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What is an Explainer Video?

In the age of advanced digital technology and the ever-evolving marketing field, there are different tools a company may use for its online representation. Most people obtain information from the outside with the help of the visual materials. That is, they learn, comprehend and remember certain ideas and data through the video (or image) presentation of that information. Taking into consideration that feature of our mentality, businesspeople and entrepreneurs can use it for their profit. One of the greatest ways to show informative and creative approach is to create an explainer video. So, what does it represent and what are its advantages?

What is an explainer video? Characteristic features

An explainer video combines both business and technical aspects. What are the distinctive features of this type of video? They are as follows:
1.     An explainer video describes working principles of an enterprise (organization, device, etc.), explains how to solve certain customers’ problems, and offers services and products that will enhance working and personal life of clients. Such a video can also cover the aspects in which this or that company wins against its competitors.

2.      It usually does not last longer than 1 or 2 minutes, but of course, there are some exceptions.
3.   There is no aggressive marketing and imposition of a product to the customers. An explainer video rather includes an enumeration of the benefits that one can obtain when using the service or purchasing the product.
4.   The content of such a business video in most cases describes the newest products or services, introduces interesting startups, technological innovations and other. In other words, an explainer video is a prerogative of the young companies.
5.     Such design technologies as motion graphic, 2d animation, 3d animation, infographics and stop motion are used in explainer videos production. Computer graphics and animation are preferable; video shooting is either used at minimum or not used at all.

6.     Companies as a rule post explainer videos on any social video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, other social media resources and certainly on landing pages. Here the potential customers can get a brief and vivid overview of the company and its offers.

What are the goals of explainer video?

Since wordy and boring texts of landing pages or static PPT presentations are rather time-consuming than advantageous for any business, an explainer video is the best option. It is a modern, high-quality marketing tool for the product/service description. By using a visual explainer, an enterprise boosts clients’ understanding of suggested products and their benefits and explicitly describes their advantages over the rivals.

An explainer video covers the maximum of essential information of company’s offers in the minimum of time. It is always better to present clearly and visually a wealth of information to the viewers. Thus, all the necessary information will be well assimilated, and consequently, the company’s online presence will strengthen.
Of course, explainer video brings the greatest benefit in case of introduction of something new to the market, whether it is a company, a technology, a solution, or anything else.

What are the outcomes of using explainer video?

The primary goal of an explainer video is enhancing the sales of an organization. Ideally, the situation would be as follows: every potential customer of a certain company visits its landing page, watches a video explainer, purchases products/services presented and then rebuys it. However, what can it bring besides obvious financial profits?
●     Explainer video increases the site traffic and conversion – more visitors show interest in your services, products and technologies.
●      It raises the number of repeated sales and thus, customer loyalty.
●    Explainer video reduces both time and money spent on service (product, etc.) presentation – once it is done, it works for the company 24/7.
●      It optimizes the work process and training of staff, helping them to know the provided product better.
●      Such a business video facilitates the product creation and presentation processes.

Valuable benefits for a company to reap from one video only, right? So, we believe it’s a highly recommended product to consider. If you have decided to create one for your business goals, don’t hesitate to contact our company for the explainer video service.

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