8 Video Marketing Tips for Millennials: How to Attract Generation Y

Author: Bob Jul 11, 2022 7 min read

Millennials include anyone born between 1981 and 1996. This generation grew up with the Internet, digital revolution, and technology in their hands. Millennials respond to top-quality video content, want to know about the values behind appealing ads, and prefer using their smartphones instead of laptops to buy online.


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This article will help you understand this tricky generation and target its representatives with relevant videos. Apart from basic information about video marketing for millennials, we’ve handpicked eight informative tips so that you can align your content with viewers’ preferences.


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What Makes Millennials a Challenging Marketing Audience?


Did you know that 80% of millennials use video content during their initial purchase research? From product reviews to explainer videos, they put lots of emphasis on such content. If you want to build a connection with millennials, ‌you’ll be wise to invest in video marketing to attract and engage them.


This generation is a tricky audience as it includes customers between the ages of 26 and 41 with different buying habits and marketing channels to work with. 


If you intend to reach younger viewers, ages 26 to 30, focus your efforts on Instagram, as 53% of your audience actively use this platform. Promote on Facebook to keep in touch with older customers from 31 to 41 years old, as 88% of them have an account there. Don’t forget to make the most out of YouTube to grow your online visibility


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As we move further into 2022, it’s vital to keep up with millennials’ changing needs and inspire this digital generation with compelling videos that drive meaningful results. Targeting digital natives with powerful visual content will boost conversion and retention rates, make your brand recognizable, and help you rank higher on search results. 


Marketing for Millennials: 8 Tips to Make Your Videos Loved by Generation Y


Now that you understand what makes millennials a demanding marketing audience, let’s define how to make videos that grab their attention. 


  • Segment your millennial base

Working with a group of people between the ages of 26 and 41, you have to handle different needs, preferences and pain points. Segment your target audience into smaller subgroups to make your video marketing efforts more tailored and personalized. Besides your customers’ purchase intent and interests, you can focus on behavioral, geographic, and demographic segmentation.


  • Keep your videos concise and mobile-friendly

Almost 50% of millennials watch videos only on their smartphones. What’s more, these customers have a low attention span and require getting  the content they are looking for with a minimal number of taps. 

Marketing to millennials, make your video mobile-friendly, brief, and engaging to outpace thousands of your rivals. Equip your video with subtitles and add share buttons to your player so that viewers can spread your content on social media. 


  • Stand out with high-quality content 

Millennials are averse to bold advertising and mundane videos. They are not focused on a hard sell but prefer to see a story behind your brand and understand your product’s unique benefits. With the high demand for videos, you should create trustworthy, top-quality content to maintain your business reputation.

If you don’t have an in-house specialist with relevant expertise, you can go for professional video production services. Organize your ideas and requirements into a brief and let experts create an outstanding video that will engage digital generation Y.


  • Capture their attention

Marketing to millennials with a low attention span, you have 8 seconds to persuade them to keep watching your video. Use vibrant cover images with gripping titles to show users the value they will get after interacting with your content. 

Think about a compelling hook to spark interest from the very beginning. Use an intriguing fact, a pain point and its solution, or a joke to break the ice. 

You can also benefit from data visualization to enrich your video with interactive and relevant statistics. It will help you gain credibility for your brand and convince prospects to choose your company over others. 


  • Benefit from “how-to” videos

Impress your audience by solving one of their problems with an instructional video. When millennials want to gain new skills or find out how to use a particular product, they are more likely to look it up on YouTube instead of reading guides and manuals. Well, that’s when your how-to video can become a must-see!


  • Opt for animation

Consider using animation while building an effective video marketing strategy to establish an emotional connection with millennials. They grew up watching such renowned cartoons as The Simpsons, Kim Possible, CatDog, Hey Arnold, and The Flintstones. Want to evoke nostalgia in your audience? Use the 90s animation style for your content to get noticed.


  • Use social proof

Did you know that 91% of millennials view and compare product reviews before making a buying decision? They trust their friends’ opinions and strangers’ comments online over what your company claims.

Enrich your video with helpful case studies, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, statistics, and reviews to gain your audience’s trust. It’s also a good idea to invite a well-known industry expert to showcase your product and build credibility.

Choose the messaging that aligns with your business objectives, but be honest and tell the truth about your company, expertise, and services. 


Video Marketing Ideas: Where to Promote Your Video


Here are a few ideas to get your video seen:


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  • Use Facebook to launch a video campaign

On Facebook, you reach out to various audiences using interests and demographics. Offer customized videos to users who have interacted with your business account or liked your previous posts. With strong visual content, guiding your viewers down the sales funnel will be easier.


  • Ask people to share your video

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most cost-effective and robust solutions to promote your content. As you already know, millennials trust other customers and experts more than advertising. 

It’s time to ask your colleagues, industry experts, and loyal customers to post your video on their social media accounts. Thus, you will get a chance to skyrocket your referral sales and build a solid community.


  • Play your video at niche-specific events

Videos are a fantastic tool to refuel people during industry events and give them a break. Presenting at such events, you already have a relevant audience listening to your speech. Brighten up your performance with meaningful video content to offer value to your prospects.


  • Benefit from popular online communities

Before making a purchase, millennials like to use online communities as a part of their research. Monitor relevant Twitter, Reddit or Instagram threads to enhance brand awareness. You don’t have to spam random people with your content. It’s essential to participate in a conversation and offer the video as an answer to users’ questions or a solution to some issues. 


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Growing up with the digital revolution, millennials expect to get valuable video content they are looking for within seconds. So, your main task is to provide them with this opportunity. They value high-quality animated videos, social proof, and expert positioning. 

Now that you are ready to develop a solid video marketing strategy to attract millennials, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get it done! Share your ambitious ideas with us, and our WOW experts will create a gripping and profitable video to skyrocket your business!



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