7 Insights on the Future of Motion Design — Apply Them Now to Amuse Prospects

Author: Bob Apr 24, 2023 10 min read

It’s already no secret that visuals have a huge impact on conversion rates in any type of business, as they directly affect the emotional state of customers. Quality designs and promotional videos are a powerful tool for enhancing the appeal of a brand or product in the eyes of prospects.

Video continues to be used by an overwhelming majority of companies. 91% of businesses use them as a marketing tool in 2023. So, in this article, we will take a look at 7 insights on the future of motion design and why apply them ASAP to amaze your prospects.


Get maximum from motion design for your business


Why Be Aware of Motion Design Trends For Business Promotion?

One of the primary reasons is that trends of all kinds help businesses remain relevant in an ever-changing industry. By staying up-to-date with the latest design techniques and technologies, businesses use visuals like motion graphics that resonate with their audience and capture attention while promoting goods or the company itself.


Incorporating current trends in motion design also makes a business stand out from the competition. As consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of visual content, using eye-catching designs and techniques that upgrade a business’s content cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression.


Moreover, keeping up with motion design trends enables businesses to create more engaging and impactful content. By using techniques such as personalized design, social responsibility, and storytelling, businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level and develop memorable content.


So, let’s dive deeper into the current tendencies and note the ones you can apply right now to boost your business promotion.


Insight 1: Personalization

When it comes to improving the user experience, personalization plays a key role. These days, users are looking for more options when using products and services online. And their expectations grow easily and quickly along with this. Thus, users expect products and services to be well-customized. 


crowd of people



Benefits of Individualized Motion Design for Businesses and its Clients

By creating personalized content, businesses improve customer loyalty and make them feel special, which is truly seducing and keeps clients coming back. Personalized content also increases conversion rates and sales by providing a more tailored and relevant experience to the viewer.


For consumers, the benefits of personalized motion design include a more enjoyable and engaging experience. By watching a video ad that is adapted to their interests and behavior, clients are more likely to pursue with the content and feel a stronger connection with the brand.


WOW-Examples of Companies Applying This Trend in Motion Design 

Many companies use personalized motion design to wow their prospects. One example is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, where the company personalized its bottles and cans with the names of consumers. The campaign was a massive success, leading to increased engagement and sales.


Another example is Netflix’s personalized recommendation system, which suggests movies and TV shows to viewers based on their showing history and preferences. By providing personalized recommendations, Netflix was able to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Insight 2: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are game-changing technologies with tremendous potential in motion design. AR is a practical application that superimposes digital media elements onto the real world, while VR is a technology that creates an immersive, simulated experience.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)


Advantages of AR and VR in Motion Design for Businesses

This allows a product or service that is difficult to showcase in reality (especially during a pandemic) to be presented vividly, overcoming the scale of objects, and allowing users to act interactively with the environment. 


VR and AR involve many sensory systems, like head turns and body movements. With these technologies, a potential customer is immersed more profound into the content than when watching a 2D video. For example, you increase your sales by using the “Try it first, then buy it later” feature, i.e., providing real-time information.

Businesses Using AR and VR in Their Motion Design

The first example is the IKEA Place app, which allows customers to visualize furniture in their homes using AR technology. The app became a sensation and continues to serve users worldwide.


Another example is the VR experience created by Mercedes-Benz, which allows customers to test drive their cars in a simulated environment. The VR experience provides potential buyers with a more hypnotic and fascinating way to test a new car.


Insight 3: AI and Machine Learning

The idea behind generative graphic design is to quickly develop multiple variants based on a single concept. Parameters such as goals, constraints and materials are set to control the generation of all possible design choices through software testing and learning at each iteration. The goal is to enhance human cognitive abilities to create things that would not otherwise be available.


AI and Machine Learning


Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Motion Design

One of the key benefits of using AI and ML in motion design is the ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as keyframe animation, which can save time and increase efficiency. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be used to generate and refine complex visual effects and simulations, such as fluid dynamics or particle systems, which would be difficult or time-consuming to create manually.


The benefits of implementing AI in graphic design cartoons are significant. AI analyzes data, such as audience engagement and viewer behavior, to optimize video content for maximum impact. Additionally, this technology can be used to generate personalized content based on user data, such as generating customized animations for each user based on their preferences and viewing history.


Furthermore, AI and ML help analyze and interpret data, such as tracking motion or facial expressions, to generate more realistic motion graphics animations that are based on real-world behavior. This can be particularly useful for creating virtual characters or environments that need to move and behave realistically.


