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360 video production is one of the most effective formats of content you can use to enhance the user experience of all your audience. But in as much you desire to offer greater user experience, the way a 360 video production company approaches your project will determine the level of quality users will enjoy out of your videos. At WOW-HOW, we believe that how the videos are shot and processed is just as important as the end product.

That is why our experts are keen on ensuring your videos will transport your viewers to the core of the story in a customized environment. Our 360 video production approach ensures your videos gains access to millions of viewers when you integrate them with other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Our professional men and women are dedicated to seeing that we partner with you to rewrite the rules of the game through our superior 360 video production techniques and tools so that you can stay on the top of the game.
As a revolutionary 360 video production company, we are committed to remaining responsive to the trends that are shaping the industry. The reason here is we believe everything that stops growing dies. The death of such an organism means it becomes defective, and by default, it stops being effective. However, our commitment is to help you retain your cutting edge by bringing you the latest trends, techniques, and practices. Read on below to find out how we approach our 360 video production services.

Excellent planning

WOW-HOW studio’s experts believe not just in plans, but also in the quality of the planning process since the effectiveness of a plan depends on the quality of its process. Additionally, we believe the success of the 360 videos depends on the planning we put in place.

When you approach us for 360 video production services, we take not just time, but also extreme care, to understand your needs clearly. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with you to include every idea you want to feature in their video production. Afterward, we move on to craft a script and storyboard before we move on and implement the plan towards an excellent 360 video.

The shooting

After planning for the shooting process, we take the next step of creating the 360 video that will meet your needs. Our skilled hands ensure that the shooting process will create a higher level of comfort and engagement for the viewers of the video. When we talk about the comfort of the video, we approach it with extra care and caution. Other areas we pay special attention to during the execution stage are motion and blocking.

The post-production stage

As a company set to bring your 360 film production to a new level of excellence and distinction, we pay special attention to the post-shooting process. To us, shooting videos is like gathering necessary raw materials to build a magnificent edifice. But how do you approach this issue?

First, our team of experts ensures all we blend and stitch every part of the video footage into a seamless and perfect unit. Our professionals work tirelessly to polish the footage using the latest and most effective software to give only the best results. Our editing process also includes the integration of the latest visual and audial effects that make the 360 videos more appealing.

Timely delivery

Even though we have demonstrated that we take our time to produce our videos so that we don’t compromise the quality of the output, we still believe in balance. We firmly believe that quality delayed is quality denied. We also understand that punctuality is an important factor, not just in us serving you, but also in you serving and reaching to your target audience on time.

So, how does WOW-HOW make the difference?

From the onset, we said we aren’t necessarily distinguished by offering different services but by offering them in a distinct manner. It’s our different approach that not only distinguishes us but also distinguishes you. If you feel that punctuality in the delivery of exceptional and well-crafted 360 videos resonate well with your core values, then WOW-HOW is the right partner for you. That is our pledge; that is our reason for being in business.