the main message must be understandable without additional audio explanation.

Lack of good branding 

Good brand recognition is achieved by good integration of the brand into the plot not by putting brand identity elements everywhere in the video. It’s a common case, when managers seeing poor brand recognition in the video try to resolve this issue superficially by adding their logo a couple of times more. But let’s be honest with each other, even if you show your logo several times, it will not affect customer’s perception that much. If there is poor differentiation and the brand is not an essential part of the reels. To fulfill this criterion you need to integrate your brand into the plot of your promo video.

So if you have doubts that your promotional videos meet these criteria, you should introduce them now. New audience behavior is forcing companies to rethink their marketing strategy and this is natural nowadays. To be competitive is to be able to adapt to new circumstances. Wow-How Studio are professionals in promo video production. Our specialists pay attention to all details, we always ask our customers to fill out a brief about the target audience of the promotional video and the goal that the client wants to achieve. 

This information gives us a better understanding of the client and the semantic component of the video. Thus, as a result we get a quality promotional video that attracts the attention of the audience. 

Contact Wow-How Studio to visualize your ideas with professionals!   

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