12 Must-Have Trends And Formats To Sharpen Your Video Marketing In 2023

Author: Bob Dec 12, 2022 12 min read

Marketing continues to evolve rapidly, and video marketing is no exception — data, technology, trends, and user behavior influence development. So, it’s important to stay on track and keep up with other companies.


Reliable sources, forecasts, and marketing guides often highlight the importance of adding videos to marketing strategies. Over the years, video content has taken many forms, from short ads to live videos, stories and video blogs. That is why we’ve picked up 12 trends in video marketing for 2023. If you want to avoid getting lost and stay unnoticeable, we recommend keeping up with these tendencies. 




How Can Businesses Benefit From Video Content Marketing?

Most people perceive visual information better, so videos have the most significant impact on customers compared to articles, podcasts, social media posts, etc. 78% of users watch videos online every week, and 55% do it daily. There is a clear trend that the public is increasingly attracted to videos instead of normal text. In today’s world, fewer and fewer people read text, as they are overloaded with information. It is much easier to watch a short video, instead of scanning a lengthy article.


It’s hard to find a business that wouldn’t benefit from this type of content. After all, by implementing it into your strategy, you can easily:


  • Promote your brand
  • Sell products
  • Attract the target audience 


Familiarize yourself in advance with all the trends of video marketing to use them in your strategies, on your website and on social networks. This way, you can keep potential customers interested in your business by applying engaging videos.


You can convey any ideas to clients, using a gigantic variety of tools, from pictures to graphics and explaining what your company’s benefits are. Moreover, you are able to keep in touch with the audience, broadcasting from the monitor screen is much better, rather than giving a “voice” from cold, still text. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you can mix the different styles of video content, to create your unique marketing video


12 Trends To Make Your Marketing Video Viral

In the past, marketing has been about getting your name out there. In 2023, however, it’s about creating a super brand and a compelling narrative, as well as measuring the success of that story. It’s no longer enough to establish a company and expect it to sell. 


Video marketing in 2023 requires business owners who are willing to take risks, invest in their brand, listen to customer interactions online more carefully than ever before, or face setbacks as competition continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. So let’s look at 12 animated video marketing trends that are already starting to gain traction. 


Short Video Marketing Formats For Social Media

Social networks, numerous commercial sites, and mobile apps give users unlimited choices. It is important to constantly attract the attention of customers, keep it and guide them. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more demanding in satisfying desires. Given that sometimes they are lazy and don’t want to waste their time, it is necessary to grab their attention in seconds. Therefore, digital video marketing can become a tool that works effectively for your promotion.


  • Interactive Videos

This is a type of digital marketing video creative that can use customers’ data to implement a range of advanced interactions. It happens due to incorporating additional elements integrated into the short video beyond the standard controls (e.g., play, pause and mute). These interactions can include various calls-to-action (CTAs), fill-in forms, surveys, studies, and links, that can affect the storyline of the video or detail-specific pieces of content. The creative goal is to provide the user with different options for interacting with the advertising message as they watch the video.

Interactive digital video ads allow brands to establish a dialogue with audiences beyond the standard scope of the animation, and customers, in turn, can engage deeply with the content they’re watching. An interactive element that offers relevant content and provides an enjoyable user experience helps brands win the audience’s loyalty, tell them more about your brand and products, and ultimately sell more. 


  •  Silent Videos 

This may seem strange, but it makes sense. We watch marketing video content even at work, in transport, and just on the streets. It is not always possible to turn on sound, so it became a trend to create 2D or 3D digital videos that will be understandable even without voice. All you have to do is add subtitles, but no one has ever canceled creativity, so it’s an opportunity for experimentation. 

It is a fact that sound is one of the main factors of information perception. However, most people perceive information better visually, respectively, the picture becomes a more significant carrier of information. In the silent video, you can highlight only the necessary frames, which, in your opinion, will carry the main idea and there will be no extraneous sounds that could distract the viewer.  


  •  Auto-Captions

The use of subtitles opens up new SEO opportunities. Everyone will agree that it’s difficult to get to the first page of search results in a powerful stream of content, and it takes time and resources to do so. Subtitles make this task much easier — for example, if you want to watch a trendy marketing animated video but can’t turn on the sound – at a library, café, or maybe even during a meeting. That is why we recommend adding auto-captions. 

Subtitles help to understand the meaning of the video without sound, which results in more users watching it. What’s more, there are more than 1.5 billion people who have hearing disabilities in the world today. Subtitled animated marketing videos help them understand the meaning of your media and become your customers.


A product overview is more than just a close-up. In addition to showing the item from different angles, you can discuss its purpose, features and pricing compared to other products on the market. Places, where customers can purchase your goods, should also be pointed out. 

Videos that contain a story with the simultaneous unpacking of the product often become popular. Not everyone believes text reviews today, but there are practically no fake videos on the net. In this case, the user is more interested in watching several videos, rather than reading long texts. Advanced marketers have picked up on this and started offering customers to post their own videos of this format on the pages of online stores, encouraging them by providing discounts and bonuses.


