AI-Enhanced Animation Tools: A Game-Changer for Content Creators

Author: Bob Apr 24, 2024 7 min read

With the advent of artificial intelligence, it has become easier to create unique offers in various business areas, including marketing, where AI has introduced new opportunities and made it easier to realize ideas. At the same time, content creators are divided in their opinions: does AI enhance the work of creators or replace them? 

With AI animation tools, creative strategies for in-house agencies or product content creation have reached new heights. The practice of creating storytelling with AI and creating unique brands using 2D or 3D animation has become widespread.

Though AI animation tools may sound like they require special skills, even novice content creators can take advantage of this technology.  Keep reading to learn how to use artificial intelligence for more compelling content creation.

Why should content creators use artificial intelligence?

Using AI tools to create 3D and 2D content allows creators to efficiently use their time and resources, improving the quality of content. As a result, it attracts a larger audience. Video marketing statistics reveal that 75% of content creators now use AI tools for video creation. 

In addition to visual effects, video processing and editing are also automated. Traditional animation videos take half the time to process and edit using AI tools. 

AI can even help at the brainstorming stage, becoming a powerful assistant for generating unique ideas. After all, it’s not just about visual effects; it’s about the story and values that each video represents. The creator must consider the specifics of the target audience and the brand’s product beforehand. 

Simple tips on using artificial intelligence for content creation

ai animation programs

What are the benefits of using free animation AI tools? It’s high-quality animation for visual and audio content in less time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using free software services to create viral videos:

  1. Selecting a template or creating a script. Creators can choose a ready-made template or create a script for a future video. It can be a feature film, a commercial, a video presentation, etc.
  2. Adding objects and characters. AI animation programs commonly contain pre-made objects, characters, backgrounds, and other elements to create scenes and animation effects.
  3. Animation and motion. Creators can customize the movement of objects and characters. Set their positions, sizes, rotations, and other parameters. This allows for creating realistic or stylized animations, depending on the task.
  4. Add sound effects. Creators can make videos more emotionally engaging and interesting by adding sound effects, voice recordings, and music.
  5. Rendering and output. This is the final component of saving animation for further use on different platforms. 

Creating unique 2D and 3D AI animations of characters, logos, and other identifying elements helps strengthen content branding. Animation can help explain complex concepts or processes in a simpler and clearer way. It allows customers to visualize information and makes it more accessible.

Creation of unique visual effects: 3D animation tools

We used to see a combination of artificial intelligence and 3D animations in cozy cinema halls. An example is the film The Lion King, which required large teams to create. One team was the virtual art department, where workers turned designers’ storyboards into VR reality.

Once the best AI tools were used to implement ideas into the scenes, the editing of the movie began. Animated characters played by actors were combined with VR components. Afterward, the virtually animated scenes were transferred to cinematographers and directors to be loaded into VR headsets to realize the idea physically. The created footage was then transferred to the final editing stage.

3D animation AI tools are also widely used in marketing to create animations using predefined parameters and templates. Creators can add movements, effects, and transitions to interact with users, making the brand more accessible and life-like. 

The point for content creators in using AI tools for animation is an in-depth study of trends. For different types of content, 3D AI tools can create impressive AR and VR interactive experiences that attract customers. With the help of artificial intelligence, content is optimized. Architectural visualization for projects, training courses, and video animation are already actively using AI animation tools.

Moreover, 3D animation tools are an excellent solution for creating advertising content. Animated content boosts the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. As a component of the strategy, the target audience should be strictly analyzed. 

How to easily create 2D animation for content creators

2d animation tools

2D animation tools are about versatility, expressiveness, and opportunities to express ideas. Compared to 3D animation, it requires much less time and resources to create. Adding animation to a LinkedIn content plan or website blog is also easier. 

You don’t need to be a professional artist or animator to create 2D animation. Some simple tools and programs allow even beginners to quickly learn the basics of animation and create their own content.

Even with simple animation tools, it’s possible to experiment with different animation techniques and ideas. Besides, they allow for choosing customized stylistic colors for animation. Engaging 2D animations can go viral and be shared on social media and other platforms, attracting new viewers and expanding the audience.

Looking forward to trying 2D animation? Here are some tips on how to create a simple image using free AI animation tools:

  1. Choose software or traditional animation tools. Decide on a platform for creation based on skills and needs. 
  2. Create a script or concept. Determine which objects will move and what actions they will perform.
  3. Generate objects and characters. Use the software’s tools to create objects and characters for the scenes. If you don’t have drawing skills, you can use pre-made templates or vector images.
  4. Animate objects. Use the software’s features to create animations of objects and characters. This can include moving, resizing, changing colors, etc.
  5. Add sounds and effects. Musical support can help make the animation more viral.
  6. Preview and make adjustments. Preview the animation and make any necessary adjustments before exporting it to the appropriate format.
  7. Export and publish. Download the animation to a suitable format (e.g., GIF, MP4) and publish it to your website, social media, or other platforms to share with your audience.

Why are advertisements created with animation AI tools profitable?

The use of 2D and 3D animation boosts the creation of unique visual elements that enhance brand awareness. An example is BMW, which made a promotional video of a new electric car with an AI influencer. Blogger Lil Michaela has 4 million followers on her Instagram and TikTok pages. The main idea was to blur the boundaries between the virtual and the real.

Using AI tools for video animation allows businesses to experiment with various creative solutions and innovative approaches. BMW, for example, created a unique and memorable advertising campaign that made it stand out from the competition.

Wrapping up

ai tool for animation

Involving AI animation in content creation is a step forward in marketing trends. The development of AI programs for cartoon animation allows for any type of communication with the audience through content. At the same time, the use of 2D animation means that the content plan and all the creators’ ideas are available for implementation.

Animations make it easy to adapt advertising materials for different platforms and audiences. Content creators can create game-changing strategies for animated ads on websites, social media, mobile apps, and other communication channels.

At  Wow-How, we provide modern solutions and the latest technologies for businesses. Boost your marketing strategies and make your content go viral with 2D and 3D animations that grab the audience’s attention through compelling storytelling and perfect animation. Get “WOW” feedback from making catchy content!


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