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In all times, images have had a sufficient impact on the information perception by the individuals and the public overall. People can learn more out of a picture and can receive more in-depth information. The visual part of our recollections is brighter and more distinct than the word is that we can hear, but our hearing lets us down more frequently. Thus, we need some visual evidence, too. A book is the treasure trove of valuable information, and part of it (or the whole book) should be illustrated in order to help a reader understand the issue of the main idea.


You can think that the printed book age is coming to its end, but the reason is that the illustration is equally made to the paper text and the e-books either. Moreover, today we need book illustration more than ever, because it is the time of the rapid informational exchange.


The WOW-HOW Book Illustration Company

If you have the written material ready to print, but the dull, black-and-white pages make you sleepy and bring no desire to immerse in the book world, the WOW-HOW art studio has a great number of attractive offers for you and your publisher. We fully understand images’ aims and targets, and get to the work with a deliberate creative approach to enrich your piece of writing with the clear, attractive pictures. Your reader will fully enjoy the turn of phrase and the message if you support it with pictures.

Our book illustration agency provides the customer with following services:

This kind of written material needs images on the pages, since kids lack the long-lasting concentration on a particular object or material, that is why we, adults, have to provide them with colorful, diverse, and interesting information. They learn this world from games, so every educational process should be in play form.

As major parts of manuals are for children and teenage educational purposes, it is crucial to support the written material with interesting, funny, and catchy images to help the eye have a rest and, at the same time, to explain ideas clearly.

What are comics? They are stories in pictures with supporting text and spoken lines. The 80% of the material is painted! The image value of a comic story is much greater than anywhere else. The WOW-HOW studio offers you collaboration with the author project and covers figuration of comics. These book illustration services are the most popular ones among the customers.

‘Don’t judge the book by its cover,’ says the famous proverb. We say, ‘Judge the book on its visual design of a cover’!  It is scientifically proved that people choose the thing according to its appearance and design; in addition, the eye is attracted by the balanced shapes and fresh, natural colors. After all, your book cover is the face of it, do not forget it!


Book Illustration by the WOW-HOW Artist Team

Our studio offers you only professional and high-quality book illustration services executed by the talented, experienced, and ambitious artists. The work of a digital illustrator is not the same as the traditional painting process, but the digital artist is, without all doubts, the real twenty-first-century painter, and it needs much time and practice to acquire digital tools and brushes. The WOW-HOW art experts have seized the ability of digital visualization perfectly, and they use only the trustful computer programs and gadgets.

Order an individual and unique digital display of your product and readers will see the real value of it!