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It is not a secret to anyone that funny, memorable game characters play a decisive role in the game’s popularity and affect the users’ desire to continue playing that game. Therefore, game characters design is so important for the commercial success of a game; characters should be appealing, realistic, amusing, and emotionally connecting with the players. Making such characters alive is the task of WOW-HOW game art design experts – turning to us with the project of character design for video games, you will surely get full satisfaction with the process and outcomes of our collaboration.

GAME CHARACTERS DESIGN | WOW-HOWWhy Order Game Characters Design?

Art-driven character design is a fantastic field with no boundaries to creativity; this is the major driving force behind realistic, rich game characters design. While simpler games usually don’t rely much on the story behind them and their emphasis is made on the visual component, art-driven games are strongly narrative. Which type of a game do you have? Select characters correspondingly. Our experts will help you clarify your needs and requirements, and tailor the characters to the customized style and concept of your game.


What to Expect from WOW-HOW Services?

Game design is getting ever more sophisticated nowadays, with millions of people playing games online and the gaming industry becoming a multi-billion lucrative business. Are you one of those wishing to tap the potential of gaming market and gain its fair share with an appealing game? WOW-HOW Studio can help you with this – we offer impeccable solutions for all types, styles, and genres of contemporary gaming. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to:

All these steps are taken in close collaboration with you and with strict compliance with your expectations, requirements, and needs. Due to the agile approach to WOW-HOW game character design process as well as all other business processes in our studio, we apply the iterative process of completing every stage of the project with maximum customer satisfaction and ultimate confirmation, and proceed to the next stage of production only after the previous stage is entirely confirmed and likeable.

Our Creative Process: From Concepting to Design

We are equally good at producing RPG characters (fighting men, magic users, fantasy beasts, clerics, thieves), animal-like characters, cartoonish creatures, and many more – any style of your game will be enriched with our creative artists’ fantasies embodied in sketches and finally getting shape in animation. WOW-HOW Studio’s artists perform the design of your characters in concepting stages:

  1. Research. This phase involves collection of as much information about the future character as possible.
  2. Preparation. This stage includes sorting out data obtained during research into a style sheet, compilation of biography tables for each image, and detailing the style sheet by adding clothing, hairstyle, makeup, etc.
  3. Design. This is the final stage at which the actual drawing starts. Here, we take care of maintaining a strong visual style for all characters, making sure there is enough contrast between different game characters, adding some asymmetry to characters, preserving proportion, and adding colors to the ready sketches.


With professionalism and over a decade of expertise at WOW-HOW Studio, you can rest assured that your characters will be lively and realistic, unique and memorable, and causing a quick emotional response from your gamers. Be it a 3D or 2D game character design, we invest maximum effort and dedication to initial research, development of characters’ style and features, and the ultimate development of powerful, catchy animation.