Do Animated Websites Convert More Leads? Real Statistics

Author: Bob Oct 05, 2022 10 min read

Nowadays, competition in the market is greater than ever before. Because of this, a simple quality product is no longer enough to succeed. So, the marketing competition comes on the stage.


A solid website is a foundation for building a strong promotional strategy. As a marketing tool, a website can guarantee effective lead generation, raise conversion rates and significantly change the number of your sales. But how can we make it more fruitful?


In the article, we explain why applying website animation is the future of web development. Find out how to use it correctly and discover some practical statistics. 


Take advantage of website animations and always stay one step ahead of the competition


How Do Businesses Use Website Animations?

Creating an interactive animation website may seem difficult unless you know how to apply it correctly. If everything is done well, you’ll be able to create an emotional bond between the user and your business, evoke robust associations, focus viewers’ attention, and push them to take target actions. Below, you’ll learn how most businesses use website animation effects.


  • To welcome visitors to the homepage. Homepage animation is one of the most widely used types of animation. It allows companies to welcome new visitors, explain their values, share marketing messages and provide information that all leads need to know during their awareness stage. With this strategy, businesses make data easier to perceive and remember because most people understand visual messages much better than textual ones.

  • To explain how the product works. Webpage animations are ideal for showing the product’s features and how it can help your customers in a fast and simple way. Viewers may find reading an explainer text too time-consuming, while animated video allows you to describe things in a digestible way. Moreover, you can highlight your expertise by clarifying complex things to even the most uninformed customers. 

  • To tell users about the company. The ‘About us’ page is also suitable for placing animations. Here you can build trust with your potential clients by revealing more facts about the brand, its achievements, traditions and the team behind the product. Building a strong brand image is vital, and crafting a strong brand image by applying animations for websites is easy.

  • To increase ROI. Websites with animations are a powerful marketing tool. They look trustworthy and make a good impression on the target audience. Consequently, people gain positive experiences when interacting with your brand and are more likely to purchase your products. This has a direct impact on the return on your investments and the overall business profit.

  • To stand out from the competition. We cannot deny that most markets are now oversaturated. However, you can still find your clients by applying cutting-edge promotional strategies. One of the indisputable benefits of animation is that it helps stand out from the crowd and bring a fresh new look to familiar products. Additionally, it can become viral and attract more potential customers to your company.


Now you understand how to implement animations on your websites and landing pages to influence business growth crucially. Continue reading to find out what aspects of your business you can improve by applying this marketing tool.


The Role and Benefits of Animation on Websites

According to Precedence Research, the global animation market size is predicted to reach over USD 587.1 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.2% during 2022-2030. There are plenty of website animation examples that have helped business owners boost their companies. But what factors make them so effective, and what do you need to focus on if you want to reap all the benefits of web animation? These are the questions we’ll answer below.

  • Emotional Bond And Empathy

Most people feel attracted to the content that tells stories. You can establish an emotional connection by using touching music, depicting cute characters, and conveying messages that align with your audience’s values. Good storytelling should have a strong moral that’s clearly outlined in your animations.


One more vital thing to consider when creating drawing animation websites is that the content should be relevant to your consumers’ lives. You can learn customers’ pains and needs, analyze their buyer journeys and come up with solutions to their problems. This will make people empathetic to your brand and show that you’re on the same wavelength as them.

  • Improved SEO

According to SEO rules, the more time consumers spend on the website, the higher it ranks in search engines. We recommend adding animations to your blog posts, service pages and case studies to better cover the topic and keep viewers engaged. People will watch them and stay longer on your web pages, which will positively impact your SEO and help you generate more traffic.


Remember that it is critical to optimize website animations for search engines to make them easy to find and attract more visitors. Always include keywords in your titles and meta descriptions. Furthermore, you should compress the animations, because the page loading time is another crucial factor for search engine ranking. 

  • 2 Ways Of Information Delivery: Verbal And Visual

One more reason to create animation for a website is that people perceive your messages much better this way. You can deliver information through verbal and visual channels at once. This allows you to make content more interactive and explain complex concepts faster.