Virtual And Augmented Reality Video Content

Digital marketing video production developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality can be considered the peak of aspirations for immersion and pushing the limits of the real world. The first fully involves the user in an artificially created digital environment, while the second imposes a digital layer on the real world.


  •  360-Degree Videos

This is the trendy video content production that is usually recorded with special equipment or many cameras that have numerous lenses built into them. To explain simply, 360-degree visual is a VR format that allows you to get the video with a comprehensive view: up, down, left, right and back. 360 video will help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors, as well as attract a new audience. 


  •  SEO-optimized videos 

Google already includes short marketing videos in its search engine results, and users love watching them. So, there is no reason to give up this promotion opportunity. To optimize successfully, you need to make relevant videos for consumers and respond to their queries. Furthermore, the regularity of the publication on the site is important as well as technical optimization: tags, keywords in descriptions and so on. 

Commercial Video Content

Today, a short digital video is considered one of the most promising ways of communication. The demand for entertaining and informative videos is growing at the speed of light, sweeping away banners and colorful photos. Changing consumer online habits and the power of video marketing are leading to a dramatic increase in the number of videos being uploaded online. 


  • Live-Streaming Videos

This format has always been popular but has become even more prevalent with the onset of the pandemic. Live broadcasts help increase engagement, trust and user loyalty; they create an effect of presence. Influencers use live-streaming to get closer to their audiences, and it’s certain to remain a trend in video marketing. Available social media has a live-streaming format, and there’s no reason to avoid it.


  •  Video Funnel

All customers have individual problems, and very often users look for a solution on the Internet. When they find something appropriate, they decide which option is best. Then clients must wisely choose one solution from countless offers to help with the same issue, but in different ways (faster, cheaper, or better). Videos are no exception, so we recommend applying them as a part of your marketing funnel.


Video blogs

Obviously, a video blog is a form of content in which the information carrier is video. Blog posts combine embedded video links with support for text, images, and other metadata. 

YouTube has been transformed from entertainment for teenagers into a promising media platform for serious businesses. From an entertaining hobby, vlogging has become a useful economic tool for many founders. Blogs also help find new clients — through the videos, they get to know the company better, trust the business more, and spend their money more easily on your goods or services. 


  •  Interview Videos

First, interviews are trendy marketing native content for YouTube and social media. A few brilliant journalists have made the genre popular, and over time most bloggers have adopted the format. Now interviews are everywhere: through them, we learn the history of our country, the news of culture and art, and the political views of idols and influencers. 


Secondly, interviews became an essential part of video content marketing because through them, you can show the company’s expertise. For example, the general manager of an advertising agency can interview a media entrepreneur and discuss with them how to promote a new business model on the Internet. This way, the manager will show that they communicate with the entrepreneur and are on the same page, conveying to the audience that this company is a competent contractor.


  •  Brand Story Videos

You’re probably familiar with storytelling — one of the most powerful and engaging formats for users. Sequential storytelling is the next level — it’s about creating a series of content united by the same theme, plot, hero, and message.

Although sequential storytelling is time-consuming and financially intensive, this investment dramatically increases the effectiveness of communication. Marketers choose it for its high audience engagement and conversion rates. When all the pieces of trendy video content shared by a brand are connected with one another, potential customers are much more likely to remember it. Start creating stories by selecting a character – it could be your customer, an employee, or even a product.


  •  Tutorials

A tutorial is a manual that describes the process step by step and tells customers how to achieve a particular result. Ideally, this type of content should give the reader comprehensive information and leave no questions. The rule is: if you’ve solved a difficult problem, tell others how to do it, and they’ll thank you.

Creating a tutorial takes much more time than it takes to learn it. To teach others, you need to organize your own thoughts, as the guide that jumps from one point to another is useless. To begin with, you need to create a detailed outline.

The best way to structure information is to repeat the process, taking notes as you go along. Keep a close eye on what and how you are doing, because things that are obvious to you, may be difficult for a beginner. Try to look at the process from the side — through the eyes of an inexperienced user. Remember what difficulties you encountered for the first time, and describe even the most minor steps that may seem obvious.


  •  Educational Video

These types of videos don’t promote your product or service in an obvious way. Instead, they provide important and relevant information to help the user understand how their problem can be solved. And the best approach is to provide as much information as possible.

Educational animation will help you attract new visitors and potential customers by showing them that the animated marketing video explains how to solve their problems. Potential customers will associate your brand as a valuable resource interested in educating its audience. In addition, these videos help generate leads through reposting on social media.


Wrapping Up 

Animated video production has been an indispensable marketing tendency for the previous decade. After all, being aware of the latest video marketing trends is key to working with successful digital promotions.

Corporate marketing video content continues benefiting businesses and being relevant in 2023. Moreover, marketers invent new approaches day by day, so there are hundreds of trends to consider If you apply the video marketing trends outlined in our blog, you’ll be ready to build successful marketing strategies and convert new leads.



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