Marketing Content: Types and Goals

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Nowadays marketing is impossible without well-crafted and professional content. Almost every company, from large corporations to small startups use content to increase sales, raise customers’ loyalty and build brand reputation. Digitalization of the World makes companies rethink the importance of content because now it is “the face” of the company. Social marketing also rises day by day, forcing to develop SMM content, which is more cost-effect approach for B2B companies to attract more visitors and convert these visitors into valid leads. It will not be superfluous to say that top social media platforms are based on visual content- videos, illustrations, etc. Wow-How Studio may become your dedicated partner and assistant in creation of professional, attractive and memorable content for your business.


An advertising campaign will be a failure without great content


The main aim of the advertising campaign is to enhance inbound traffic and leads. Promo videos and illustrations are key elements for PPC, but for successful results, you need great information behind it. Everybody knows that there are many competitors in every business area. The first rule of a successful company is to be able to be different from others and create a unique business identity.

The format of social media content service may differ depending on the resource you are going to publish at. For instance, you can add a photo or illustration on Instagram, but this will now be enough for your Facebook page, where it’d be better to post a video with some text. However, all materials can be divided into several groups.


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Social media content classification


Information content

This is reliable information about your activity or product. Such materials are needed to build brand trust. Information posts are the backbone of the entire plan. In these posts you can show the product from a new side, tell in detail about its characteristics, open the door to the backstage of the company, talk about its successes and achievements. You may use the services of a social media content agency to create an explainer video, which will close this niche in your plan. Here are some examples for a topic of your future materials:


  1. The history of your company, its successes and achievements;
  2. Qualifications of employees and courses they completed;
  3. Advantages and usefulness of your product, its main characteristics;
  4. Useful tips and workshops.


You should remember that “informative” doesn’t mean boring. You need to learn how to choose information that is really important for your customers and present it attractively.


Entertainment content

So that the audience does not get bored and continues to read a blog or your feed in social networks, you need to offer them some information to relax and have fun. These types of posts on social networks will not directly solve your business problems, but, nevertheless, it helps to enliven other types of content and increase the loyalty of your subscribers.

This category of posts can include everything that can entertain and make the reader laugh – funny stories, pictures, memes, quotes, riddles or comics, viral videos and gifs. It will be a huge plus if the topics of entertainment content are intertwined with the theme of the main account. Do not forget that you always can contact a content marketing agency, which will select the most engaging information specifically for your type of business and tasks.


Selling content

This is the main type, which content creation agencies usually develop – its purpose is to convince a potential buyer to decide that your product is exactly what he needs, so it brings profit, leads and purchases. Here every detail is important, because even the smallest one can drastically change the mood of the buyer.

Frequently, content marketing firms suggest using social media video production, so selling will not look like selling itself, but fulfill its functions. Besides, it can be:


  • specific trade offers, promotions, discounts, advertising reels, commercials;
  • posts confirming the popularity of the product, presentations;
  • customer reviews on your product.



To sum up, you need informational content so that a user learns about your product or service, and is imbued with respect for your expertise and, accordingly, trust. Entertaining materials will make your speech more interesting and relaxed, so the user forgets that your goal is to sell him a product or service. Thus, brand loyalty is gradually increased. Finally, selling content leads directly to a purchase.

Of course, these kinds of content often mix with each other. In B2B selling posts itselves are ineffective, but bring better results when mixed with informational ones. For instance, a post about some kind of technology can be both an information and sales post, provoking readers to order the service.

The competition on the markets is getting fiercer day-by-day, so take your chance for quick and efficient market entry. Let’s develop and implement a marketing content plan for a quick growth of your business, and make your advertising campaign successful!

Wow-How studio is a team of experts in making 2D and 3D videos for all social media ads. We are keen on insights and always suggest our client to choose a style the most aligned with the brand. We will be glad to promote your products or services with the help of attractive whiteboard animation, motion graphics, educational videos and how-to videos!
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