Infographic Video: Tips On How To Make Complicated Data Clear To Comprehend

Author: Bob May 23, 2022 7 min read

No one likes a laundry list of raw data and numbers. In fact, it’s boring to look at. If you’re using it to grab your audience’s attention, that’s bad news for you and your conversion rates. There’s a way out: put the data and stats into infographic videos and incorporate storytelling.

It’s only in the last few years that the world of video content has skyrocketed and become an important part of visual communication. At the time, Instagram was revolutionary, and everyone was obsessed with sharing photos of their lives. But later, with the advent of TikTok, everything changed in favor of video content.

So, if you want to share data, especially numbers-based, you should consider an infographic video.


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Why Does Infographic Work The Best With Video?

Why are infographic videos so effective? Well, the answer is their engaging format that makes information easy to understand. Video infographics are effortless to digest: they kill two birds with one stone: they present data in a catchy way, and they hold attention. As an outcome, you get memorable content that inspires the audience to act. 


With a wall of numbers, it’s easy to get lost in them, but so difficult to explain them to others. With a video infographic, you can walk the audience through all the data piece by piece in the form of an entertaining journey, creating a bigger picture. 



One of the best examples is the Training the Monkey Mind video from Headspace, the meditation app. The power of visual content is supported by more than 18 million views.


Visual content is superior to static content, but creating a good infographic video isn’t easy. It requires a lot of research, time, and creativity. 


We’ll show you how to create a successful infographic video in 6 easy steps.


Workable Tips On How To Create Infographic Video?



  • Gather and organize the data

Define what you want to accomplish with your infographic video. If there’s no goal, the video may end up fuzzy, which is hard to target. So, before you create your infographic video, figure out what you want: 

  • To increase traffic to your website
  • To increase engagement on social media
  • To enhance your brand
  • To convert prospects into customers, etc.

Creating an effective infographic data visualization can be a difficult task. To do it well, you need to gather information thoroughly. Make sure it’s reliable so as not to mislead your viewers. Since Internet sources often misinterpret statistics and quotes, you should check them thoroughly and try to find the original source. Also, be careful when adding statistics to your infographic video. They shouldn’t be older than 5 years. 

Keep in mind the motivations and interests of your target audience. This will help you maximize the impact of your video. If you’re not sure what your audience’s pain points are, you can use the “five whys” technique. 


  • Select the right charts to highlight the information

It’s convenient to present important statistics with the help of charts. Different types of them specialize in showing different data. For example, a simple line chart is the best way to show how variables change in a year. With a pie chart, you can easily plot various key segments from your data and compare them. 

Choose chart type according to your needs to create a simple infographic video. So, the amount of data you want to highlight will determine the variant you need. If it’s statistics, use a simple chart. If you intend to compare variables, it’s better to use a pie chart or a vertical bar.


  • Work through buyer personas

Get clear on who your buyer persona is. This will help you create a video infographic that’s valuable and relatable to your customers. If the video is engaging for the viewers, they’ll be more likely to share it. 

You can find your buyer persona in three steps: 

  1. Learn your customer’s demographics, such as age, lifestyle habits, hobbies, and so on;
  2. Figure out how people (your customers or colleagues) usually approach the problem your infographic video highlights;
  3. Create a fictional persona based on the most common characteristics of your target audience.

This is a crucial step, so don’t ignore it. Your content depends entirely on the target audience. It’ll determine the tone of voice, the story you tell, the words you use, and the emotions you appeal to in your infographic video.


Your infographic video will lead to high conversion rates by telling a meaningful story. Your script should support the main points and guide the viewer step-by-step through all the information. Make sure the result is memorable and easy to understand. 

First, work out your story to the smallest detail, and then write a video script with a reasonable and logical structure.


  • Create a storyboard

In short, a storyboard is a sketch of your video. It illustrates how the story unfolds. With a storyboard, you can draw the logical progression of your story and determine what follows what. It also helps you logically place your infographic. 

Storyboards look like a combination of many squares. Try to use one square for one scene. Even though it feels like an unnecessary stage in the creation process, you’ll get a better sense of the video. With its help, you may find out that the video is too long, or the coherence isn’t right.


  • Motion paths that don’t distract attention from the data

To make your video infographic more entertaining, use motion paths. These are animated visual effects that can move or change the size of your infographic. You’re drawing your audience’s attention to an infographic that you animate, so use them wisely. Make sure you don’t distract attention from the important data. 

Motion paths encourage your audience’s eyes to look at different areas of the screen. This way, you show them what’s important and guide them through your infographic data, so they can better digest the data.


How To Make Your Video More Shareable?

When creating video infographics, you’ll probably think about how to make them eye-catching and memorable, so viewers will love sharing them. Here are some tips to get your video shared:



  • Tip 1: Go Big At the Beginning

The first few seconds of your infographic video are the most important. This is where you need to grab your audience’s attention to keep them watching. Start with the most exciting fact or a funny story. 

  • Tip 2: Tell A Story That Appeal To Emotions

Don’t make your video matter-of-fact, but make it lively and impactful by telling a story that evokes emotions. 

  • Tip 3: Choose a Proper Timing 

It’s perfect if your infographic video is between 30 and 90 seconds long. However, keep in mind that different social media channels require special video lengths. For example, a perfect video for Instagram is about 30 seconds, for Twitter — 45, for Facebook — 1 minute, and for YouTube — 2 minutes and more.

  • Tip 4: Highlight The Relation Of Your Video To Customer’s Problems

It’s essential to choose the main idea for your infographic video and stick to it. Find out what concerns and interests your audience and give them what they want. 

  • Tip 5: Add A Powerful Call To Action

Don’t forget to include a CTA. Show your audience what they need to do next.


Let’s Present Information in an Interesting Way!

Wrapping Up

If you’ve decided to use an infographic video as a marketing tool, you’ve already accomplished a lot. In a nutshell, videos are very effective in increasing engagement and brand awareness. And it’s easy to see why!

With our guide to creating an infographic video, you’ll be well-equipped to communicate with your audience and convert them into customers. So, what’re you waiting for?


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