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Video games is an umbrella term used to denote computer, mobile, console, VR and video games. Thus, talking about video game level design, we talk about all types of video games that are becoming more and more popular as a way to escape from the daily routine. This is also one of the most significant reasons why people play video games. They like to spend their time in a beautiful, captivating world giving them small respite from day-to-day problems and allowing to feel light-heartedness similar to those of childhood memories. The majority players all over the world are adult people, which is a new trend of the 21st century, but this is commercially viable because adults have money they earn unlike kids, and they can spend those funds on games, which makes gaming a lucrative, multi-billion business.

So, video game level design is very important because this notion concerns everything that players see in the game. However, another essential task thereof is to make the game captivating. Wikipedia defines it as “a discipline of game development involving the creation of video game levels — locales, stages, or missions”. Thus, all quests and missions which a gamer should do to pass over the level and go to the next step are also meant by this definition.

Level design can generally be defined as planning of spaces. However, it is really so because the level designer has to work with locales on two main levels:

Hence, players’ interest to this or that game directly depends on designer’s creative skills represented both in level quests and the game art itself.

Major Steps

Major creation steps of level design existing in every game which you can see on your screens are as follows.

  1. General map. All levels should have their own place in the game world.
  2. “Ground rules” and environmental conditions should be determined for each level, for example, weather, time of day, etc.
  3. Determining of the particular place where the gameplay happens on the certain level: building, wood, field, sea.
  4. Locations. On this step, the place of the gamer character and his enemies on the certain level should be defined.
  5. Start and exit. The next step of level creation is the denomination of those places where the level starts and end by the transition to the next level or to the exit from the whole game.

This is the approximate scheme of game level creation; however, it includes many more steps.

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