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As the business gets tougher and more competitive in the real world, businesses are switching to different strategies to aim their missiles at their competitors in the scramble for customers. When it gets harder and tougher in the real world, VR production gives you an opportunity to reach out to your prospective customers by giving them the best of each world.

But isn’t VR production a game reserved for the big boys? No. Anyone at any level can tap into the immense potential that this strategy presents to businesses. At Wow-How, we are ready to partner with you and help you to grab your share of virtual reality video production. We can enable you to optimize the potential of this strategy to reach out to your customers at events and trade fairs and provide them with nostalgic immersive experiences.


This is how Wow-How does it as a virtual reality agency


As a company committed to qualitative VR production, we do all our jobs in a manner that matches the best industry practices. Below are some of the practices we have assimilated into the fiber and backbone of our practice so as to give you the best you deserve as a client.


  • We use only the best tools


As a virtual reality agency, we know the success of a virtual reality project depends on several factors that work together. One of the ingredients in our success formula is utilizing the best tools on the market to meet your needs. For instance, we use tools that feature native compatibility with 360-degree cameras. The reason for such a consideration is that it creates an integrated flow of work that allows us to interweave footages.


  • We use the camera right


As we integrate excellence into our virtual reality processes, we also pay particular attention to how we wield our tools. The reason is that it is one thing to have the best tools the way we do, and another matter altogether to use them to get the best results. Our skilled experts know how best to utilize professional and steady camera movements such as crane shots, truck, and dolly. This way, we ensure that you get the best experience virtual reality experience.


  • We give everything an artistic angle


As a virtual reality production company intending to transition you to the next level of experiencing VR, harness the power of artistic creativity. In as much as we apply the best practices in all our operations, we also know the potential vested in our staff. For that reason, we maximize these reserves to ensure that your work is not just complying with the established quality standards, but it also comes has an aura of freshness and ingenuity.


  • We integrate title sequences


We understand that VR includes a dramatic dimension that requires the viewer to have a short sequence of displays. That way, we give our customers the opportunity to get a dramatic flow of what is awaiting them in the video through such titles.


  • We use high-quality 3D graphics


As a seasoned player in the field of virtual reality content production, Wow-How endeavors to make your VR nostalgic in every way. To achieve this ideal, we use high-resolution graphics that make our viewers feel they are real players in the events that are transpiring in the virtual world.


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  • High-quality soundtracks


The world of virtual realities doesn’t make sense without sound. The same way it is in the movies, visuals that are not accompanied by corresponding and qualitative sound features will leave a dent and hollow in the VR experience. At Wow-How, we know the gravity of this component and that is why we embellish and bolster our productions with the latest 3D spatial sound techniques and surround sound mixing to create the perfect blend.


  • We use the right camera perspective for each scene


At Wow-How, our desire to give you that “wow” experience does not end without this dimension of our production process. Our skilled experts ensure that they use only one camera perspective for every scene within the entire production. We take this measure to ensure that our customers get the best feel because they are supposed to be a part of the scenes they are watching.


So, where is the evidence for Wow-How’s distinctiveness?


Well, as a VR production company, we have presented you all the evidence you need to give our services a fair ruling. A VR production company that adheres to all these best practices, blended with a team of artistically creative and gifted experts cannot and should not escape the attention and consideration of a company that values its VR strategies. The ball is now in your court and the evidence on your table to play the jury and move your business to the next level.



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