Market Leaders Implementing AI and ML For Video Creation 

There are a growing number of examples of generative design used in both experimental and real-world contexts. Perhaps the most impressive samples relate to industrial graphic design and architecture. 


Adobe has integrated AI-powered features into their Creative Cloud, allowing video graphic designers to automate specific tasks, such as color grading and audio mixing. Another example is IBM Watson Media, which uses AI to analyze video content and generate automated captions and transcripts.


Insight 4: Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an essential aspect of motion design for businesses. Social responsibility refers to a company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that benefit society and the environment.


Social Responsibility


Importance of Social Responsibility in Motion Design for Businesses

By incorporating social responsibility into their video content, businesses build a positive brand image and increase customer loyalty. This trend also assists businesses in attracting new customers who are interested in supporting ethical and sustainable brands.

Companies Applying Social Responsibility Practices

Most brands tend to apply social responsibility practices in their animated content. For example, Patagonia, an outdoor clothing brand, created video campaigns that promoted recycling and reducing waste. Another example is Coca-Cola’s “Love Story” campaign, which promotes diversity and inclusion.


Insight 5: Minimalism and Simplification

Simplification in motion design involves stripping away unnecessary elements to create a cleaner, more focused design. Especially, it helps in cases when companies want to position themselves as trustworthy partners, or when it comes to more complicated and serious services to promote, e.g. in the banking sector.


geometric forms


Benefits of Simplification in Motion Design

By removing unnecessary elements, simplification allows for a more focused graphic design that is easier for viewers to understand. This leads to better communication and a more memorable experience for the potential customer.


Another benefit of simplification is that it upgrades the overall aesthetics of the graphic design. A simpler design is often more visually appealing than a cluttered one, as it allows the key elements to stand out more. This creates a more attractive and immersive experience.


Businesses Using Minimalism in Their Promotional Visuals

The best example of minimalism is Apple’s product launch videos, which implement the moderate design to showcase their products in a clean and focused way. The simplicity of the graphic design assists to highlight the key features of the product and creates an unforgettable picture for buyers.


Insight 6: Interactive experience is king

Interactive motion graphics animations are visual depictions of data that enable the audience to engage with the content they are observing. These graphics demand significant “backstage” information to ensure their functionality.


Interactive experience


Why Should Businesses Integrate the Combination of Technologies?

Many brands talk about their consumer focus, most are still focused on lines of business built around products and operations. As a result, this becomes a challenge for the large number of customers who live in a digital media world and expect companies to deliver a personalized experience. In addition, clients want their interactions to be relevant and personalized in every channel of communication with the company.


Companies That Integrate Their Motion Design With Other Technologies

Nike’s “Run to the Beat” campaign, combined motion graphics animations with interactive technology to create a unique and absolutely amazing experience for runners. The campaign used motion sensors and interactive displays to create a personalized music content for runners based on their pace and rhythm.


Another example is Volvo’s “Reality Road” campaign, which combined design with virtual reality to create an immersive experience for viewers. The campaign allowed them to have a virtual road trip in a Volvo XC90, giving a firsthand look at the car’s features and capabilities.


Insight 7: Storytelling

Above all, the objectives of storytelling depend on the company’s goals and strategy. This tool is easily adapted to the needs of the business. Therefore, it is effectively implemented for brand promotion, building communication with the target audience, strengthening the relationship with them and increasing memorability and recognition. 




Importance of storytelling in motion design for businesses

Storytelling is now actively used in both marketing and personal sales. It allows for a more emotional and lively communication with the consumer. The story captivates the listener, infects them with emotion, and sets a simple and clear example.


Storytelling is actively used in tourism, telling about the delights of future travel, they stimulate imagination of the client, awakening a desire to visit new places. In sales, this technique is used to eliminate customer objections: the story of how the company solved the customer’s problem inspires trust. Storytelling is also good for maintaining a company’s internal brand: stories about other employees can not only motivate workers, but also help to strengthen internal corporate values.


Examples of companies using storytelling 

One of the best examples of the use of storytelling is the Lego commercial created by the Danish agency Lani Pixels for the company’s 80th anniversary. Even though the video is 17 minutes long, it was viewed more than 1 million times in its first week. And it has more than 20 million views to date.



Wrapping Up

The future of motion graphics animations looks bright, with exciting possibilities and innovations on the horizon. By integrating these insights, you will create a graphic design cartoon that is amazing, memorable, and effective in attracting and retaining your clients.


At a WOW-team, we are certain that it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in motion design to deliver the best results. By applying these insights now, businesses will take advantage of the opportunities to build stronger relationships with their customers and achieve the set marketing goals.




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