7 Winning UX Design Tactics to Keep Your Customers Clicking in 2023

Author: Bob Feb 07, 2023 7 min read

In today’s reality, the design of sites and applications can be very versatile, and the basic animation of the pop-up windows is not a novelty and can no longer attract buyers’ attention. On the other hand, they were relevant a couple of years ago, and they are still there on the Internet. Now UI/UX-designers are constantly improving old tricks and developing new ones, trying to come up with an attractive site appearance.


Applying at least one successful trend in UI / UX strategy is the key to attracting new and retaining old customers. So, let’s analyze what will be popular in UI/UX design strategy in 2023.  


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Comparing UI/UX Trends in 2022 and 2023: What Has Changed Significantly?

Considering that more than half a million new sites are created every day on the web, you need to know how to stand out from your competitors. Attractive design, a user-friendly and understandable interface are the key to success and the main component of the brand image, which helps to attract customers. By applying various UX design elements, you can evaluate the level of customer service. According to a study of Toptal about 88% of users are unlikely to return to the site again if they dislike the design.


As 2022 drew to a close, UI/UX design tendencies evolved in an exciting new direction: the combination of simple interfaces and powerful high-performance technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D, virtual and augmented reality.


The pandemic and with it, more and more users required simple solutions and tools, so designers had to adjust to the changes. Accessibility became a priority, as well as simple navigation, large typography and clear instructions are now fundamental.


Top UI/UX Design Tactics to apply in 2023

Interesting fact that 94% of people don’t trust outdated websites. So, if you want to increase  your sales by attracting new customers, you have to look forward to the new UX design tactics and trends.


Tendencies are not only things that are already with us, but they can also be future trends that form various marketing approaches. Marketing and design are very closely linked to each other, and their dynamics are synchronized. Nevertheless, you should not forget about the positioning of the company and customer needs when choosing methods for work. It is not necessary to be guided solely by trends.


The old-fashioned design can kill any project, as people by nature want to see something new, so they get bored rapidly with something they have seen more than once. So let’s look at the best UX/UI design solutions 2023 that will help your business survive and grow leads organically. 


7 Winning Trends In UI/UX Design That Will Rule 2023

Trends in UI/UX design elements are cyclical, so in 2023 will return numerous styles, approaches, and elements that we have seen. And there will be some that we have already forgotten about. Let’s now look at the trends that will gain their relevance next year.



Social media is seeing more and more gradients. The 1980s and 1990s are making a comeback, and with it, brighter colors and jazzier styles also become relevant. This is manifested in a variety of ways in the digital environment, including through gradients and the use of bright color schemes.

This trend, is widely recognized this year, and will remain the same next year. We’ll see websites, packaging and more in bright and optimistic colors to help consumers overcome pandemic fatigue.



In the past, creating animations for UI/UX optimization of websites and apps was difficult. Development teams had to make constant tradeoffs between quality, site speed, and app size.

Fortunately, much has changed since then. Thanks to the evolution of network bandwidth and the advent of libraries like the Lottie Files, designers can create beautiful animations without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

In the future, the animation is likely to spread even more — it will not only bring the UI/UX design to life, but also simplify the user experience by surprising customers with unusual micro-interactions.


3D images 

The popular image of “corporate illustration” in 2020-2021 will soon begin to fade, thereby opening up possibilities for something new. Designers are constantly looking for interesting ways to showcase images and are increasingly returning to photos. Thus, professionals tend to use 3D objects on websites or in applications to make them more colorful and fascinating. 

3D images are actively gaining popularity along with the introduction of VR/AR technologies, these trends are strongly linked. Therefore, marketers also should pay attention to 3D images, as they may be a great alternative to regular ad banners. 



Which UX design style is a popular strategy to stick to in 2023? Of course, Brutalism is back this year. It will also retain its popularity either in its original form or in a slightly different variety, such as Kitsch and Neobrutalism. Along with the wave of nostalgia, we notice a return of simpler, less corporate motifs in web UI/UX design. As a result of a revival of gradients and contrasting colors, references to vintage graphics and illustrations combined with photorealistic images are now more than relevant.



In 2023, it’s necessary to go deeper into detail when refining your UX design business strategy. To create a user experience that can compete with a number of strong niche players, UX designers pay attention to every little interaction with the site. These are micro-interactions — the feedback a site user receives after performing various small actions — for example, clicking or swiping the page. According to research, micro-interactions contribute to user retention because they get constant satisfaction from their actions. 



74% of users say they would rather not interact with a page that isn’t personalized. Of course, it’s important to stay on top of innovative digital design techniques and the latest trends, but the key to the success of any website or app is users who feel valued. Monetate statistics indicate that brands with a personalized website and an elaborated business product strategy can increase sales by 19%. As technology advances, user demands increase, so to maintain a competitive edge, marketers must work hard to personalize brands’ content.


Airbnb is a good UI/UX design example of website personalization. The site uses proprietary and third-party data for a clever user-centric algorithm. The result is a hyper-personalized landing page that adapts to previous searches. 85% of consumers said the personalized page was the key factor that prompted them to interact with the site.

Dark design

Plenty of people point out that they like it when applications and websites offer to choose from dark and light themes. Such lighting creates less strain on the eyes. More experts advise activating the dark background at night, before going to bed. This simplifies falling asleep and does not affect the quality of sleep.


A combination of OLED and dark themes contributes to the battery life of your smartphone, laptop and other devices. Many large companies already use or intend to add a dark design plan in the UI / UX design strategy they are going to implement this year. The popularity of such functionality tend to increase in 2023 and beyond. In addition, some businesses provide a choice of UI/UX design strategy in dark tones for a customer himself to select the most pleasing and comfortable interface.


Wrapping Up 

Many of the UI/UX design trends of 2022 will carry over to 2023 with dozens of improvements thanks to new technologies. The basis should be the introduction of more interactive elements, and it is important to include them in a harmonious and simple way in the overall UI/UX design. It is worth noting that the new year 2023 will bring a lot of innovations and discoveries, so we can safely call the upcoming period really groundbreaking for the user interface. At the same time, do not forget that the main task of UI/UX design is ensuring comfort and convenience for users. 


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