What Kinds of Business Have a Logo Animation and Why?

Author: Bob Jun 12, 2018 6 min read

Before the dawn of the current technological era, no one ever thought that animations could become an integral part of corporate identity. The only application animations had was to supplement visual adverts. But as the ICT revolution takes root, corporations are resorting to more and more animated logos. But which types of businesses use these logos? And when they do, why do they prefer them to traditional still image logos? In the remaining sections of this post, we shall answer this critical question, “what kinds of businesses have a logo animation and why?” Remain with us to discover everything you need to know about animated logo usage among different types of businesses.


Why Companies Prefer Animated Logos


In this opening section of our post, we will examine why companies are opting for these logos instead of traditional still ones. Here are the leading reasons that are driving them to animated logos.


A great way to make an “innovation statement”


Since these logos are embedded in modern technology, using them is one of the best opportunities companies have to showcase their technological innovations. In this tech-savvy age, it is necessary to keep abreast with the trends that are shaping the business world. Also, the people modern companies and brands serve are tech-savvy, and hence, they want to associate with tech-conscious brands. When potential and existing customers see a brand embracing and spending on technology, it shows them that it takes marketing seriously.


Showcase your business with




In this digital age, any company that wants to remain relevant on online cannot have a viable replacement for the mobile revolution. Any attempt to remove the mobile platform from the equation is tantamount to slow suicide. The reason is that more than 65 percent of all online users access the Internet using their mobile devices. That is why serious brands are investing in animated visuals that users can interact with better while on the go.


A better way to tell a story


The need to tell a telling story is another point that answers the question, “What kinds of business have a logo animation and why?” In the current marketing setting, it is not enough to articulate concepts and ideologies. It is also necessary to reach to the deepest recesses of people’s beings and interact with them socially. This means brands should get the best ways of interacting with their customers in a casual manner that connects with their emotions. To achieve this, stories become a critical pillar in helping brands to maintain that emotion touch and connection. By using animated logos, companies maintain that emotional touch because these “mini-videos” give viewers a clue of what lies ahead. The reason is that the modern consumer prefers watching a video to television.

gif animation


A better way to grab attention


Just as it is with all other forms of communications, hooking users is still critical in marketing communications. Companies that have discovered this are taking advantage of it to hook their users to their messages using animated logos. The reason is that these logos are great tools for arresting and maintaining users’ attention. When brands win the battle for attention, it becomes easy for them to sell their message to their target consumers.


An advanced way to increase brand awareness


Brand awareness lies at the heart of all successful companies. Whether they are selling their corporate brands or one of their products, awareness marks the beginning of engagement. For instance, no matter how good a product or service is, people will not use it if they don’t know it. This means that companies need to embrace a corporate or product representation that is easy to imprint on the viewer’s mind. With animated logos, it is easy to create and maintain awareness in users’ minds. The reason is that awareness takes both information and its retention through the memory. With animated logos, it is easier for people to remember brands than when they interact with them in the form of still images. That is why brands that take their user’s short retention span seriously are investing in these logos to retain their message and awareness longer.


Enhanced SEO


What kinds of business have a logo animation and why? Because they want to improve their SEO rankings. With an animated logo, it is easier to improve a company’s SEO fortunes because these logos attract more social shares, backlinking, and image tapping. With animated content, businesses can retain their online visitors longer, and hence, search engines notice that and rank them higher. For instance, Google ranks video contents higher than those without it. Therefore, savvy companies are taking advantage of these mini-videos because their users interact with them before any other content.


Enhanced Digital Marketing


Another reason why companies are flocking to animated videos is their ability to create a seamless ending in their digital marketing activities. For instance, firms create catchy promotional videos to promote their awareness. Also, most promotional videos end with a company’s logo. This means that it would be an anticlimax for a viewer to move from a catchy video and end up on a still logo.

bubbles gif animation


Greater engagement


Moreover, animated logos enhance user engagement with brands. The reason is that a user is more likely to watch a short clip just for the sole reason of being entertained. In the process, they are better placed to remember a brand and interact with it more.


Which Businesses Use Animated Logos?


What kinds of business have a logo animation and why? We answer this question in closing. The short answer to the first part of this question is that no particular type of business uses animated logos. Instead, any business irrespective of their industries can utilize the power of animated logos.

In closing, “What kinds of business have a logo animation and why?” The answer is simple: any type of business can use animated logos for many reasons. For instance, they use them for enhanced digital marketing and greater user engagement. Also, firms use them for better brand recognition and awareness. Lastly, these tools are great for improving a company’s SEO rankings.


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