What Makes a Successful Advertisement Video? Brands Comparison (Style, Duration, Plot)

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Video advertising is a popular trend in the 21st century. According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers state that video helps them increase traffic. If you haven’t already implemented this content format into your promotional strategy, it is high time you did so. Especially as it doesn’t require lots of time and effort with current cutting-edge services. Learn our video marketing tips to create effective advertisements and analyze the fruitful examples of famous brands in our guide.


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Key Features Of Successful Advertisement Videos

84% of consumers state that they’ve been convinced to buy a product by watching a video ad. It makes sense, as most people prefer watching an engaging video to reading a long and boring text. You can use this peculiarity of the human psyche to raise brand awareness, make viewers interested, and convert them into clients. Our guide provides some compulsory features that will help you create video marketing campaigns effectively and boost your company on the market.


  • Personalization. 80% of consumers prefer purchasing from a company that provides tailored experiences. It has to do not only with the selling and buying processes, but also the way you advertise your products. To craft personalized content, you should communicate messages that resonate with your target audience. Dive deep into passions, interests, and needs to cover the topics your buyers worry about.

  • Realism. Even if you create an animation video, it should still feel close to the consumers’ lives. You can develop a realistic image by raising problems relevant to your audience. Transmitting humanized, and personal messages is what makes a good advertisement. You can also portray yourself and your team in the ads to show who stands behind the product. It is a good idea to promote video reviews and testimonials, as it develops trust in people.

  • Relevance. Advertising made a notable leap with the development of digital solutions. Now you can show your ads to people who are potentially interested in your products. Study consumer requests connected with your industry and craft marketing videos based on their pain points. Make good use of social media and the search engine to hook viewers at the most appropriate time.

  • Eye-catching beginning. Most people tend to skip video ads that pop up before the content they are going to watch. Consequently, making the first few seconds engaging is critical for your marketing success. To grab attention at once, you can surprise consumers with an intriguing question, start from an amusing fact or feature a celebrity your potential clients adore. 

  • Optimal length. Tubular states that 46% of respondents are sure that 15 seconds is the optimal length for a video content ad, and 35% of people consider it to be 16-30 seconds. Consumers have clip thinking, so long promotions make them feel bored. However, if you post testimonials or videos to raise awareness, they can be a bit longer. But if you are going to convert them, create a short and engaging video ad.

  • Helpful information. People have negative feelings towards the brands that try to sell their products directly. You shouldn’t persuade them to buy, instead offering simple solutions to their problems. Shift the focus to being helpful to your clients, and they will become more loyal to your brand.

  • Powerful competitive advantage. Consumers should clearly understand why they need to choose your company. Showing remarkable features of your product in your video ad campaigns will increase the image of your brand significantly.

  • Storytelling. People are 22 times more likely to remember facts if they are part of a story. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? Your ads should not only be dynamic and engaging but also have a plot and strong morality. Usually, there are several parts of an absorbing story: the beginning, the action development, the culmination, and the resolution. Stick to this structure to evoke viewers’ emotions and make them want to buy your products.

  • Collaboration with influencers. Famous personalities in video ads give a  strong competitive advantage. Show famous people using your products or cooperate with them to promote your brand on their social media. This is what makes an ad successful. Influence marketing is exceptionally effective and, if you can choose the celebrity your buyers’ love, you’ll be able to generate an enormous profit.

  • A strong call to action. Most visitors pay the biggest attention to the headline and the CTA. Imagine how you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing by implementing a compelling call to action. You can film as actors urge viewers to buy your products, or add CTA through graphics and text. To prompt people to do something immediately, you can offer a time-limited discount or a promo code for a gift with every purchase.


It isn’t necessary to implement all these features to create a high-quality video. However, applying some of them will improve the results your promotions bring.


7 Successful Brand Ads Examples From 2021

World-famous brands often set up trends and bring fresh ideas to the market. The advertising industry isn’t an exception. Numerous giant companies make use of video marketing and shoot exciting campaigns to promote their products. We gathered some amazing video advertising examples you can see below.


  • Amazon

“Alexa’s Body” is an ad released for the US Super Bowl. The video features Michael Jordan playing Amazon’s virtual assistant. The woman daydreams of beautiful Alexa, so she quickly falls in love with him. She asks him to do different things to admire Michael Jordan’s body. At the same time, her husband feels extremely disappointed by the wife’s behavior.


The commercial is funny, entertaining, and long enough for the viewer to enjoy the unusual story. Its main advantage is that it stars a famous basketball player.


  • Apple Startup

This is one of the most successful video ad campaigns by Apple, which became quite popular due to its simplicity. In the promotion, producer A. G. Cook creates a melody from the sounds that the company’s products make. The ad features Apple’s iconic developments for the last 45 years and brings a warm feeling to people who had chosen Apple long before it gained so many fans all over the world.


The advertisement lasts for almost 2 minutes, but the melody is so harmonious that viewers want to watch it till the end. One more strong highlight of the video is that it features the process of its creation, which is engaging and interesting.


  • Nike

Play New is an inspiring branding video example. In the advertisement, Nike conveys a motivational message, ‘Don’t be afraid to try something new and keep going even if you fail.’ The video depicts different people who do sports. From non-famous to famous athletes trying new activities — all of them make mistakes. Such a huge variety of actors cast in the video allowed the brand to reach a wide audience and highlight that everyone can overcome obstacles.


