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Comics became extremely best-selling nowadays, why is it so? Comics combine the best literature and graphic design features because they represent both forms simultaneously: graphic and verbal ones. Somebody may think that these illustrated stories are the present-day entertainment, but the very first comic superheroes such as, for example, Captain America by Marvel, firstly appeared during the World War II and the aim of this graphic novel was to raise people’s patriotic spirit. This example, as well as many others, shows that comics design can have a great captivating power, which is able to attract readers’ attention to some problems.

Some contemporary popular comics become the basis of famous Hollywood blockbusters, for instance, “The Avengers” by Marvel or “The Dark Knight Rises” by DC Comics. The severe confrontation between these two biggest publishers, especially in the film production industry, is also known to many people.

Actual comics design industry even gave birth to several festivals such as the American “San-Diego Comic-Con International” or French “Angouleme International Comics Festival.” These events are known all over the world and were firstly planned as comics exhibitions and meetings for comic book designers.


It is not surprising that comics design is very respected in the modern society because graphic novels can give a wide creative space for many writers and graphic designers who want to express themselves effectively, to share their thoughts and feelings with a large number of people worldwide, and to attract readers’ attention to significant problems.


Comics Design by WOW HOW Studio

WOW HOW Studio is a collaboration of graphic and digital designers, visual artists, video producers, animators, and other experts who are working together to visualize your wishes because ‘seeing is believing’. So, if you have an idea for comic book design, turn to our company, and we will find a comic book designer among the members of our team. A comic book graphic design is a very difficult and sometimes even monotonous business, so it’s quite natural to delegate this task to outsource professionals. If you are a professional writer and have already crafted the idea and the plot of your first graphic novel, but you are not so good at painting, you need comic book artists for hire and the WOW HOW team will be glad to help you. We can cooperate with talented writers to embody their ideas because the most popular superheroes such as the above-mentioned Captain America may have two authors: the writer who tells the story and the artist who creates the characters and provides comic book design.

Comics may also be a very nice and extraordinary present; thus, if you want to please your child or close friend, we may provide services of our writers and artists as the comics studio and create your personal comics about you, your family, and friends on your request. So, if you are looking for the unusual present or have always dreamt of becoming the main character of a graphic novel, saving the world from villains, choose us because we may visualize your dreams!