The Illusion of Reality: Exploring Hyperrealism in 3D Animation

Author: Bob Feb 08, 2024 7 min read

In the past, 2D animation techniques have been used to create amazing reality in the digital dimension, but in recent years, we’ve seen a boom in 3D animation in marketing. In 2022, the worldwide 3D animation market was worth around $1.56 billion, and experts predict it will hit $4.36 billion by 2031. That’s a growth rate of 12.1% from 2023 to 2031. The rise is attributed mainly to improved technology in 3D animation videos and more industries, especially manufacturing, using 3D animation to create top-notch graphics videos and provide a clearer picture of products. 

Hyperrealism is a new kind of art, which is realism in animation. It makes you believe that you are looking at a real photo. This type of digital art is found in film production, animation, VR, AR, photos, etc., and is widely used in various industries. Hyperrealism drawing uses various techniques of animation to create impressive results, and hyperrealism painting in 3D is a true revolution. 

Today, we will review the phenomenon of hyperrealism in the 3D industry and share tips to become a successful artist and create the illusion of reality digitally.

Hyperrealism Art Definition and Who Creates It

what is hyperrealism art

Before we cover the main guidelines of the 3D art of hyperrealism, we need to define it and understand who can create these amazing, close-to-reality images. So, what is hyperrealism in 3D? 

Hyperrealism is one of the newest trends in digital graphics and visual effects. It offers very detailed and photo-realistic reflections of various objects, characters, and occupations. This unique representation makes the onlooker believe they are looking at a real photo, not a 3D-modelled image.

A computer graphics (CG) artist, or a computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist, is the expert who creates these incredible images. The task of hyperrealism artists is to create an illusion of reality with the help of special animation techniques. We’d like to reveal a few secrets that help every willing and skilled person to become a professional CG artist. Read on to find out those secrets.

Embrace Hyperrealism Drawing with Fresh Eyes

No matter what you prefer—hyperrealism pencil drawing or another option—you need to look at your object only with fresh eyes! This is the first recommendation of all true professionals in this art. You will never become an expert in demand if you simply mimic others. You are expected to create something new and uncommon.

To achieve this, look at what surrounds you with curiosity and excitement. You should reconsider everything you once saw and knew from a different angle. Thus, you will become open-minded. CG experts frequently depict the simplest things that most people simply bypass.

Practice Photography Regularly

Not all people understand that when contrasting photorealism vs. hyperrealism, they should actively practice photography. This is part of true hyperrealistic art because one can reach maximum photorealism only if one understands how to take great photos.

When you take a photo, you can see various details that complete the picture. Many CG artists aren’t perfect with realism because they are not photographers. As a result, such folks seem to simply mimic photos with no real understanding of what they are viewing. It results in creating images that are not realistic, and everyone can notice that instantly. 

If you are an active photographer who plays with various types of composition, light, color, etc., your perspectives as a 3D expert will be more advanced. You will surely realize what it takes to draw a digital masterpiece, giving heed to the lighting in 3D animation, exposition, color, and other details.

Hyperrealism Is Not Art, But Storytelling for Emotions

hyperrealism in animation

Although we call it hyperrealism art, hyperrealism is not the art we commonly understand. It’s not about just drawing a nice image. It’s about telling a story that can provoke feelings and emotions. 

Hyperrealism commonly deals with:

  • 3D animation
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Digital rendering
  • Graphics rendering
  • Digital animation
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Animation software
  • CGI technology
  • Texturing and shading
  • Character design, etc.

3D artists must consider these and other industry trends. It helps them reveal the required level of storytelling in animation. To be a master, you need to appeal to the feelings of the onlookers.

What do we mean? You must make people feel the atmosphere they are looking at in your digital drawing. For example, you depict a common living room with a mantelpiece in the middle. It’s evening, and snow is falling outside the window on the right. There is a small table with two lit candles and two cups of steaming coffee. You can also see lovely garlands, green and red colors on the walls, and a decorative fair tree to the left. What emotions has this description of a picture awoken in you? We guess all of our readers thought about Christmas.

When you are attentive to detail in your 3D creations, you can reach a precise goal. This one showed that it was Christmas time. It also provokes the feelings of convenience, safety, and harmony. A person imagines that they are at home with her dearest people. It’s time to relax and enjoy pleasant company. 

Appeal to the emotions of the possible onlookers with the help of various details, and you will be a successful CG artist.

Balance Technicalities and Artistry

CG artists have to define a thin line between realism and hyperrealism. In the meantime, they also need to find a perfect balance between technicalities and artistry. You should never separate these two. You need to combine your tech skills with a vision of an artist.

On the one hand, you need to follow the pace in the tech industry. Learn the latest updates and tendencies, pass relevant courses, and use the latest software and apps. Check how you can alter digital reality with new tech creations. Check VR, AR, and 3D printing trends and practice them. 

On the other hand, you should find inspiration to create something original. You can watch classic and modern art masterpieces, read books, and review various illustrations and exhibitions.

Learn from Your Mistakes and Never Give Up

If a person wants to become an expert in any sphere, they ought to be persistent and never give up, no matter what failures they experience. No one is perfect, and you cannot create everything perfectly in 1–3 sets. You may need to spend hours before making the simplest 3D picture or video. 

You should learn from your mistakes instead of giving up. Write down and memorize your mistakes. Analyze them afterward to understand what went wrong and how you avoid them in the future. 

Here is a set of tips on how to be persistent and mistakes-free:

  • You should follow a systematic approach
  • Do not set goals you cannot meet
  • Set only realistic timeframes
  • Be dedicated and patient
  • If you cannot do something, do it differently
  • Ask others for constructive criticism
  • Learn from the best experts but remain authentic

Try these tips, and you will surely enjoy success.

Tell your story with stunning hyperrealistic animation.

How to Draw Hyperrealism?

hyperrealism drawing

Not all folks understand how to create something in the digital world. How to draw hyperrealism? There are a few quick and clever tips on how to draw hyperrealism. First of all, you need theory and practice. They can be obtained with the help of:

  • Textbooks
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Online lessons
  • Special platforms
  • Apps and other tools

The next step is to create something unique and realistic. For this, you need to be:

  • Original
  • Persistent
  • Diligent
  • Open-minded
  • Inspired

You need to think outside the box whenever you intend to contrast hyperrealism vs. realism and create the illusion of reality. You need to combine your practical skills with your imagination. This way, you can become a true specialist in this art.

Summing Up

Hyperrealism in animation is a true revolution that provides the best hyperrealism artists with unique perspectives. They can create anything they can imagine and give it realistic features. Various animation techniques turn these artists into the most creative people in the world. Hyperrealism doesn’t lie in your mind. It becomes a new reality with the help of vivid 3D animation techniques


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