This video ad is extremely motivating and relevant to everyone. It creates a feeling of belonging, as all people have ever had challenges when they took a step outside their comfort zone.


  • McDonald’s

This famous fast-food company constantly works on raising brand recognition and improving sales. Their ‘Famous Orders’ ad is no exception. It is a 30-second promotion that shows what meals celebrities prefer to have at McDonald’s. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Magic Johnson are among the stars whose meals we can find in the video. There is also a funny detail, like an order containing ketchup packets for Dracula.


The ad has become extremely successful because it shows the personal preferences of famous people. Most fans want to follow the habits of their idols, so it influenced the rise of popularity of certain items on the menu. Also, the video is a little humorous, which makes it more memorable.


  • Heinz

Heinz Beanz is a company that sells baked beans in the USA and Europe. Their marketers definitely know how to make a video advertisement. ‘A Can Size for Every Aussie!’ tells us the story of Geoff, who has been a big fan of beans. He developed an ideal-size can for one, but suddenly, fell in love with his beautiful colleague and, to win her heart, created a can for two. They got married, and the family was growing, so Geoff invented more and more different cans. Finally, he found that during this amusing period he had love.


This touching video is a great example of ideal storytelling. The plot is easy to understand, the characters have comprehensive personalities, and the morality is clear. We empathize with the protagonist and watch the video attentively till the end.


  • Netflix

Do you always feel stuck while choosing what to watch in the evening? This hilarious and great video depicts the problems of remote control. During one funny conversation, you discover a new Netflix feature — ‘Play Something’  — which automatically picks what films and series you would like to watch. ‘Sometimes the best choice is not to choose,’  — said the remote, and after seeing this ad you understand that the statement is completely true.


The video ad gained popularity because it is engaging and has an attention-grabbing beginning. Adding a fantastic element of an English-speaking remote, which complains about pushing the buttons and explains what ‘Play Something’ is, makes the promotion much more interesting.


  • Slack

Slack is a messaging app for workflow organization. In their one-minute promotion, we discover a story of an animal team that develops a flying umbrella and reaches their goal due to well-defined management. It is one of the cutest video ads examples which clearly shows how Slack can optimize processes and help any company.


Storytelling, amazing animation, and an intriguing plot are the advantages of this commercial. Viewers like to see animals working in the office just like people. And the cartoon format makes the ad more charming and memorable.


Feel inspired to create such impressive promotions? Continue reading to learn the best practices for video marketing and compare these ads to find out the secrets of advertising.


Brands Comparison: Similarities And Differences

Netflix, McDonald’s, Nike, and other renowned companies create inspiring and outstanding advertisements. But what makes them so incredible? And what marketing strategy should you apply when crafting your video? We provide all insights below.


  • Style

All promotions have memorable stylistics, but we’d like to single out the one created by Slack, Netflix, and Heinz. Their graphics are adorable. In our guide, we explain how to make use of animation to boost your advertising campaigns

It is also necessary to talk about the styles used by Amazon and Nike. Both these companies depicted actual actors, but when the first video immersed them in unusual circumstances, the second video, in contrast, depicted the situation we all have experienced. Both approaches work well and evoke feelings such as interest or belonging. 

Finally, McDonald’s and Apple filmed relatively plain promotions. They weren’t very complicated but still engaging as the videos show something extraordinary.


  • Duration

This factor directly influences the effectiveness of video marketing. Among the commercials we analyze, Heinz created the longest advertisement, while McDonald’s crafted the shortest one. It is critical to say that videos based on storytelling have greater duration. However, when companies just want to show a range of events, like Nike or Amazon, they make approximately one-minute ads. This is an optimal length for effective video promotions.


  • Plot

An effective video ad often has a strong storyline. It is not necessary, but an interesting plot can help your promotion stand out from competitors, which helped Heinz, Slack, and Netflix win the race. They showed complex stories that had the beginning, the action development, and the resolution with a strong morality. Netflix’s and Amazon’s advertisements are also powerful. The first one is motivational, and the second one is funny, but both of them convey clear messages. McDonald’s and Apple’s commercials have clear backstories said without words, which also makes them amusing and engaging.


  • CTA

If your main aim is to boost sales and motivate people to do something, a strong CTA is essential. Thus, Slack urged viewers to use their service at the end of the video. Nike and McDonald’s also included calls to action, but in a bit unusual way. ‘Play New’ was the name of the ad that pushed people to try something. At the same time, McDonald’s formed the CTA as a question. “May we take your order?” — asked marketers in the promotion, comparing the importance of every customer with the stars they served.


On the other hand, Amazon, Apple, Heinz, and Netflix didn’t include calls to action in their commercials. The goal of their videos was to raise people’s brand awareness and loyalty or notify people about a new feature. Raising sales is a nice bonus when building long-term, strong relations with consumers.


What Makes A Successful Advertisement?

Congrats, now you know how to attract potential customers and convert them into regular ones by implementing video best practices into your strategy. However, it may be difficult to craft an outstanding and remarkable advertisement on your own. Talk to us today to get your Wow commercial video of any style and skyrocket your company on the market!



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