Here are a few things you should keep in mind when crafting an animation page. Firstly, sound and motion should look interdependently and convey the same idea. Secondly, your animation shouldn’t be too chaotic. Make transitions between footage smooth and evoke the same emotion through different channels. For example, if you’re telling viewers something funny, adding sad music is a bad idea.

  • Make Content Entertaining 

The last but not the least thing to consider when developing a motion design website. Creating animations lets you increase the retention rate of the audience and better engage people. What’s more, this allows businesses to add branding elements to different formats and raise brand awareness.


So, how not to make the mistake when creating flash animation for a website? This way, you can make transitions between pages smoother. Long loading times irritate users and cause a sharp rise in bounce rates. Animations can engage visitors and shift their focus on the actions while the page is opened. You can also use them to draw viewers’ attention to certain details and optimize the user experience by guiding them through the website. 


Why Do Customers Like Animations More Than Text And Images?

Animated websites are getting more and more popular over the years. However, if you still want to replace this format with a combination of text and images, it may negatively influence your performance. Let’s learn why an animated format is much more effective.


  • It is easier to perceive. People hardly understand explanations of complex technical things by reading texts and looking at a few images that can’t depict the whole process. So, using website animations is a great idea to show the creation and usage of your product step by step. But, even if you don’t describe complicated things, captivating storytelling makes facts more memorable. 


  • It appeals to several senses at once. Animation engages people both visually and auditory, which means that they are less likely to be distracted. Besides, this format makes your content applicable to a bigger percentage of the audience because people with various learning styles will be interested in it.


  • It better covers buyers’ pains and needs. Website animations allow you to create a more holistic image of the problems your audience has. You can apply gripping storytelling to depict how your products help consumers solve them. Delivering value, conveying marketing messages and providing feedback from existing clients are also much easier by using websites with animations


Beneficial Feature: Animated Videos Are Timeless

And finally, but yet importantly. Website animations are timeless and can support a company’s marketing objectives for years to come. 


Why is it so? Firstly, because they can leave a memorable impression. There are many brands’ animations that became viral and customers remember them over the years. You can use a strong moral, add a catchy song, or cover an important social issue. All these ways allow businesses to make people speak about their animations to raise brand awareness and attract new clients by word of mouth.


Secondly, animation in website design is easier to alter. You don’t need to reshoot a piece of content every time something changes. A studio you work with can simply replace some scenes or create new ones if you want to change the price or add a beneficial feature. Rather cost-effective!


Congrats, you understand the enormous benefits of animation. Wow-How Studio is always ready to help you skyrocket your company’s performance with stunning motion graphics. Contact us to discuss all the details! Now, let’s move on to customer retention examples you need to consider when developing your website.


What About Statistics?

If all the previous features and benefits don’t sound convincing to you  we’ll prove the effectiveness of good animation websites by providing insights from well-known and credible sources. Discover customer behavior statistics and examples below.


Customer retention

  • On average, consumers spend 88% more time on websites with video than without.
  • 33% of viewers stop watching the video that doesn’t hook them after the first 30 seconds, and 45% — after one minute.
  • The average drop rate is roughly 6% every second after clicking ‘Play’.


Conversion rates

  • 64% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
  • 81% of marketers state that videos help them increase sales.
  • The autoplay video page receives an 86% increase in conversion while adding video to landing pages can increase conversion by over 80%.
  • A 1-2 minute website animation can generate up to 70% more sales than just a text. 

These are only a few of the impressive stats you need to consider when choosing between placing an image or animation in website design. Keep all the features in mind and get in touch with professionals to craft converting animated videos without your effort.


Create an animated video your customers will fall in love with!


Wrapping Up

An impressive rise in worldwide animation demand proves the effectiveness of this marketing tool. And, according to global trends, its popularity will keep growing. Over the years, more and more companies will use website animations to generate more leads, convert them into clients and retain them with ease. Stay up-to-date and raise your profits with Wow-How Studio’s insights and services.


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