7 Hot Logo Design Trends for 2022

Author: Bob Jan 20, 2021 5 min read

If you are running a startup or a small business, you know that there is an increase in the competition level following the introduction and advancement of information technology. Large corporations have dominated the market; something that makes it quite hard for upcoming businesses to get a significant share of the market. One of the best ways to remain conspicuous in the competitive market is to ensure that your clients associate well with your products or services. You can achieve this by having an outstanding logo. Long design trends change each year. For example, in one year, the geometric shapes can be popular in logo design, and the next year, their popularity fades; and the same can happen to other  trends such as the use of stripes or fades in logos. Over the past years, there has been a significant growth in technology. As such, 2021 is likely to have numerous logo designs ideas.


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Here is a brief overview of 7 hot logo design trends in 2021, which you can implement in the creation of a significant visual appeal for your brand.


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Real-world presentation


Context-based logo designs offer a suitable platform for any business to present its brand to the world in a unique manner. Designing logos with context inspiration is a new practice that has the potential of being among the top logo design trends of 2021. It is an artistic way to help clients see your brand in its actuality through an in-depth context presentation. Such designs are great for use on promotional materials such as pens, mugs, or even on business cards.


Letterplay logo design trends


You can have a logo that is made from a single letter or even from a monogram. Such designs give a classic appearance of your logo for easy remembrance. A monogram logo design is whereby several letters of the alphabet are used to create a logo that uses the initials of a person. The use of such logo designs is gaining much popularity despite it being quite hard to come up with a unique monogram or even a single letter logo. Logos designed with one’s initials can be an ideal way to give your clients a brand identity they can remember with ease.

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Inspiration from architecture


Many designers and business owners are relying on architecture to design logos. While the inclination on architecture when designing logos has been there for some time, innovative and clever ways are giving such focus a resurging reputation. The idea of capturing architectural landmarks’ appearance and the subsequent use of such captions in logo design is an innovative way to manifest, as well as give a clear interpretation to a given brand.


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Metaphorical creative logo design trends


Each year, designers go the extra mile to explore different logo designs creatively. Past creative logo design trends show a firm focus on the use of metaphors in the designs. It is likely that a clever metaphor or thought can lead to a logo that presents a brand deeply as opposed to the much focus on the logo’s visuals.

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Fun artistic logo designs trends


It would not be a surprise to see the influx of fun logo designs in 2021. Fun is a common element in most artistic logo design trends of the past. Designers and business owners use it to bring a sense of happiness and joy even when economic times are hard. Fun is irresistible; a fact, which makes its use in logo designs a suitable approach to give your customers an element of reference.


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Creative typography logo design trends


Most creative logo designs using visual marks feature an element of support in the form of a text although some logos can fail to have the visual marks. Nevertheless, the best logo ought to have a typology tuned to align with the brand you represent. As 2021 begins, signs of popularity growth in creative typography are many.


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Geometric line art logo design trends


Designers have used geometric line art in designing logos for a long time now, and the popularity of geometric line art designs does not show any signs of dying. In fact, many modern logo designs feature geometric line art. Geometric-based designs are popular for their timelessness, as well as in the use of outstanding and unique art. However, the best geometric-based logo designs focus on the creative layering of the geometric shapes to give a visually engaging logo with a deep brand meaning. If designed appropriately, a logo based on geometric line art can create a distinct brand presentation.


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Evidently, we are likely to see diverse design trends this year. However, the best trend in logo design is the one that will help you create a great logo that customers can remember easily. In spite of this, there are times when it can be challenging to navigate the majority of the modern logo design trends to choose the one that stands out; but it is advisable to allow your brand to lead you. While it is possible to be carried away by the versatility of the logo trends for 2021, do not just fall for any logo design trend because it appeals to you –create a logo that excellently represents your brand.



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